Meet Scheta the Silent! – An Introduction | Sword Art Online Wikia

Meet Scheta the Silent! – An Introduction | Sword Art Online Wikia

Meet Scheta Synthesis 12, more commonly known
among other knights as the infamous Scheta the Silent. Scheta is one of the supporting characters
of Alicization’s second half, the War of Underworld, and the owner of the Black Lily
Sword, a Divine Object capable of cutting through anything! Before becoming an Integrity Knight, Scheta
was a swordswoman who had earned the right to participate in the Four Empire Unification
Tournament. She had a strong tendency to visualise the
cleanly-sliced cross section of anything she had encountered and was unable to stop herself
from making this image of hers a reality, regardless of whether her target was an inanimate
object, or a person. Because of this desire of hers, she had brutally
murdered every single one of her opponents during the tournament. Although Scheta was declared the victor of
the tournament and became an Integrity Knight in the aftermath, the records of that year’s
tournament were completely erased to hide the fact that blood had been shed throughout
it. Scheta’s deeply hidden nature was perceived
by the supreme priest of the Axiom Church, Quinella, who promised to craft her a sword
that could cut anything in half if she were to find and bring to the church any being
that survived in the battlefield of the Age of Blood and Iron in the Dark Territory, making
it engorged with Spatial Energy. After three days of searching, Scheta was
able to find a single black lily, which Quinella later turned into an extremely thin sword,
named the Black Lily Sword, for her. A year later, Scheta was put into hibernation
at her own request after killing another Integrity Knight in a duel. Shortly after the fall of Administrator and
her second in command Chudelkin, the gray knight was awoken from her slumber by Commander
Bercouli to bolster the Human Empire forces against the upcoming invasion from the Dark
Territory. While she did not have much to do during the
first day of the Final Load Test when the Great Eastern Gate collapsed in a huge lightshow,
she was assigned to the Human Guardian Decoy Army with Alice, Bercouli, Kirito and others
to head south, in hopes of diverting the attention of the Dark Territory forces. When the Pugilists Guild of the Dark Territory
army caught up to them, however, Scheta would finally break her silence and take on the
task of occupying the attention of Iskahn, the 10th Champion of the Pugilists Guild,
in a fight of Sword and Fist! A fight that would give Scheta a whole lot
more in her life to look forward to! For more information on Scheta the Silent
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  2. So, I'm actually curious now…it's Scheta or Sheyta how it's actually supposed to be written?? I have been using Scheta on my fics since forever but now the anime uses Sheyta but you here and the Wikia uses Scheta so I'm confused…

  3. How come her name is spelled Sheyta from light novel V16 which I read several times over. Yet other sources spell it Scheta.

  4. What is her sacred art , is it like alice's which is on permanent or is it something else i would like to know.
    Please tell if we would be able to see the sacred art of the introduced integrity knight in the future

  5. I found it funny when she glaring to the right side 2 times and then check her eyes when Iskahn told her she seems sleepy which they look awkward.

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