Message in a Bottle Epoxy Resin Paperweight Cube with Ocean Sea Foam Effect | DIY

Message in a Bottle Epoxy Resin Paperweight Cube with Ocean Sea Foam Effect | DIY

To start this project I’m using a 50mm cube mould White quartz sand, and clear epoxy art resin Add a teaspoon of sand to a suitable mixing surface Now add a little resin and start to mix Add more resin, a little at a time, until the mix is fluid enough to smooth itself out Spoon the mix into the centre of the mould Take an assortment of small sea shells and place them onto the sand This is a real pearl! Allow to cure until the resin is firm Weigh approximately 50g of epoxy resin and mix thoroughly This resin has a 2A:1B (by weight) mix ratio Carefully pour the resin into the mould Allow to cure overnight Take a small glass bottle (mine is 22mm x 40mm) and fill it with sand to weigh it down Attach a skewer to the bottle with tape We will use this to suspend the bottle in the mould for the next resin pour A small cardboard box is a great way to hold the bottle in the correct position Mix up another batch of resin and tint it with a tiny amount of blue and yellow epoxy pigment 70g should be enough Allow the resin to cure overnight When the resin is solid you can remove the skewer For this step I’m using UV cure resin and special UV white pigment Dispense a small amount of UV resin onto a silicone mixing mat Add white pigment a drop at a time to achieve the desired colour Apply a thin layer of the white UV resin over the surface Now add droplets of clear UV resin onto the white to create the sea foam pattern Cure the resin under the UV lamp for a few minutes De-moulding time To complete the piece I’m going to dome it using Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy Resin This resin has a 1A:1B mix ratio (by volume) but I find it easier to measure smaller quantities by weight Slowly pour the resin all over the surface Allow it to spread by itself You may need to carefully encourage the resin to the edge in places Continue adding resin to a uniform depth of 2mm As long as you don’t exceed this depth it will not overflow Empty the sand from the bottle and add a little glitter And of course your message 🙂 Please like and subscribe to support the channel Thank you for watching!

100 thoughts on “Message in a Bottle Epoxy Resin Paperweight Cube with Ocean Sea Foam Effect | DIY

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  2. Molto carina, però avrei fatto il fondo azzurro come il resto, non trasparente! Sei bravo!l'idea mi piace!! Mi sono iscritta al canale👍

  3. I loved the masterpiece! But more than that, I loved how that person explained perfectly how to do in detail 🙂

  4. Bon! c'est décidé, je me lance…. si c'est pas trop moche, je t'envoie une photo et tu me dis…😂😂😂

  5. Love your work. If I had a bit more of a work space available, I'd love to do some stuff like this. Most of my at-home resin work has been lakes/fjords bases for miniatures. So they are around ~40mm.

    As a guy who works in resin at his job, though, I have to warn anyone who does this to wear gloves. Nitrile or silicon, because resin and hardener are both pretty toxic, and even getting small amounts on your skin over a longer period of time can harm your liver, skin, kidneys, etc. And even if this wasn't the case, it's just a lot easier to clean off if all you have to do is throw away your gloves afterwards.

  6. This was incredible! I exchanged the blue dye with red, and added small dragon bones to the bottom of a black sand drop, and instead of a message in a bottle exchanged it for a mini pirate ship. Nephew absolutely loves it!

    Keep up the good work

  7. I'm sorry, all I could think of when this was done was "I've got a jar of dirt! I've got a jar of dirt!" xD Beautiful job!

  8. Great project. I was so confused when you added the 'dots' at the end. Then it proper turned into sea foam. Did you work on that effect?

  9. I super like the color of the sand and the shells are so cute. Can u make the same color of sea water from the bottom to top? It’s not realistic to have two toned sea vertically. though I guess u just did that to clearly see the bottom. But I still love it! You’re really talented. Would love to see more.

  10. This is so gorgeous. I am going to start this project today with the help of my grandson. His mommy’s birthday is coming up and I think this would make a perfect gift for her from him. Thanks for sharing

  11. I know you got comments about it being a real pearl, but as someone that works with them, I really liked seeing it! And you seemed excited or proud about it. I thought it was beautiful. 🙂

  12. While it's cute. I def definitely agree with a load of the comments here.

    Made the bottom entirely out of sand
    More of a gradient in the water
    Maybe more of a wavy effect at the top

    Other than that, it's cute. Who knows, maybe an updated version?

  13. Would have liked sand to the edge and not a blob and perhaps some ripples to the shape of the bottle and not just random squiggles of white, otherwise I enjoyed the vid. ty

  14. I LOVE your videos. I’m just starting in resin crafting. Other than the Allumilite resin what other resins do you use? Your projects are so clear.

  15. sweet now i know what to do with all of sand stones and other
    sea like stuff that i have..I've been having all of this material
    including the bottles like on this video, and the epoxy/resin.
    thanks for posting this tutorial

  16. Twice now still in love. I am Maltese an island in meditation sea. I love the ocean you have captured it's total time of peace thankyou it's a pleasure to watch you.

  17. Hello Mate
    ThankYou for your awesome videos.
    2 questions please.
    Are you using resin release?
    And where do you buy your cube moulds from, notable quality ones?

  18. I've watched 3 of your videos so far and you have really good ideas. That I will poach. But for my own home use 🙂 . Thank you for the videos! Subbed.

  19. I'm sorry if I am tooting your horn but your videos are AWESOME! Not like 4theCraft videos. 4theCraft will do things in their videos and you have to guess what they did and what they used. Not like your videos, where you tell us each and every move you make and do in your videos. So much better to follow along. I bet either you are a teacher or Virgo lol! I have watched this video over and over, and have taken notes. So when I get pass the fear of using resin, I will do my message in a bottle. One day soon. I digress. Truly biggest fan, debs from Texas

  20. great job, I love it. By the way, what kind of glue do you use? That is when you have to glue something in place before pouring the resin. I can't find any information on using glue with resin. hmmmm.

  21. Ok can you tell me how in the world do you not get bubbles?? I just bought some glow n dark type epoxy resin and I did some looking around and I see so many with bubble issues but yours I dont see any and you didn't even use a vacuum chamber..

  22. Thank you for this video, it made me realise what I'm doing wrong with my casting. If you have a spare moment, I'd hugely appreciate some help on how to hold my suspended bits in place, please. Many thanks, love your videos!

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