Mega Knight (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Mega Knight (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys, and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial. Today we will create the Mega Knight from Clash Royale. Let’s start with the head of the Mega Knight. This was pretty simple as Supercell itself released the card. Here you can see the preview of the card. And this helped a lot for getting the right colour for the iris and to get the right shape of the head. And well that’s it, because there are no visuals. Of course I know there are some replays and some gameplays on YouTube. But well all details are missing so it was pretty hard, but let’s focus on the head first. This was a shiny detail. I used some white clay for this reflect in the eyes. And now we will create the nose. This can be seen in the card, as well, in this card. But let me tell this again, there are no visuals right now released of the Mega Knight, so if you’re watching this tutorial when the Mega Knight is released it will probably look a bit different. So I’m sorry if this creation turns out different way but I think I came up with a nice idea to present the Mega Knight. And of course please let me know in the comments if you like this creation or what I should have improved or what you would make different, so just leave it in the comments. Meanwhile we are creating with silver clay and maybe you’re noticing that this silver clay is very very, very soft, so it was pretty hard to create it as it was… changing the shape, the shape was changing too quick when just touching. I hope you get me. Especially when creating something like that, something like this the Knight’s helmet because this was just very complicated, very tricky. So hang in there if you try to create it by yourself. I know this is pretty hard. Don’t give up too early. Think you will get there as well Okay, the head is finished and now we will just work on some details for the side of the head. I think these are called hinges something like that, if that makes sense to you. And of course we will assemble that to the helmet as well . Okay, like in every good game I am saving. So I’m putting this head into the oven right now for hardening. Also, these feathers they will be attached later on top of the helmet and I will bake that as well. Freshly baked helmet and head. So this is just to be safe that I don’t destroy the head too easily when creating the body for example and I’m using the head a lot for scaled comparison or something. This will be the stand. You may have seen my other tutorials, for example the Night Witch or the Hog Rider, so this is pretty much the same stand I’m using. Also, the aluminum wire, the length should be Three times the head and then you should get the right height. Now fixing on the brown clay and well this will be a mixture of green and grey and it will be used as the base layer for the torso of the Mega Knight. I am sorry that I don’t know the right word in English. It’s the underwear for knights made out of chains. Knitted with chains. I don’t think this is pretty comfortable. Just imagine having boxer shorts made out of chains. Not that comfortable. But this is a great pattern anyway and we will just start with silver clay again. for the armor of our Mega Knight. As you know Mega Knight was the winner of the poll and sometimes I feel pretty stupid when I have a look at the poll results. It feels like ‘Dude, of course the Mega Knight’! Why did you even put the other cards inside the poll? Yeah. This is always pretty difficult to get the right choice of the right cards for the next poll, so please participate in this poll. I really hope I get a balanced choice of the cards so that we don’t get a big winner and I feel stupid again. So please participate in this poll. Now back to our creation. We will work on the arms right now. They should look like as if They could lift an elephant! Or no, let’s say if they could lift the Giant from Clash Royale, of course. Yeah, this will be the connection to the weapon, and I have no clue how these are called. Let’s call them thorn balls. Yeah, these are thorn balls. Just adding some more details. And after that well we have to decide blue or red? I choose blue of course. But it’s no problem if you decide to create the red team creation. You only have to change the belt colour and the feathers on the helmet of the Mega Knight. These will be the shoes of the Mega Knight. I tried to… to make them very heavy and… Yeah, they should look a bit uncomfortable because the armor of knights is always very uncomfortable. Unless you’re wearing boxer shorts made out of chains. Just adding some more details. And we will attach them to the body. And now we can focus on the stand again. This will be the green grass. Just adding a thin layer. Well, it’s not a bad thing. And I’m using the scalpel for the texture work. You can also take just a needle for that and it just looks nice. After we are finished we will focus on the upper part again. This is old clay. If you have seen my tutorial of Snorlax I published yesterday There I used a lot of old clay you can imagine that. And we will coat it with silver clay and these will be the thorn balls. the big weapons of the Mega Knight. And these will be the thorns of the thorn balls. I highly recommend using a knife for that otherwise you wouldn’t get these nice sharp edges. Almost done, and I’m just trying out this should work. now the tiny surprise on this spot. We will create the tiny cute rabbit. You may have seen it in the thumbnail already or at the beginning of course. Why did I choose to create a tiny white rabbit in the cool Mega Knight tutorial? Why!? Well the reason is pretty simple. I thought while the Mega Knight itself is pretty cool, but I have to show in any way that this Mega Knight is very brutal and that everyone is frightened of him. So I thought it would be so funny to create a tiny white rabbit coming out of the ground. Maybe eating some carrots and eating some grass. It’s great weather and suddenly boom! The Mega Knight is jumping from behind. Yeah, maybe it’s only me who thinks this is funny. Haha in this case, no this time I don’t care because I think the white rabbit is just great in this scenery. And this creation while this is even Clash Royale white rabbit you may have noticed this rabbit when you have seen the commercial of the Wizard or maybe it’s in another animation of Supercell. And the Wizard is using the white rabbit to trick some enemies, I think some Barbarians. And now we will place it on the grass. The rabbit is looking above. ‘Whats that? Oh no the Mega Knight.’ ‘Oh, the day started so great.’ OK now we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked Mega Knight and freshly baked rabbit as well and freshly baked thorn balls. We start assembling, gluing these blue feathers right on top of the helmet. And we will also work on the weapons. Just try to get a smooth surface. Using my Superglue for that. Also on the other side of the weapon. And the creation is almost finished. I decided to use some acrylic paint just some black and silver to get an even more shiny look on the weapons on these thorn balls, but also on the helmet and the other armor as well. And finally, after drying of course, that’s it! As the card is not released I don’t know which would be the best counter card, so I suggest check out the Inferno Dragon. Maybe this will work as the counter card I have no idea but we will find out and maybe some of you guys have already some suggestions which card should work best against the Mega Knight. OK I guess that’s it for today. Thanks for watching, hope you have a great weekend and hope to see you next week. Take care. Bye!

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  2. the mega knight face expression is kinda funny how it looks like he did something wrong and he is about to crush the cute rabbit before him

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  5. Please can you tell me what paint you use also what gauge of wire ? I am also surprised that you use the clay just cut from the block. In most tutorials you are advised to condition the clay first. Do you not condition your clay ever before using? Thank you

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  7. Also, I love ur content and I want to make megaknight myself. Im gonna buy two packs of neutral colours and im gonna try to make this myself.

  8. For some reason im not allowed to use my oven >D.
    Im gonna either use my grandma's or cook it in the sun or something.

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