Meet Benita | Awkward Puppets

Meet Benita | Awkward Puppets

[CELL PHONE RINGING]>>DIEGO: Hola Benita.>>BENITA: Diego where the [BLEEP] are you?>>DIEGO: Uh, I’m at Carlos’ house right now, watching soccer.>>BENITA: What seriously?>>BENITA: Didn’t I ask you to water the …
>>CARLOS: Hola Benita>>BENITA: Hola Carlos, how are you?>>CARLOS: I’m good. I’m good.>>BENITA: Hows your wife?>>CARLOS: She’s crazy.>>BENITA: Didn’t I ask you to water the plants?>>DIEGO: Yeah. Can’t you just do it?>>BENITA: Diego, I’m tanning right now. Someone needs to look good in this marriage because you, I don’t see you going to the gym. [BENITA YELLING AT DIEGO IN SPANISH] Hola, my name is Benita. And my husband and I have been married for about 4 years now. It’s not that I don’t love my husband. I do, I love him a lot. I just don’t want him to be alive right now. In the beginning everything was perfect. We were happy together. We did everything together. It was nice. But now, not so much.>>DIEGO: Knock knock.>>BENITA: Who’s there?>>DIEGO: You’re stupid.>>BENITA: I’m like any other strong Latina woman. I like music. I love it actually. My favorite artists are Julio Iglesias, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez. And um, and Tupac. Listen Diego, just water the plants and stop being a pain in my [BLEEP] okay?>>DIEGO: Okay Benita. I’ll do it. I love you.>>BENITA: Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. Oh wait, Diego.>>DIEGO: What?>>BENITA: Knock knock.>>DIEGO: Who’s there?>>BENITA: Water the [BLEEP] plants.

100 thoughts on “Meet Benita | Awkward Puppets

  1. i m very happy that the call to the marionette Benita antler i think i´m going to cry well ot so much because i thik that my name is very ugly ,seriously ,BENITA but it does ot matter i´m happy 🙂

  2. Diego: “Knock, Knock.”

    Benita: “Whose there?”

    Diego: “ you’re stupid


  3. Benita:Knock Knock
    Diego:Who's there?
    Benita:Water the FUCKING plants!
    Me:…..water the fucking Plants who?

  4. Public service announcement. Women are not funny, but in puppet form they are even worse. Now you know and knowing is half the battle.

  5. Dang Benita at the end of that oh my God I mean like you weren't playing oh and tell Diego don't mess with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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