Metallic Watercolor Practice with Hero Arts – Inktoberfest Day 10

Metallic Watercolor Practice with Hero Arts – Inktoberfest Day 10

everyone welcome back to inktoberfest and welcome if you have made it to double digits yay you made it this far
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things going on and you can like this video it really does help us and you can
check out all the other cool things going on too now today I am working with
metallic watercolors I have reached my hero arts ones here and I got some of my
top tips to share with you because I don’t know about you but I buy all of
these new things when they come out and they just released a rose gold and I
want to say like a light silver I remember the colors I did order them
they’re not here yet as I’m filming this video but I’m gonna share this video
with you anyway because I want to share some tips with you and I’ve heat
embossed this skull which is actually part of the Day of the Dead this is the
sunset here at sugar skulls and I love sugar skulls so normally like I’d add
this detail in or something but the first thing I would do is stomp this out
and I heat embossed it in black because if you heat emboss it really will help
you so the first thing you gonna want to do particularly metallic watercolors is
shake because they have mica pigments in them so you’re going to want to mix that
up with the rest of the pigment in aside your water color now normally they tend
to her a silver ball in there this one doesn’t
seem to work for some reason it’s not budging maybe some of them too so I’m
gonna give it a really really good shake now these are glass bottles so of course
you’re not going to want to tap it on the side of your desk like I normally
would so I’m just going to kind of bang it on my hand because it’s gonna add you
take that mic a little bit more so I’m gonna give it a nice go and then what
I’m going to do is suck some up and pop it pop it down on my work surface and
you want to also grab some of your other colors so I’m going to do the same with
the purple and I’m chatting with you so I’d love to know so far what’s your
favorite thing about inktober first I’d love to know your favorite day has been
have you created or ten tags so far don’t forget you can also create
variations too if you don’t have the exact products music maybe you don’t
have these hero arts water colors but as some other metallic water colors go grab
those go grab a different stamp set you can still create the tags in a different
variation and take those top tips and use them and I write on there I write
day ten and I’ll write 2019 so that I know if I need to refer back to vehicles
trust me I forget some of the tips I she’ll be like well that’s a really cool
idea that I had and then yeah three months later I forgotten what that idea
was so it’s really cool for me to be able to go and refer back to those as
well I’m just gonna drop some of this pigment on I’m kind of struggling to
suck it up but I’ve got it on the tip so I’m just going to use these couple of
colors that I’ve got here now you can use them in their pure form just like
this and I always like using an AK repenter just because it’s simple so if
I wanted to for instance just color in the center of the eyes the heat
embossing is going to always keep your pigman exactly where you want it so
there is a top tip if you heat emboss it keeps your pigment inside exactly where
you want it if I was for instance to now add some
water into that it’s also gonna activate that microd a little bit more and you’re
gonna see more of that sparkle so I can drag a bit more color into this just
like this and you’re probably gonna see more of that sparkle now my sugar skull
is gonna look all over the place because I’m gonna be showing you techniques but
that’s fine that’s what these samples are about it’s about experimenting there
is no you know doing wrong going wrong all of those kinds of things when we’re
just experimenting so we can try those kinds of things out now other things you
can try of course you can mix custom colors together we can also do really
beautiful backgrounds so we can go in and we can add more water in here and we
can think about just dragging out color you’re also going to find it’s very
different if we add water in first so I’m going to go in I’m going to make
sure I have a wet background I’m just doing it from the side because I find it
easier to see from the side and then I’ll start adding that water do you see
how much easier that is to add that paint on but you also see that the paint
looks a little bit different so if I’m looking at this here this looks lighter
than this because I’ve had it more water to it because I had water down there
first but I could go back I could make it darker but I can make super cool
backgrounds I can go and paint so if you add water but remember this is still a
water color pigment so the water color is only gonna go where you’ve added
water so if you want to paint an area if you add water first your paint is only
ever gonna go where you’ve added that water but you’re going to get a much
creamier easier way to move that color around so super simple so another tip I
had for you is to always add water so if for instance I wanted to paint a heart
okay I’m not the best freestyle artist and of course it’s hard to see because
I’m doing on a tag and then if I took my gold here
you can see that this paint is not moving outside of where that water is it
is bleeding but it’s only bleeding within that water it’s not bleeding
anywhere else so if you put your water down first
that’s the only place it’s going to bleed out to so you can do those kinds
of things first you can also of course just do very freehand you could just go
and paint her heart as I say I am no artist and this is where remember I was
telling you with your alcohol markers to practice your flicking your flicks again
I’m going to be really important with your painting and you can paint really
super cute backgrounds you can do flares you could do this around your skulls you
can do the exact same techniques with your watercolors you can practice in
exactly the same way with your watercolors as you can with your alcohol
markers so same techniques apply whether we are talking about with your alcohol
markers whether we’re talking about with your metallic watercolor paints with
your regular watercolor paints whatever we’re talking about
all of those techniques are going to apply so we’re talking about those
foundation exercises go back check out that video where I was talking about
factors you’re flicking come back and practice the same with your aqua
painters as well so check out today’s giveaway and check out the coupons check
out all of those fun things as well of course as well as all the subscriptions
and things and then come back for tomorrow’s video we’ve got some super
fun things going on I’m gonna be at range at HQ this weekend as well lots
and lots of fun things still to come we’re not even halfway through inktober
fest so lots of fun goodies lots of fun events still going on I hope you enjoyed
today’s tips we’re going to teach you a lots more about how to control your
paints how to control your inks as well and I absolutely adore metallics as well
I am all about the glitz and sparkle don’t forget to try
metallics and watercolors with heat embossing I think you’ll find the
control much much easier because it won’t move around on you it’s so much so
happy internal affairs happy double-digits day I’ll see you again
tomorrow bye

6 thoughts on “Metallic Watercolor Practice with Hero Arts – Inktoberfest Day 10

  1. Im looking forward to being out of my hamstring surgery recovery bed so i have access to all my stuff again. I want to do some of the Intober projects; at least with products i have. This is a cool idea

  2. Thank you Alexandra for day 10 of the inktoberfest video. Luv the Metallics. The tips with the heat embossing and water controlling the watercolor.

  3. My favorite day so far is today, each day I think I love this ink and techniques then the next day I think the same lol. I do love metallic/sparkle anything so these Hero Arts Glimmer Metallic Inks are a must have!!

  4. I'm seeing different brands of liquid watercolor. I've watercolors before but never with a liquid. I usually use my inks. But I really want to try this. Thank you for sharing all these awesome products.

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