MILLION Layer Rainbow Clay Bowls

MILLION Layer Rainbow Clay Bowls

Hey, Evan. What’s that? What’s a really big
impressive number? Depends on the context. If it’s one person
eating burgers, 100 is a lot. Oh, I’d be impressed with 5. Oh yeah, that’s true. I think 100 would kill you. But I want to say, for
no reason in particular, a million would be a very
big impressive number. I’d be impressed by that. You know what? We should make something
that’s a million layers. Is that a good intro? (Evan laughs) KATELYN: This video is
brought to you by SimpliSafe because our Supurrvisor is
not an effective guard cat. More on them later. Hey guys, we’re Evan and Katelyn and today we’re
going to be making million layer clay bowls. Yeah, I mean, we
were just going to do million layers of
clay but we felt weird just having a million
layers of clay, and then what do you do with it? So, we’re going to
make bowls out of it! And the reason why
we’re making bowls, instead of a one million
layer bowl is I think, this is my prediction, a million layer bowl
is going to look brown. Yeah, I think it’s
going to look terrible. It’s going to look terrible. So, our plan is, when we’re at various
stopping points, maybe 100 layers, maybe 100,000 layers, I don’t know what’s going
to work out with the math. But we’ll take
slices of our clay, make three different bowls, at three different
levels of slices, see how they compare. Maybe they’ll all be brown. That’s kind of my prediction. We got this idea when we were hanging out with Alec Steele, when we made our Damascus knife. We were like “Wow!
Squishing things together “is really impressive!” Yeah basically Damascus is, you take two different
types of steel and you squish them
together and cut it up, squish them together
and cut it up. And one thing we
learned from Alec is this compounds
really quickly. Yeah, you start out
with 16, then 64, then eight layers of
dividing things in half, and squishing them again, you’re at a million. That’s only repeating the
same thing eight times. I feel like kind of makes
our number less impressive when you explain the secret. It’s a million! (beeps) And just because I wanted to
get a little bit extra nerdy, I sourced a digital microscope where you can get in ultra tiny because I want to see if
the layers actually exist. Yeah. When we squish it that much. Maybe it looks brown to us, but it’s beautiful
under a microscope. When do they merge into like when do the atoms start mixing
in between the two colors? Or if you look
really, really close, are the layers still there? Do we need to get our
science robes for this? (laughs) ♪ Science adjacent ♪ ♪ With Evan and Katelyn ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ All right, so the first
step of all of this is to make the
initial stack of 16. So, I’m going to go ahead Sorry, I sliced without you. I know. Here, I’ll slice another one. I feel betrayed. (Evan laughs) Thank you. So we have eight colors, we’ve got to slice
them all in half and we don’t really have a feel for how difficult it’s going
to be flattening these. Now, we did do a little bit
of experimentation earlier where I thought I was
going to be able to smash it by hand with this
plunger, and a hammer. (hammer bangs) Yeah, that didn’t work. (laughs) So, we upgraded to
this arbor press. This is just the cheapest
one I could find nearby. Hopefully it’s up to the task. It can press with
one ton of force. Yeah, and we have– That’s a ton of force. Okay let me just
put that in there. And we have this clear PVC
that we cut down to size, so that should make it
so that you guys can see through to it. This is the inaugural squish. (jaunty guitar music) KATELYN: Oh, yeah,
oh it’s smashing. EVAN: Drop these
patties in here. (Evan laughs) You know what’s funny? This is kind of
like a cheeseburger. Why were you talking
about a cheeseburger? You’re the one that
brought up cheeseburgers in the beginning. Oh my gosh, yeah. KATELYN: You know what
I thought was funny is when we did the test footage of the microscope
on your finger, and there was a lot of glitter. EVAN: There was a lot
of glitter on there! KATELYN: Which I think
is just part of you now. All right, let’s see
how well this works. So we have our first
stack of eight. EVAN: Oh. KATELYN: Oh, it’s beautiful. This is so nice. (Katelyn laughs) EVAN: So that’s eight,
out of a million. KATELYN: We’ll do the same
thing with the other colors. Oh, this is going to
be a tall sandwich. This is going to
be so satisfying. EVAN: Oh, yeah. KATELYN: Oh my gosh. (Katelyn yells) EVAN: The tasty burger! Oh, man. (laughs) Oh, why is it so fun? (laughs) Okay, so now we have our
official starting point which is a stack of 16. This is level zero. EVAN: Level zero. KATELYN: Next up. EVAN: 64 layers. 64 layers. Is it time to go
into time-lapse mode? Sorry, you’re occupied. Look at that! I know! EVAN: Oh my gosh,
I love it already. Oh, Katelyn, you know
what we need to get? A cross-section. Yes. Oh my gosh!
