Miami Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Miami Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Miami is a sub-tropical city located on the
Sunshine State Florida, in between the Everglades and the North Atlantic
Ocean. Flying in over Biscayne Bay you can spot the
wonderful beaches that attract nearly 14 million visitors each
year. Welcome to Florida’s cultural center and the diverse mix that represents Miami. The palm tree-lined city is know for its stunning
beaches, art deco district, Latin culture, and 24-hour
lifestyle. It is the place to see and be seen. Even the zoo residents put on a show! This is as good as it gets if you are planning
a holiday in the sun. The weather is warm year-round and the city
has many parks and some of the best beaches in the country. Miami is a cultural melting pot that attracts
people from the colder north. Its mainly Hispanic residents and influx of
South American visitors add Latin rhythm and Cuban cuisine to the
mix. Away from the oceanfront, there is also an artistic, cultural side to
this “Magic City”. Find theaters on the Miracle Mile in Coral
Gables and modern art galleries downtown. Take in the moving sight of the Holocaust
Memorial in Miami Beach or watch the muralists at work in the Wynwood Arts District in the city’s
north. South of the city center stands a century-old
landmark: The Vizcaya Museum. Step back in time in this opulent mansion
with atrium and gardens and enjoy idyllic views of the bay. Across from here is the Seaquarium where marine mammals will amaze you with their
clever tricks. This is where Flipper lived, the smart dolphin
from the TV show. On the other side of the bay are the barrier
islands that offer everything Miami is famous for: White sand, palm trees, great tans, and V.I.P.
lifestyle is what it is all about here. The star attraction is Miami Beach. Its bustling promenade, dream cars, sun-adoring
beach lovers and colorful lifeguard towers have Miami written
all over it. Touring on a sightseeing bus is a fun way to see the cultural and architectural hotspots
on the island. Find hundreds of historic buildings in the pre-World War II Art Deco district
in South Beach, which you can call SoBe once you are in the
know. Take some time to stop at Lincoln Road Mall
to browse the shops and markets. On your way back to the mainland visit Jungle
Island where inquisitive wild cats and Florida’s
iconic pink flamingos are curious to meet you. Closer to the Everglades is another lush zoo, but this one is mainly for primates. Monkey Jungle’s residents love hauling up
the food you leave them and even collect treats from your outstretched
hands. If you are lucky you may receive some hugs
and kisses as a reward. Also near the Everglades is Zoo Miami. Its has cageless habitats with only a moat
between you and the local species and more exotic animals. If you feel active, paddle over the bay around
Key Biscayne, or bike along Crandon Boulevard. In between activities you can lounge on the
beach. Miami is one of those dream destinations that
appeals to everyone. Its beach- and party culture attracts singles, while couples will find romance in the al
fresco restaurants and on the boulevards. And thanks to many fun attractions, Miami also gets the thumbs up from families
with children. If you are in search of a good time in the
Sunshine State, come to Miami to explore its long stretches
of beaches, family-friendly zoos and famous art deco district
any time you like!

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  1. We went there once a must-see city to many. Miami's strong point is the huge and well kept beach. But in spite of its pseudo tropical label the only thing tropical there is the climate and nice palm trees it is true. What surprised us is that all over Miami Beach you will find shopping centers and once you get inside the selection of stores or goods is about the same as our country : Canada. Everything is made and thought with one goal in mind: empty your wallet. Miami Beach is safe during the day but at night it is different story and surprisingly Miami Beach has the same crime rate as Miami a much "tougher city". We were disappointed with Little Havana truly a ghetto with no particular charm. The architecture in Miami is modern and impressive but the city is just another American city like the "Cleveland of the South". The dolphin show is nice but something we felt right out of the 1960s. If you are nostalgic of theme parks of that area you will love it. It is our opinion that other winter destinations are FAR more interesting than Miami. The Dominican Republic, Cuba, St.Kitts, Jamaica all these countries have a lot more charm and are way more colorful than Miami and often you get a bang for the money if you shop well whether online or with your travel agent. If you are a U.S. senior citizen or a very rich young person who likes to party Miami will appeal to you, if you are looking for a truly fun cultural experience and want the most for your money we sincerely advise you to shop for a different tourist destination.

