100 thoughts on “Mercenaries: Lady Expendables Full Movie | Zoë Bell | Kristanna Loken | Best Hollywood Action Movie

  1. 3generations watchd ths movie earlier me, my 2 kids, & my mom me n my kids luvd it & my mom wus wntn it to b ovr fast…lol best female action movie I've seen so far

  2. Elrika (penculik) sdh diikat tdk ditembak, kesalahan pertama…ketemu teman pengkhianat engga langsung ditembak, malah banyak omong, kesalahan kedua…
    Walhasil filmnya tdk bermutu, kesalahan2 anggota tim hanya utk memperpanjang durasi film tdk menunjukkan tim yg hebat 😎👎

  3. every Hollywood movie casts a white chick, an ebony mama, an Asian babe to show how liberal in America. lol. although most racist country on planet earth USA.

  4. OMG!!! For the love of GOD do NOT make a sequel!!! Very little redeeming value. SO many flaws I don't even know where to begin!!! I'm pretty surprised that any A-lister would act in a C-line movie (yep not eve worth being called a B-one movie). This was rediculace!!! All those liking this seem to be from rd world countries where there is no entertainment industry in their country which is why they don't know better… but jeez damn this stank.

  5. "You can imagine what can happen to a pretty little thing like you in these mountains"…
    Well, that means you are definitely safe, Ms Nielsen.

    Whoever convinced that woman she can act is either retarded, a liar or a damned good practical joker.
    Any film with her in needs avoiding, and this one is no exception.
    Nothing new or even good about this movie, if you do want to watch it make sure you've nothing better you could be doing for 85 minutes of your life…

  6. I dont get, is this for kids ? Excluded – balls cutting. For adults ? Those dummy russians with AKs are so dumb. BTW I know Russian but didnt get what that Boris or whoever spoke )

  7. Caralho q Brasil imundo todos os países o you tube libera os filme só aqui fica essa putaria de direitos autorais

  8. a thousand thousand oaths, I give a thousand thumbs up for this film. very very tense, very very exciting, I can't say anymore, very best very best and very best..

  9. Stupid ending! No way she would have just lain there and let that woman handcuff her. Very unbelievable fight also.

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