Meet Sam | Awkward Puppets

[ ♪ HELLO – ADELE ♪ ]>>SAM: Hello from the other side. [CELL PHONE RINGING] Hey man.>>FRIEND: Yo, what are you doing?>>SAM: Uh, nothing, just working and listening to
uh… Drake.>>FRIEND: How’d your job interview go?>>SAM: Job interview?>>INTERVIEWER: Well Sam, we’ve looked at your resume and everything looks really really great.>>SAM: It went really well, actually.>>FRIEND: Really?>>SAM: Yeah.
My name is Sam and um, sometimes I get nervous. Yeah, no I can’t complain.>>FRIEND: Great man.>>FRIEND: I know you’ve been trying to do this for
a while.
>>SAM: Oh, yo just one sec. This chick, this chick is calling me. Just one sec. Hey ma.>>MOM: I’m coming to your house right now.>>SAM: No mom, I’m good right now.>>MOM: I have to come to bring you food.>>SAM: Jesus Christ mom.>>MOM: Hey! Don’t talk to your mother like that.>>SAM: Okay, okay sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry. Sorry.>>MOM: You [BLEEP].>>SAM: I love my mom. Um, you know, sometimes I get frustrated and annoyed, but, but I love her. Um, I never met my dad, but I hear he’s
a really great guy. Um, I don’t know, my ex always told me that, that my family is crazy and too much.>>MOM: It’s chicken soup.>>SAM: Thanks mom. Uh, but I never understood, I never understood that. You know. Um… It’s just a lot of love.>>MOM: What is this mess in this room? Every day the same thing. I have to clean this again!>>SAM: A lot of love.>>MOM: I can’t take anymore! [ ♪ HELLO – ADELE ♪ ]

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