Merry Moose Blessing Mix

Merry Moose Blessing Mix

hey guys thanks for joining me this is
angie a chic n scratch this is the project we’re making today and it’s
another blessing mixed box the video was filmed live over on facebook last night
but i hope you enjoy and if you have any questions let me know
don’t forget there’ll be a free pdf over on my website actually two of them one
so you can print the blessing mix and the other one will be an inspiration
sheet with the measurements okay i hope you enjoy the following video so tonight
we are making another version of the blessing mix box so I make these every
year this is just a few of them that I’ve made over the years this one is
really old this is yeah more petrified blessing mix I think maybe this one
might have been my very first one I’m not sure looks like I ripped the point
off the bat but anyway so this is the one I share today on my website and
we’re gonna make the same kind of box but we’re going to use completely
different stamps ink and paper yeah okay so I’m gonna get these out of the way we
are using two stamp sets tonight Mary moose and I wish for everything so so
cute this is the first time I think I’ve actually used this on camera so I’m
excited about that okay we’re using two sets of framelits the
ornate frames dies and the layering squares I told everyone when they
purchased the ornate frames dies from me that I promised that I was going to use
those for Christmas for Thanksgiving for all the holidays so that they wouldn’t
regret their purchase and I think I’ve lived up to that but we’re using it
again tonight because some of them are the perfect size for these greetings
okay let’s see let me give you the supplies we are using early Express oh I
designed this one today like literally two hours ago and my thought process was
I wanted to make this one more masculine you know
like more dude friendly because the one where is it because this one you know is
more feminine a dude would be okay with it but I wanted to make one like really
kind of manly so that’s how this came about so I hope I didn’t talk just a
hundred miles an hour now or just now if I did I’m sorry I’ll slow down now I was
just trying to catch up that those nine minutes that I missed so this measure is
nine and a half by five and a quarter and then I have some scraps of whisper
white for our stamping another piece of early espresso that measures three and a
quarter by three and a quarter a piece of crazing crazing cajun craze that
measures three and a half by three and a half and then three pieces of the come
together designer series paper you could use either side and it measures two by
two and a half I haven’t used this side of the paper yet either so and of course
I have a solo bag okay the first thing we’ll do is score the cardstock for our
box I’m gonna place it on the portrait side which is the five and a quarter
side look at that it looks like my cuts a little off okay I’m going to score it
at three quarters and three and a half and then I’m going to turn it on the
landscape side which is the nine and a half inch side and I’m going to score it
at half an inch two and three-quarters five and seven and a quarter so this is
exactly like the other one I’m not changing the measurements we’re just
using different stamps ink and paper okay hold on the school lines
and then we’re gonna use the bone folder to burnish it
let me grab that now okay so now while I’m folding on these score lines
I will tell y’all half of the reason of why I was late tonight is because we
couldn’t find my iPad we couldn’t find it anywhere we checked every single
location in this house and it was nowhere to be found
it was in the mudroom I you know I don’t like time change
why would I set it down in the mudroom on the bench no less David finally found
it I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find it
I’m like how do I go live without an iPad okay so now over here on this half
inch side I’m gonna remove this and then this piece over here I could have just
pretended I was having technical difficulties but we seriously were
frantically running through the house trying to find it I carry it everywhere
I go so okay so I’m cutting up to the score line just like that and then over
here same thing okay now if you watched my video earlier today I use the detail
trio punch to round all four of these corners technically eight because you’re
gonna round each of them it’s a little taxing to be honest it’ll work you saw
me do it I had a few bloopers that you’ll be
saying in the future but I’m gonna use our retired one because it’s just the
tad bit easier yeah and if you want to see the other one like I said the video
is there oh goodness gracious okay moving along
to the next one you still have to fold it down if you if you watch that video
you still have to fold them down to be able to reach them if that makes sense
hopefully you understand oh we have two more like I explained in the video our
