Meditation & Drawing Thru Alsketchii

hello everybody welcome to deep green
with Amy I’m Amy so being with Amy we are all about
healthy living and more steps eating a whole food plant-based no add sugar or
Meursault and that’s what’s the lifestyle that we like to teach about
but healthy living is also about other things like getting proper sleep and
getting good exercise and another thing is community like what we have today we
have to clean it and having love and there’s another aspect of the healthy
lifestyle and that is to and there’s many different ways of
meditating and some people think of meditating as the conventional putting
yourself in a pretzel position on the floor and all meaning and things like
that but there’s other ways to meditate and this today we are going to introduce
to you a really special way of meditating and I hope you guys are gonna
join us at home you can pause this and go grab hopefully if you have a black
sharpie marker at home and some blank computer printer paper and if you don’t
just push pause and go grab it and come back because we’re going to do this
together and you can join us at totally to do this so this is gonna be a lot of
fun so I would like to introduce to you Norma and she get going to show you how
to do sketch I’m sketchy around the pond yes are sketchy is a form of being aware
of your consciousness and your subconsciousness in your conscious state
your mind picks up things care for what your thoughts are
because if you think it your subconscious is going to take it and
it’s going to use it because our subconscious is our slave
our subconscious gives us everything anything that our consciousness gives it
and I don’t mean just good things but bad things if you have a bad thought the
subconscious takes that bad thought and it gives it back to you and that’s what
you get and sometimes you wonder why is this happening this way is because pick
the attention what are my thoughts am I thinking kindness and my been kind am i
being sort of loving this can work in many ways not even with art because with
me art is my passion and so art has taught me how to be aware of my
subconsciousness if you cannot do it if you tell yourself
I can’t do it you won’t do it you won’t be able to do it but you tell
yourself I can even if you don’t see how you could do it if you tell yourself I
can a path will open and you will do other people know that they can do not
even art but whatever your interest is they can do it through their
subconscious by just planting that seed you plant it and you reap it with your
subconscious and so and I’m going to show you how you can do this for a few
minutes and you close your eyes and just relax and every time I’m going to ask you to
visualize a number and when you visualize that number you think of
something negative you want to throw away you’ve got to get rid of okay we’ll start them the number one when you see the number one you throw it away and now you visualize number two when you see that number two you throw
it away then number three
when you see the number three you throw it away you see number four when you see number 4 you threaten right
you see number 5 when you see number 5 throw it away you see number six when you see number 6 threat away
see number seven when you’ve seen number seven that’s
right you see number eight it’s right away you see number nine you throw it away and you’ll see zero
and you look in the center of the zero there’s that space and you’re gonna walk
through that space and you’ll be on the other side and you’ll be there in that space and in that space you feel free you feel cleansed you feel calm you feel at peace you’re one with yourself and your
Creator your dear now with this piece you’re going to return and you’re going to come back through
that space of the boat and it will disappear and you see nine it will disappear
and you’ll see eight and it will disappear and you see seven and it will disappear and you see six and it will disappear and you see five and it will disappear
and you see for and if you disappear
and you see three and it will disappear and you seek to and it will disappear and you see one and disappears you open your eyes and feel that calm and the peace with that come and that piece you’re
going to take your pinup and you’re going to make circles or make
like make just make just move your hand around and it’s your subconscious that
is doing that don’t control it because if you try to control it it’s going to
be shaky line it’s not going to be smooth lines just make lines just make
circle quietly and evenly just let your subconscious direct you and I’m going to come and look and see
if you really come now when you’re rolling where you start
you’re going to pick at joint look at your paper down and where you start and
you roam you’re going to come back to the beginning because then you’re making
shapes okay no you’re not relaxed you’re trying to control throw it away control
is not good start it’s moving fastest and now just hold it in firmly in your
hands and try to get back this is very new to some of you because you see we
are always in control of everything we feel as if we’re losing it you’re not
losing it you’re gaining it you always have to find you have to maintain your
perimeter or this is your picture plane and so I’m going to stick my finger this
finger here here and I’m going to draw a line down like this I have a straight
line and I’m going to do the other one just like that
and another straight line and I’m going to draw another line like that another
straight line and I have another line like this and I connect so I did it
without using a straightedge now you cannot continue until you’re able to do
that so I’m going to give you all the board and you’re going to do that and I
know you’re going to be shaking you know because you want to make it perfect
don’t just relax just relax this is something new just keep telling yourself
I can and you know just hold it like this okay this finger your long finger
there you’re gonna put it there you hold the pen with your index and your thumb
you put it here you’re going to move your finger not the pen you put the pen
and you move your finger and the pen follows you put your finger there put the pen on the paper the point on
the paper move your finger and the pen will move don’t move the pen move your
finger move your finger that’s better see move
your finger move your finger why the lines maybe because you’re
moving the pen if you slide your finger down smoothly the line will be straight
very nice nice job very good no no the same style and
improve your very casual we control everything so much that we have such a
difficult time to go beautiful you made that liner always put this first there’s
two finger there and let the finger roll domicile
oh my gosh look Oh beautiful what you’re going to do is you’re I’m going to do it
and you’re going to see what I’m going to do I’m going to draw something here
and just want to draw and whatever I do I make Mike I come back to where I
started see what I did and I come back to where
I have started I didn’t stop anywhere my lines are smooth we have this energy
recognize it and use it I will I go around and the energy flows and then I
stop and I have a shape here and I have to decide what am I going to put in
these shapes you’re going to put in these shapes what your subconscious
tells you to do and I’m going to show you this example there’s another one there’s another one
it’s exciting done here’s another one now this one I did and I did not know I
had a hearing problem and I kept drawing this and when I went someone said I
don’t think you’re hearing me when I speak with to you
and so when I went to the doctor I took I saw this in the office and I said I
have been drawing that so he didn’t believe me so I brought it and showed
him and he said you have a block in your station tube and so I have been drawing
it my subconscious has been telling me and I never paid attention like here’s
another one it’s sometimes I can interpret these things after I do them
and that’s the best maintain bond and this doing it in
colors also and I darken this section here I doubt in this section here so my
flower stands out and there it is I put the darkness there and I put a
darkness there and I realized that contrasting it it brings the beauty out
because nobody can stay in the dark and nobody can stay in the light because in
the light you can’t be seen in the dark you can’t be seen you have to bring them
together and so light comes life comes huh so there it is and this is what
you’re going to do I don’t want to take up your time any longer but you
understand now what I’ve sketchy is and the reason is called a sketchy is
sketching with Alberta my name is Norma Alberta and so we’re sketching with
advert so it’s that’s what it is al sketchy so do you understand
how important you all are do you understand the gifts that you all have
that’s buried someplace and because you have no courage to bring it forth the
world is waiting for it you’ve got to share you have to cheer we need to know
it okay don’t hide it okay don’t hide it what
you have to do what you have to say what you feel is just important like somebody
else’s we are all different but we need the difference to make the difference
okay anyway thank you so much I hope you guys joined in at home because that was
a lot of fun and I want to thank Norma Alberto and here at insane so you try to settle let us know in the
comments below send us like to see me let’s think of some more positive
thoughts be strong be well and be by

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