Math Games & Lessons : How to Use a Ruler

Math Games & Lessons : How to Use a Ruler

In this clip, we’re going to learn the proper
way to use a ruler. And how to read a ruler. Number one, if you’re going to use a ruler.
We’ll use this small ruler here. Especially, in Geometry, if you’re going to make a straight
line. You’re going to line up the ruler with your eyes. And put the ruler on the paper.
Hold the ruler down. And then, make a straight line. O.k. It’s a lot easier. Most people
do this. They line up the ruler, like this. And they make a line. That’s not the proper
way. The proper way is always to keep. Now what if you need to, to do a vertical line.
Well, just easy, turn the paper. And then put the ruler down. and make your straight
line. Always keep the ruler leveled with your eyes. That is the proper way of using a ruler.
Now if you want to use it to measure. Let’s say, you want to measure this line, right
here. O.k. Here’s a big ruler that we have. O.k. We put it at the zero point, right there.
There’s the zero point. And we see where the line ends. And it ends right here. We got
lucky over here. It ends at exactly between the ten and the eleven. So this is ten, so
that’s ten. And half, so ten and one half inches. Remember your fractions from the other
clip on rulers. And you should be able to measure.

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  1. I have lots of troubles leveling the rulers. I don't really no like how to use the measuring. I have troubles also measuring.

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