Oh my gosh! EVAN: Oh my gosh. KATELYN: Oh, it’s so cool. It’s so cool. EVAN: Oh my gosh. KATELYN: Oh, it’s
like a wonderful cake. EVAN: Can you just take
some photos of this? I just want some photos of this. I want to eat it,
but I know I can’t. But if you take photos of it, then I can imagine eating it. (laughs) (bouncy music) I feel like I should be helping. Why are my hands so sweaty? (laughs) 64 layers done! EVAN: Oh, yeah. KATELYN: Oh my gosh. Wow, my eyes. EVAN: Oh, yes. KATELYN: That does give
you a nice head start. I’m sorry that you’re
doing all of the squishing. Oh, no, no no. It’s my pleasure. I live to squish. I live to squish. KATELYN: Oh, baby. EVAN: Oh, look what we’ve made. KATELYN: I don’t think this part is every going to get old. Wow. EVAN: That’s cool, but
it’s starting to merge. KATELYN: It’s starting blend. Okay, I think this is where
we should do our first slice for our first bowl. I’m going to have to try
to keep it very uniform. This is very important. KATELYN: You are
going to be a bowl! Welcome to the world. 256 layers. KATELYN: That’s pretty cool. So we’re going to
need to roll this out into a little circle
in order to use it in our bowls later. EVAN: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. KATELYN: It’s going to
be a really tiny bowl. EVAN: It’s going to
be a ring holder. Okay. KATELYN: Does that
count as a bowl? EVAN: Yeah! KATELYN: Be a circle. Be a circle. EVAN: It looks like heat
distribution thermal analysis. KATELYN: It really does. It’s super cool. We decided to set out
our bowl slice for now and keep going on our
quest to a million. We’re making good progress. We’re making good progress baby. (lively piano music) We’re really getting
to that point now where the layers are going
to start merging. (laughs) Are you filming me? KATELYN: No. I have some smearage. EVAN: Oh, look at that, though. KATELYN: That’s cool. EVAN: Oh, it’s beautiful. It’s interesting, the layers are much less linear than
I expected them to be, but we know in the
center it’s still the accurate number
that we counted. 100% accurate, guaranteed. 100% accurate, guaranteed. KATELYN: Whoa, it’s interesting, I feel like there is
new dominant color every time me do
it, and this time is red.
red. KATELYN: So this is 1000. Much green, much brown, whoa. It looks uglier
before you squish it, and then some of the
individual colors smear around. (laughs) You’re like, “Oh, there’s still
a bright yellow in there!” EVAN: All right, you ready? KATELYN: Are we at
Benihana right now? (knives sharpening) KATELYN: Will it
pretty, will it be ugly? EVAN: Who knows, it is
a little bit of each. KATELYN: Kind of in between. Today’s video is brought
to you by SimpliSafe which we were super
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needs for every room window sensors, motion
sensors, water sensors, SimpliSafe has got you covered and everything is
small and sleek. So check them out at So, do you think we
should take a slice now or do you think we can
get one more out of it? 4000 layers, that’s
still pretty impressive. I think that’s a
big enough number. Yeah, should do a slice? Let’s take a chunk,
yeah let’s do it. Bowl number two, which is
really just going to be a ring dish, which is
really just a tiny bowl. Nice, let me shape you. EVAN: It looks like a slice of KATELYN: Weird cheese? EVAN: I was thinking some
sort of rainbow bread. Wow, rolling it out
makes it a lot better. KATELYN: There is
hope for our bowls! EVAN: I love the squishes. KATELYN: Oh, me too, baby. I’m living for the squish. EVAN: Up here, oh
yeah, look at that. So this is 16,000 layers. What’s your measurement? EVAN: So the smallest
layer I can find quarter of a millimeter thick. I wonder if we can get a Guinness Book of
World Record for this. Most layers of clay in a bowl. (laughs) I don’t know. Are we going to be
known for our bowls? I wonder if we could get
a world record for that. I feel like this is too easy. (laughs) KATELYN: Okay, so this
is our 16,000 layers. EVAN: I think they’re
getting more blendy. They’re just getting so brown. KATELYN: This part is
still extremely satisfying. EVAN: Gratuitously. KATELYN: Gratuitously
satisfying. It’s turning into a red
and brown turd river (Katelyn laughs) with streaks of
blue here and there. (laughs) Okay, I’m really worried you’re
going to injure yourself. It’s like a really ugly cake. EVAN: Of turds. Then it is a turd cake. Are we doing the
cooking by the book? Nope. So this is 65 layers. 65,000. The colors may not individually
show as 65,000 layers, but in terms of the atoms
that make up the layers, we know that there
are 65,000 layers. Okay, colors that are
entirely missing at this point Fuschia KATELYN: Teal EVAN: The remaining
colors are red KATELYN: And green. EVAN: That’s interesting. Two more. They’re like brown
little nuggets with KATELYN: Spinach? EVAN: They look
like little spots of things being interesting. KATELYN: Delicious. EVAN: For your culinary delight. KATELYN: You know,
they say that you eat with your eyes first. Would you mind rotating
them slightly for me? They are so brown,
they’re so brown. Cross off a quarter million. All we have to do is
squish one more time. Okay, this is the moment. The final squish. One million layers,
