Melanie Martinez Goes Through Cry Baby Track-by-Track (Part 2)

♪ ♪ For Cry Baby if I write
about only things that I experience then I feel
like it’s not fun for me. I like making up
stories, I dunno. But “Soap” and “Training
Wheels” is the same boy, you know, and it’s
basically just like her love story with him and
then she invited him to her birthday party in
“Pity Party” and he doesn’t show up and neither
does any of her friends. So she just goes crazy and
completely just destroys her own party. I wrote that song with
Kara Dioguardi and CJ Baron and that was a
really fun session just because like I wanted to
write a song about no one showing up to my
birthday party. And we were listening to
music from like the 60’s and the 50’s and stuff. We thought that “It’s My
Party” was just literally the perfect, like it could
not get any more perfect than that. And then after that is
“Tag You’re It” and “Tag You’re It” is where Cry
Baby get kidnapped by the Big Bad Wolf and “Milk and
Cookies” is the next song and that is where she
poisons him with milk and cookies and kills
him and escapes. That kind of is like a
turning point in the story for her and that’s where
she becomes a little bit more insane. Obviously from all the
experiences that she’s had but she, you know, I think
becomes a little bit more comfortable with who she
is and how crazy and emotional she is and the
experiences that made her who she is so… In the next song, “Pacify
Her”, she is basically a home wrecker and steal
a boy away from just a random girl just because
she feels like she has lost all hope in love and
just is trying to —- with people and hurt
people’s feelings. After “Pacify Her” is
“Mrs. Potato Head” and “Mrs. Potato Head” was the
hardest song to write on the album. I had the idea for it for
a while, just the title and the kind of comparison
to like how you can, you know, change the pieces on
a Mrs. Potato Head face and how that can double as
a meaning for, you know, changing how you look. I think it was the hardest
song to write just because I didn’t want it to come
off like I was, you know, bashing people who get
plastic surgery in any way because that
wasn’t the point. The whole point was,
changing how you look isn’t gonna fix
you’re insecurities. You know, that comes from
like a way deeper place so I just wanted to write a
song, really, that would remind myself and others
that, you know, we’re beautiful the way
that we naturally are. And then the last one is
“Mad Hatter” and “Mad Hatter” is her just
completely becoming comfortable with who she
is and what she’s about and her just being a crazy
person and basically accepting the fact that
all the best people are crazy. And it was very inspired
by “Alice In Wonderland” that last song so…yeah.

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