Meghan Currie: Creating Art with Yoga

Meghan Currie: Creating Art with Yoga

(whirring reverberation)
(bouncy keyboard music) – We are born into a preformed
architecture of belief that says, things are either good or bad. This causes us to love
certain aspects of ourselves while denying others. (bouncy electronic music) My art process speaks to me. I used to reject so much
of what came through. Certain lines, strokes, colors, blobs, I saw as mistakes that ruined the piece. Over time I began to see a deeper meaning, that if I kept on going
right through that moment I wanted to quit, thinking it was wrecked, in the end I would see that mistake was the very thing that
created a depth and beauty that otherwise could not have been. They are all walking
bundles of ancient threads. Imagine all the ancient root
systems that wrap Mother Earth, each root transporting
important information, some gnarly and grotesque,
others majestically spiraled, but all serving a purpose.

23 thoughts on “Meghan Currie: Creating Art with Yoga

  1. Meghan, this video is incredible. It inspires me and i find myself coming back to it frequently. Watching you create with your movement is exactly how I feel during my yoga practice. Thanks for being you!!

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