our punches are designed to only work on one sheet of cardstock at a time and so
when you try to start putting two pieces in there it recognizes the bulk and it
doesn’t like it okay now I’m going to take my paper snips and any of these
edges that are not perfect I’m gonna clean them up so right here I can see
just a smidge and this one right here is a smidge yeah okay oh this one too I think we’re good now yep okay so we’re
gonna put tear and tape on this piece right here and then I’m just going to use my take
your pick tool to remove the backing and then fold this over okay so that makes
that the back of my box that makes this the front I don’t think I’ve ever lost
my iPad before I don’t even know when or why I was even in the mudroom that’s
crazy I think maybe I was gonna watch TV and
eat lunch or something knows oops that’s crooked that’s okay
I’ll just trim it it’s the bottom of the box or it doesn’t matter okay there we
go now we’re gonna take the designer series paper and we’re not going to add
it to the back we’re only gonna add it because we’re gonna put the coin back
there so here’s what we’ll do let’s go ahead and cut that so over on my website
this is a free pdf I’ve already cut into it as you can see you get nine of these
to a sheet I printed them on whisper white and they’re cut so that you can
cut on that black line if you want and it will it will be exactly where you
need to cut it or you can cut just shy of the black line and that border will
show so it depends on what you want if you want to show the border you can and
if you don’t then you don’t have to I’m gonna go ahead and just cut this in half
so that I’m only using a little bit okay so this is our new paper trimmer it
works beautifully whoops I just moved it I need to trim it again it looks like
because I cut the black line off on or did I well it’ll be okay I didn’t do the
best of jobs cuz I did it really quick but it’ll still look good okay so the
back of my box is gonna be here you know this this is a this is different from
how I made this earlier today just on the back side okay so we want to glue
that down just like that well you better hold it for a second and then I’m going to take my black stampin
dimensionals because you know we’re using um early espresso so that’s pretty
dark so we’re going to add the poem to the back okay there’s that part now let’s add the
designer series paper so I’m going to turn this over and add I think I can do
to it one time without getting it on myself one more oh I had this thought today I have to
ask y’all’s opinion so I was wondering like this just came to me it could be
stupid I don’t know so like today I was thinking I was born in March so I really
love spring and I love spring colors but I wonder if people that are born in
December love holiday colors and like people that are born in the fall do they
do they love fall colors and do they prefer you know what I’m sayin like I’m
thinking is that how we’re hardwired you know what I mean yeah cuz I’m got pink
pink polish and it’s fall but I can’t do fall colors I don’t look good in them
I really don’t if you were to ever see me in the color yellow you would laugh I
don’t I don’t know if it’s my eyes or what I don’t know my skin maybe cuz my
skin tone is so yellow okay so I’m just folding this down then fold and that one
down and this one okay there’s our box
there’s the blessing mix so now let’s stamp here’s our greeting here’s our
moose here’s his scarf that’s got Enoch on it
already okay so we’re gonna stamp the greeting first with early expresso and
then we’re gonna set it aside for a little while to dry because this early
espresso ink it takes a little bit longer to dry now I can’t remember which
one I did first I did this one first it’s easier to line up the Thanksgiving I don’t want to put my head in the
camera huh it’s a little crooked but it’ll work
okay we’re gonna set that aside to dry I don’t want to touch it or it will smear
and now we’re gonna stamp him on another sheet perfect and then we’re gonna stamp
the scarf in Cajun craze I normally use pumpkin pie when I’m doing fall or
Thanksgiving projects but the twine that we have and the come together ribbon
combo pack is Cajun craze so it’s all about coordinating that’s what we love
about Stampin Up product all the colors the coordinate oh that’s a little thick
okay we’re gonna fussy cut that out okay so we’re gonna have to cut him out with
the punch I don’t want to smear that one I may have not given myself enough room
to cut him out I didn’t I’ll just use a post-it note do y’all do that let’s see
lots to confirm there we go isn’t he so cute we’ll set him right
there and now we have to fussy cut the scarf there’s really no way around this
you have to do it I might go slow so that I don’t mess up not too bad so now we’re just going to
take a little bit of liquid glue and add it right about there okay he’s complete so we’re gonna get
the framelits out we’re gonna cut the happy thanksgivin out with with the