say it with us. One. Million. Layers. (laughs) Are you excited? I’m excited. I also excited to be
done, and I want to see how all of these look
next to each other when they’re baked into bowls. Yeah, me too. (dramatic music) KATELYN: It’s so
supremely brown! (Katelyn laughs) EVAN: Supreme brown! I think that might be
the thinnest layer yet. I think that might be less
than a quarter of a millimeter. That one blue line. Oh, you know what
would be much better? If we cut it apart, and look at it directly
under the microscope without the plexiglass. Let’s do that with this one. Yes. Let’s check it out. So let’s see, without the plexi EVAN: It looks brown, but
there are layers in there. KATELYN: It’s a lot of glitter. It’s just like your thumbs! We infected the clay. Here’s a scale, so what
we’re going to be using to see how thick something is
are these lines right here. And those thicknesses
are in millimeters. So let’s see how thin
the layers actually are. That line right there is
0.076 millimeters thick. That yellow and
that red are both very similar colors, or
very similar thicknesses. It’s crazy though, when
you look at this from afar, it looks like there
is not much going on, but when you look
at it close-up, you can still see the magenta. Look at that magenta! KATELYN: Look at that magenta! EVAN: You can totally
see that magenta! KATELYN: It’s beautiful. EVAN: But from far
back, you don’t. (Katelyn laughs) EVAN: Let’s see how
big that looks here. KATELYN: The gap? EVAN: Oh, wow. (Evan laughs) Censored! (laughs) You know we’re actually like, 48,000 more than 1,000,000. Yeah, I think the cutting
blends the layers together. I wonder if, when
we roll it out, we’re going to reveal
something beautiful. Yeah, that’s very
hopeful of you. (Evan laughs) I want to roll out the part
that looks like a butt. (drum rolls) (laughs) Okay, let me see if
there is any hope. Oh, you want to look
at the inside, too? Does it look better, or worse? KATELYN: Definitely worse. It’s a lot more blendy. EVAN: It’s a lot more
blendy, I think the knife KATELYN: Kind of shears
it and smears it? Yep, it shears it and smears it! Like rotten chocolate cake. KATELYN: It’s like somewhat
moldy chocolate cake. EVAN: Yum. (Katelyn laughs) Oh, wait! Oops. We didn’t cut our
slice for our bowl! We’ll just put
them back together, we’ll just squish them back
together, we can do this. (frenzied piano music) KATELYN: Emergency operation! Be one again, for we need to
turn you into an ugly bowl. There you go,
operation successful. Yeah EVAN: You can barely even tell. It merged really well. Hey we did the work, though, we’re answering the
question that everybody has. Everyone has this question? Everybody has this question
at some point in their lives, “What does a million
layers of clay look like “stacked upon each other?” KATELYN: Hey, it revealed
a couple weird pockets. EVAN: Yeah. Slightly better,
but will it be good? KATELYN: I mean I
think we already know the answer to that. Okay, let’s make
this into some bowls. So I kind of forgot how
pretty the first one is, which is making the last
one look extra ugly. (Evan laughs) Regardless, we are going to EVAN: Bring this to completion. KATELYN: Move forward
with our bowls. So, there’s a few
different methods we saw on Pinterest of making
these little clay bowls. The one we’re going to
do, you just form it into the bottom of
an existing bowl, and we just bake it at 275. EVAN: Whoa. KATELYN: I got this, I got this. Now, the ugly boy. A million layers of beauty. (Evan laughs) (playful music) (beeps) EVAN: Okay, so there is no real moment of truth here because– We’ll let’s just see how
they are in bowl form. Maybe they’ll look
more impressive. (laughs) No, I mean, I think
these two look good. Yeah, that’s kind of cool! EVAN: Groovy. This boy is going
to look super cool. KATELYN: We’ll
definitely use this one. We’ll maybe use this one.
We’ll maybe use this one. EVAN: And let us know what
we should do with this one. We’ll give this
one to our mom’s! (laughs) You know what, let’s
hang this on our wall as our million layer thing. Like in the background of our
set, or something like that. Well, hey, even though
this one is a little brown, that’s what we expected. It honestly has more colors
than I thought it would, at this point. EVAN: I thought
it was going to be completely uniform brown. And this one honestly
looks amazing, so if you want to try
something similar at home, stop at 256. Yeah, and honestly,
you could probably just do it using your hands. Yeah, you could. Just like, cut it, layer it,
smash it with your hands. Use a rolling pin. Well, I feel like this
scratched my curiosity itch to really see what a million
layers of clay looks like. I will say that I
think the journey was more impressive than the
destination, but now we know! We solved that burning question. EVAN: Yeah, there is an
amount that’s too much. And I think that amount
that’s too much– KATELYN: We crossed
it a long time ago. EVAN: Was about 16,000 layers. See you next time, bye! Wait. (laughs) He’s putting a tomato up! It’s your chance! This is my chance, this is
my chance, this is my chance. Go, go, go, turn, turning radius Turn, god dang,
oh, yes, yes, yes (laughs) (claps) You fool! He smashed the tomatoes! That is funny.

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