MASTER OF PUPPETS by Metallica – Guitar Lesson –  3 of 9

MASTER OF PUPPETS by Metallica – Guitar Lesson – 3 of 9

Hi, it’s Bobby crispy this guitar lesson is video number three of how to play Master of Puppets by Metallica In this lesson, I’ll show how to play refs number nine ten and eleven Just a quick correction Before I said that Master puppets is made up to 16 wrist actually. It’s made up of 18 rows. Don’t worry. Nothing changed So I’ll play the riff first the notion was played Okay number nine Okay e power chord fifth string seventh fret Hey that top string three times Slide down to a D power cord Slide up back to the e seventh fret Seventh fret fifth string Ninth fret fourth string 9th fret 10th fret fifth string Top string 8th fret played four times Outward, there’s the C a threat Slide it down once a Some fret Eighth fret top string play four times ‘if lat our cord sixth fret fifth string Seventh fret okay, so okay slowly Okay rift number 10 10 is the same as number 9 beginning there, so it’s go again slowly Instead of going to the a threat top string you go to the ninth fret fifth string Seventh fret six rep Pause there, it’s six rep top string 8th fret Seventh fret e Power chord that’s top string open Two frets and the 5th and 4th strings you click twice Seven F power chord, which is top string first fret? So once again Left nor too slowly Okay and number 11, sweet like this Okay, so it’s an e power chord top string open 5th string 2nd fret Open string twice F sharp power chord top string 2nd fret Top string open twice and to a G chord top string third fret Then 2sc power cord a fifth string third fret Fifth string open twice Do a B power chord, it’s a fifth string second fret Just wring open twice In an eighth power cord And to the Just threat d power chord 5th fret fifth string Toughing open place Into a C power-chord pestering third fat Top string open twice The power cord gesturing 2nd fret Top string open power cord Top string open twice It’s the Seventh fret fifth string e power chord Top string open twice Done to the C power cord death string third fret So once again rift number alone Zoey Okay, so that’s riffs 9 10 and 11 Thank you disorder Rift number nine three times there were ten months number eleven months Okay, so that’s video number three I want to move on to video and number four now. Thanks for watching

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