ornate frames we’re going to cut out the Cajun craze with the larger square die
and then early expresso with that one we’ll start with our squares put this
one down here rut row let’s see you’re supposed to put these
in at an angle I was working on my blooper reel today I don’t think I said
that right I struggled with my arse and w’s you know and I noticed that I say
the same thing over and over and over like a gazillion times so I think I need
to improve my vocabulary or when I mess up I need to come up with a different a
different turn I’d see their guru crow or jeez Louise
wait I still need to cut one more it’s mainly bur faint okay now this one okay he’s gonna act
possessed I know I could use washi tape I don’t want to and I don’t want to use
purple tape I know I can I’d rather hold my breath No okay so we’re gonna take the dark Cajun
craze and we’re going to color two of these pearls we’re going to let them sit
there for a few minutes and dry so here’s this one here’s here’s our
greeting okay so we’re going to touch where’s my liquid glue we’re going to
attach the early expresso to the Cajun craze and then we’re going to attach the
box on top of that I said this in my other video that’s the
beauty of using the liquid glue is that if you don’t get it straight from the
get-go you can move it around there we go
that’s and then now I’m going to use my bone folder to just kind of press okay
so we’re gonna take these let me take this out of here it’s easier to get off
here when I take it out of that case so I’m gonna add this here and then actually I want to use the
black ones I’m determined to use those up because I’m not sure they’re going to
carry over to the to the annual catalog so I’m gonna I’m gonna use them up okay
there’s the greeting and we’re gonna pop him up okay so instead of using my petrol my
petrified blessing mix I decided but you could use this is a gonna be a blessing
mix box here it is but I don’t want to gross anybody else out by using really
really really old snacks so I’m just gonna use a rice krispies treat
I know it’s I know it’s not the right season but I could use a desk two times
this size to go lie and it still wouldn’t be enough so we’ll pretend that
that’s the blessing mix and then we’re going to take three strands of this
cajun craze twine so I’m gonna do about let’s see eight inches for all three because remember we’re making this like
dude friendly I gotta stand it up to do this so I’m just gonna tie those three
strands let’s take it out of the box how about that I was trying to be gentle so
I didn’t squish the box but okay do I have all of them everything that happens
this week I’m gonna blame it on the time change you should have seen Bella’s face
today when it was like 11 o’clock she was like staring me down like mom it’s
lunchtime what’s wrong with you and she wouldn’t stop like I swear she sat in
the same spot for like 20 minutes just staring at me I’m like I know I know we
gotta just this time I just wish we could always stay in
daylight savings time instead of falling back every year okay so it’s a little
it’s a little cattywampus it works better when you use the blessing mix so
here’s the one we just made and here’s the one I made a couple hours ago it
works better with the blessing mix pretty cute right so here is the one
that I shared earlier today and then here’s the one we just made so super
cute right okay so you guys have a great night and thank you and again I
apologize for being a little bit late tonight see you guys later thank you

16 thoughts on “Merry Moose Blessing Mix

  1. Your box is so cute. You asked if people like colors according to birth month and my oldest grandson was born Oct 30th… He loves black. My youngest grandson was born the 18th of Dec… He loves red and green. On the other hand my husband was born in Nov… He loves blue. Second topic… please don't stop saying rut row. It's cute and could be your catch phrase. I get a big kick out of it! Scooby dooby doo😁

  2. I love your rut ro, just because it's usually uh oh people say, it makes me laugh, you should not change it, and grrrrrrrrr is pretty funny too.

  3. In regards to your comment about preferring FALL or WINTER colors…I myself love the Fall and I like the colors..but I also love and wear vibrant colors like Lime Green, Magenta…I have olive colored skin. You wear whatever color you want to wear…no matter what season. You know how they say NOT TO WEAR WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY? I laugh!! I bought some adorable White Skechers and I love them and wear them whenever I want..! SO YOU DO YOU!

  4. Love the box….thx for sharing.

    I was born in June but love Fall colors. So my birth month and color choices definitely not in sync

  5. I was born in the Fall (October) but I love pastel colors. I can not wear or decorate with fall colors. Unknown why! I love all your projects. Thanks for sharing.

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