Match Chain Reaction DRAGON from matches! Amazing Fire Domino

Match Chain Reaction DRAGON from matches! Amazing Fire Domino

you I think this is the most beautiful thing
I have ever made in my life and it makes me so said to destroy it but I know that tens
of thousands of my subscribers are my subscribers because I promised to build
a dragon and burn it in my last video so I must keep my word otherwise I would
never destroy it so I just would like to apologize from the art lovers in
advance but no problem I will be more careful in the future about what I say
if you would like to support me you can do this if you watch the whole video from
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section how can I be better and next time I will it’s okay I appreciate it
and I don’t know what will be my next video yet but something cool I promise
so consider clicking that subscribe button ok let’s see what the big guy
thinks about this and don’t try this at home because it’s not a game
fire is not a game

100 thoughts on “Match Chain Reaction DRAGON from matches! Amazing Fire Domino

  1. It broke my son's heart to see you burn that beautiful dragon. You should make another and cherish it. That was amazing art.

  2. I love the dragon that you made with matches. I wish that I was talented enough to make dragons out of any material so that I can have it only as a display. You are very talented.

  3. Your art really is something special, man. There's a quote that I feel embodies the kind of art you make; "Beauty is in the hard work itself, and the (oftentimes false) sense of purpose we feel when doing it. It's a fleeting sensation, that drives us to repeat our actions in order to capture it again." – Finn Mertens (Adventure Time, 'Diamonds & Lemons')

  4. It wasn’t really good, but toward the end, it got blurry. Is that how you end your videos? Other than that, awesome dragon design.

  5. My 4 year old daughter and I thought that was so awesome! She looks at me and says "mama his dragon really breathed fire, that was so cool. Next time him should make a people"

  6. Fire-breathing dragon!! Tooooo kewl!! Props on a project incredibly well done.Thanks for the promise and the deliver! You rock!

  7. It was so cool to se the dragon spit fire. But at the same time it was sad that something he used over a week to make, just burnt down I five minutes.

  8. That dragon you made was so sick and beautiful man!! Will you make me one??? But not with match sticks lol I’ll pay message me

  9. If he wouldnt have destroyed it, he most likely would have kept it in hid house and then robbers could burn his freaking house down

  10. Я только только канал создал кому не трудно посмотрите первый видом и подпишитесь ) взаимно.
    На накале будут конкурсы на деньги,

  11. Я только только канал создал кому не трудно посмотрите первый видом и подпишитесь ) взаимно.
    На накале будут конкурсы на деньги,

  12. That dragon is so amazing and all that time and effort is just wow!! As much as it sucks that it had to be burned AHHHHH IT BREATHED FIRE
    It went out like a champ, that was so coooool!!!

  13. Perry thinks this dragon is a bit self-destructive and wonders how from an evolutionary perspective such a thing would come into existence. Nice dragon.

  14. Loved that dragon! I understand your having to live up to your word, and the fire blasting out of the dragon's mouth was pretty impressive, but I would love a dragon sculpture like that hanging on my wall!

  15. Hello tell me how to be you hahahahahah

    Dang dude you are so pretty creative😍😺🙀👷💪💪💪💪💙💚💜💛💓💓💓💓💕💖💗💞💘👍👍👍👍

  16. Ich Feier deine Videos einfach richtig ab ich bin zwar deutscher aber das ist ja egal also ich fahr jetzt nenn sind einfach richtig richtig richtig cool ich Feier sie einfach ab

  17. New friend here. Ty for sharing your awesome videos and time with us ALL. Wow. You are absotively talented. HUGS and blessings from NY State 🏞

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