100 thoughts on “Metal Iron Man Helmet WITH DISPLAY! + GIVEAWAY

  1. Extremely disappointed in the several hundred so called "fans" who have tried to spoil endgame in the comments section. I've deleted as many as I can, but guess what, you literally spoiled endgame for the Hacksmith. After all I do for you guys. Not cool. I missed seeing the premiere so I could finish this video for you.


  2. i feel strange if there's a suit can fly you in a future. Lol.

    Airport , human , labor might no longer needed if those tech keep improving

  3. Is there a possibility that you can make a track or something that the opening part of the helmet goes further back? The part that opens still covers part of your face when you open it. But overall, it looks good. Keep up the work

  4. Facial recognition that pulls up a description of the person you look at. Would just be the ppl in ur shop but still would be a cool imterface

  5. if hacksmith can build this with limited stuff, think of what the military could do with no budget and even greater tech! iron man is becoming a real thing, not just a fantasy. maybe 10 years from now more or less we could have nano tech. who knows

  6. Классно 🤩👍 А нельзя на другой глаз сделать дисплей что бы тоже с стороны выглядел закрытым? 🤔

  7. If our phones catch fire we can stop drop and roll then throw our phone away form us before it explodes the helmet is on you're head

  8. That is so cool able to make what is seen on films. Only in America that is able for young minds to push through and make it happen. And yes I would like to have an Iron Man Mask ( Helmet ). My grandson said that is what I am, Iron Man, Thomas my grandson likes Spiderman and has already been ( growing like a weed ) through about four suits and as a Grandpa i will keep buying suits for him. Thomas wants me to make a Iron Man Suit after seeing yours. I told Thomas to get the tape, cardboard and aluminum foil. Lol I will get a build out when my wife stops trashing the cardboard. Keep on building guys, it gives me great joy that my grandson has a future in electronics just by seeing what you as a team has put together.

  9. James " We will maybe share the code? IDK this was a really hard project and I would not recommend doing it" Challenge accepted

  10. Got a "small" challenge for you awesome folks. If you're up for it, try to create a working A.I. system that can follow commands fully. I know there are programs like the Echo's Alexa, and other such software, but think more like Jarvis or Friday. To make something that would work similar to that would be a very large step towards being able to become Iron Man, as that is largely what Tony Stark needed to be able to function within the suit. I know that it would ridiculous amounts of funding, but that would be a spectacular idea and invention, if you could pull it off. Then, somehow getting that program to work inside the helmet with full eye lenses, using voice commands to control it, that would make the whole thing so much better. Of course, there needs to be some sort of breakthrough in the creation of computers themselves, but, nonetheless, if you could pull this off, or close to it, you could potentially receive governmental funding to finish it, and continue from there. I am not 100% sure if it's possible, but who knows? Maybe you guys and girls can pull it off. Just look at what you've already accomplished though. Use that as determination, and you just might be able to pull this off. Maybe using a supercomputer as a bluetooth type system to make a smaller functioning pad that you could control with a simple keyboard, and with other ways to input commands, this challenge project is seemingly impossible, but if I were to believe that anyone on this planet could pull it off, you're the group to do it.

  11. If it's possible maybe you could put the camera in a secret place so it looks like it has two eyes. Also I think would be cool to put in a VR display. (again if it's possible)

  12. I recommend that you make the whole power thing attached tp magnets, when you put the helmet on it quickly boots into the camera, it takes a lot of effort but it worth it

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