Master Paper Engineer & Designer – Yoojin Kim

Master Paper Engineer & Designer – Yoojin Kim

– There’s something really
magical about pop-up cards to me. When you open a card and close a card and to see how all the structure, the three-dimensional structure
folds perfectly inside a little card, I think that’s so magical. Hi, I’m Yoojin Kim and I’m a
paper engineer and designer. (soft music) This is my favorite pop-up
card I’ve ever created. So, it’s an envelope that when you open it turns into a pop-up card itself. So, my intention here
was to use the crease that’s connected to the
flop of the envelope and turn that into where the pop-up mechanism is attached to. A lot of the concepts that I come up with are about things I really care about. So, since a lot of my
work is inspired by nature and plants and botanical elements, so I decided to create a
pop-up card of a greenhouse. So, I really love the delicacy
of the little environment that I’ve created here
on this greeting card. A lot of the plants
here are tropical plants that I really enjoy, and
since I cannot have a lot of these really difficult tropical plants in my own environment, I thought
it was really fun to see it in a little mini version. So, I also gather a lot of my inspiration from my
trips around the world. The camel I met in Morocco
at the Zagora Dessert. His name was Hamdouch
and we really bonded. I definitely like to sprinkle a little bit of humor in my work because if I were to receive
something in the mail and if I could also laugh at it and just really enjoy what
I was about to receive, I think that’s even better than
just regular greeting cards. So the process that I went
around to create this card started with a very simple
sketch and hand cut pop-up. So, I wanted to create a very random, jagged, faceted lump of coal that doesn’t have a very
symmetrical shape to it. So, I played around with
the basic structure, started pacing pieces and just folded and then eventually I got to a shape that I was happy with
and then, as you can see, I started drawing directly
onto the prototype to see how I can tie in the
pop-up into the whole card. It’s a perfect card for
your naughty friends. So this is my first ever
published pop-up book. So, these are the sketches
I started out with to help me visualize how I wanted to plan out the pop-up book
and here is the final product. So this is my hedgehog, Kimchi. There she is. (laughing) Oh. (laughing) (gentle music) So, sometimes I gather my inspiration from very strange places around me. So, for example, this card, it’s a displayable card and when you pull the
tab, it says, it changes. So, this pull tab mechanism I got inspired by looking at my AC unit. So, you know how the direction of the fan or the cold air changes when you change the direction of the vent? So I thought that might be really fun to incorporate into the card so that depending on which
direction you’re looking at, the information changes. Well, growing up I was always
fascinated with pop-ups and origami and any
kind of paper creation, but I never knew that making
pop-ups could be a career. I didn’t even know who or
what paper engineering was. But eventually I went to
college for print making and throughout my college career a lot of my prints started
to become more dimensional and more into paper sculptures and at the end I realized, oh,
this is what I wanted to do. So, through connections I’ve made, I got offered a job here at the pop-up card company Up With Paper, and ever since I’ve been
created pop-up cards. (gentle music) – Thank you so much for
watching episode three of my Creative Masters Video Series. If you liked this episode, you will absolutely love
the episode I created on Peter Dahmen who was
another paper engineer and pop-up artist who makes these incredible paper sculptures. So check it out right here and if you guys have another artist that you think I should
cover in the next episode, definitely let me know. Anyways, I will see you
guys in the next video, bye.

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  1. Hi Christopher, congratulations on this great video. Yoojin is a wonderful person and a very talented paper artist. I think, you captured her incredible talent and her sense of humorvoll well in this documentary. 👏👏👏

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