Match Chain Reaction Planet VS Death Star IRL – Domino Effect

Match Chain Reaction Planet VS Death Star IRL – Domino Effect

It’s so cold! Hey what’s up guys, we’re gonna
get right into it today. This is a planet you may recognize it no it is not earth
is actually the planet of Alderaan. We’ve taken over 5000 matches cut them
up and put them into this thing. This isn’t just any Death Star this is
actually a real-life Death Star we are putting a laser inside this
that’s actually going to shoot all the round and blow it up oh it is peace but
we have no weapons we’re gonna blow this thing up with it with the Death Star we
think it’s gonna lighten explode and look really cool but it actually may not three weeks later we were ready to
launch the laser is in here it’s ready to go
and so the Death Star is fully operational
can I can I say that do it you may fire when ready
what the workers in the Death Star never had safety goggles they just did this
all right ready here we go three two that was so crazy okay
oh holy cow Oh guys it was cold now norm your honor this is amazing we’ve got a
really little fireball here this was better than I ever anticipated it just
went so fast is that it was a perfect like uniform burn – yeah burned in a
perfect circle all the way around yeah okay guys that was like literally two
and a half months of work up in flames like in seconds seconds that was crazy
but it was so worth it so guys this video was made possible by our patrons
it’s been awesome to get that support we had some pretty big technical
difficulties with this video and so without our patrons we wouldn’t be able
to do it yeah so thank you so much if you guys want to support us check out
the link in the description and you can pledge your support there

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