  2. Miami is my dream vacation gosh I m gonna make it there one day and live there forever ….don't want tv games family nothing..just get me beaches and malls and bars

  3. There are almost No White People in Miami. The majority is Black and Hispanics,the funny thing is I find the Blacks more friendlier than the Hispanics,who are mostly arrogant and rude.

  4. All great cities have serious downsides to them. Usually someone who complains about pricing, crowding, etc. is probably a bit of a calmer, high-maintenance.
    Is much of the infrastructure falling apart in LA? Hell yes.
    Does New York smell like urine or trash almost everywhere? You bet
    Does Las Vegas have a ton of homeless people and drug addicts? Yep
    Is Miami overpriced and hectic? You decide.

    But they are all unique and awesome cities that I would definitely visit again

  5. looks shitty from the description.. os is it really only beaches and hook up places? don't you have art, colture, universities, landmarks? bah

  6. Moment of silence for the guys that won’t be attending this vacation with their ladies (u might as well move out before she comes back 😂)

  7. It’s no fun to live here when you don’t have money and when everyone expects you to speak Spanish

  8. **SPOILER
    Enjoy the clear water, 'cause that's about it.


    -Oversensitive snowflake exiles with an inferior/superior complex anywhere you go.

    -The worst traffic with the rudest drivers in the world (and I've been to L.A., N.Y. etc) anywhere you go.

    -Customer service mixed with ego on steroids.

    -If you don fashion the latest you're a nobody, anywhere you go.

    -Humidity in the mid-90's all the time, anywhere you go.

    -Walk Around accompanied/unaccompanied late at night and get shot, anywhere you go.

    -everything is expensive, anywhere you go.

    -There is a feeling of fake fun anywhere you go.

    -Cross the line to any neighboring county and you will notice a HUGE difference in people's attitude and the environment.

    -Astronomically overrated South Beach is a getto fabulous heaven anywhere you go.

    -Wynwood is just a couple of streets full of graffiti "art" right next to one of the worse neighborhoods, with tourists bring robbed at gunpoint all the time.

    Need I say more? Go to West Palm Beach, Naples, Cocoa Beach o even Hollywood right North of Miami and TRUST ME, YOU WILL ENJOY YOURSELF AND BE SAFE.

  9. If you wanna experience a 4th world country, go directly to the 4th world of your choice; this is not an alternative to 4th world unsanity…it only magnifies it.

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  11. Seriously, Expedia?? You've got a beautiful city like Miami, and you encourage people to go to a place that has kept a wild orca in a bathtub for 48 years?? That's awfully kind of you…. I'm sure she appreciates it. Poor Lolita…

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    Very easy to do!!
    Best prices guaranteed 😎

  13. Your videos are excellent Expedia but PLEASE stop promoting institutions which hold marine animals in captivity. If you are a tourist who has been to such an institution, please research the problems with keeping whales and dolphins in a zoo and forcing them to perform. The internet is now flooded with the truth about the horrors of these places, including human deaths. Please consider enjoying different attractions in future.

  14. "I live where you vacation" really comes into play with this city. Although there are bad areas like little Havana and allapatah. The city is beautiful, always full of life and the frequent events that happen here never let you down. Everything from the Ultra music festival to the F1 racing festival. And let's not even talk about the food… though there is a fluctuation of Cubans left and right, this has to be the most diverse city I've ever been in. I personally have friends from all over the world and each one of them has something unique to say about their home country. Miami really does open up your eyes to a whole perspective of what it's like to be from any part of the world.

  15. I was there last week, it was great. I’m ready to loose weight and go back for a weekend doing the summer 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  16. The title should be Miami Beach* Vacation Travel Guide. They barely showed ANYTHING from Miami. Where did Brickell go? Calle Ocho? You LITERALLY FORGOT DOWNTOWN MIAMI WTF

  17. What a lovely place. I have seen it a lot of times in movies, tv shows and videogames. I like the colours, the beaches, nature, the weather, the latin cultural aspect. Wow it's getting time to get out of my european hole and pay a visit to Florida. I hope you like tourists. Great video!

  18. This is the information I needed for my trip and I arrived thanks to the video of The Best Travel Pillows by ankaka, now I can only buy the ticket for Miami and enjoy!

  19. If you need some info from a girl, who spent 1 year in Miami, check this out: 🙂

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