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hey guys Steel Frog here and today i’m
gonna be showing all my paper craft stuff I have that’s minecraft Like the video ok so the first thing we have is minecraft Steve you guys all know minecraft Steve but he has armor on diamond armor next we have is the pig and the cool
thing is he has a saddle see ok yeah the feet are kinda weird see they’re weird yeah next we have is
the witch witch witch the Witch but that had this kind of weird and the arms are
all the tings take off and on yeah that’s the witch nex what we
have is the zombie the zombie is a zombie yeah he’s taped i know yeah next one
we have is a spider the spider has a little derpy legs but
it’s a cave spider a cave spider and the head is upside down yeah that’s what we have is a creeper so creeper you know you guys all of your
creeper yeah he’s a creeper and that’s what we
have and this line slimes the face is kind of weird nice what you can actually
like I’m switch this creeper head with a slide and so we can look funny I know yeah that’s what we have and the
things the fact is actually easy to take off
tonight see up like this I just feel like this go like this and as yeah that’s what we have is the
corner and you can actually put stuff inside the conjuring see I put this line
in the collagen yeah yeah that’s what we have is the
grass block the grass block really is a grass block you get a she put stuff
inside three to make and check the running for a spot so yeah that’s what we as a crafting
table the crafting table it’s a regular
crafting table who cares that’s what we have is a
cobblestone able , phone and mobile shell same o dirt this this one is actually as a champion table
you can take out the pages and then now is actually still in the second book and
you add in the pages so it looks like you’re flipping the book you gonna have to take a book out and
get out in it see I took it out and now I took it in yeah that’s what we have done chief a year block is a nice block a wood is a
wood and then we have a chest but you can actually put stuff inside but they
can actually pick and ya can’t sit down and you know yeah that’s what we have is a gravel
block the bramble block is kind of the textures of peace c naught P pocket
edition only pocket the computer so yeah yeah thank you guys subscribe I’m still for
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