Master & Apprentice: Star Wars – Custom Lightsabers | Rooster Teeth

Master & Apprentice: Star Wars – Custom Lightsabers | Rooster Teeth

Welcome to master and apprentice today, we’re gonna be making custom lightsabers for Star Wars. This is Marcus report for the last 17 years Marcus has been working in the film industry as a production designer art director and prop Fabricator and this is Adam Ellis a novice cosplayer and a systems administrator for Risha beef production company we work for it We’re gonna show you what it takes to make? Professional level props from your favorite movies and video games and teach you the tricks the pros you that you can do at home this Is master an apprentice I? Think every one of us is fantasized about having their own lightsaber And and maybe even a custom lightsaber at that sure my dad made one of these out of a broom handle and some PVC parts When I was a little kid, so this one’s kind of near and dear to my heart basically we’re gonna take an off-the-shelf lightsaber We’re gonna sort of go into the Star Wars universe We’re gonna borrow some aesthetics that we know that we can apply here And we’re gonna start to kick bash our own pieces that we’ve found This is what’s fun about doing you know cosplay? And prop work is you get to kind of pick and choose the pieces that you want right so this is about personalization We’ve got about half a day to do this. Yeah, this is something at home Hopefully people can can take care of in a similar amount of time Yes, I believe so so when I scale to 1 to 10 this build is about a three This is a really great starting project for anyone who’s never done anything like this. We should be making our own custom lightsaber I’ll be going for a Jedi look and Marcus is gonna be going for like a Knights of Ren sort of look so the first step is gonna be in sketch this thing up obviously we’re gonna need some pins and pencils and a pad of paper for that the Next step is lightsaber prep you’re gonna need a screwdriver to remove the blade and an off-the-shelf lightsaber to work with the next step is gonna be kid bashing you’re gonna need some plastic model kit parts and some super glue or epoxy to attach all these pieces so the Last step here is gonna be painting and weathering you’re gonna need some small paintbrushes for this as well as an airbrush We’re also gonna need some spray paints and some acrylic paints for all the aging Okay, Adam, so let’s figure out what this thing looks like So do you want to start with your design? This is one taken from the force awakens? Art book it looks like a concept design for a night of Rin I don’t know if it’s gonna be in the new movie or not, but I really liked the drawing when I saw it yeah That’s cool. I really like that. It’s black. You don’t see that very often. I’m a little nervous I’m afraid that I don’t have the right creative brain yet. I think you do we can reference this This photograph you know you like the ribbing you. You know you like this this gives us something to go off of Maybe this maybe this is all all the divots in their copper. Okay, you sound like you just went a place in your head That says this is what we’re trying to do trying to get you excited about what we’re making Now that we have a good idea of what we’re both building we can start on kid matching We’re starting with an off-the-shelf a lightsaber, but it doesn’t really look very fancy so instead we’re gonna take a bunch of kit bashed parts and stuff that we have around the house and Start gluing these up, then making these look really cool Whenever you do kit bashing everything needs to kind of have Somewhat of a purpose you don’t want it to be haphazard as you build and put new pieces on it’ll start to develop So I’m going to take this PVC pipe and cut it on the table saw while it’s at a 45 degree angle and cut off the excess and Then all I have to do is fit it on the lightsaber the easiest way to get tubes to fit on a bigger tube Is to do like a split so we can take this to the bandsaw we can make a cut right here You can probably sleeve this around will stretch enough then wherever there’s a gap we’re gonna use another Piece of model parts to kind of hide the fact that there’s a seam So we’ll just stretch it girl we might need to Give up a little bit, yeah, let’s give it some heat with the heat gun Then you should be able to fit that on there pretty good, okay We resume cylindrical details And now I have little bits to clean up so I’m using an exacto to cut away the excess What are we really careful when you’re working the exacto blade? This is probably one of the most dangerous tools in the entire shop it looks super innocent It’s just a wee little knife Anytime you work with this you always want to be pushing this away from your body So if you miss or you break, or you lose your grip then it’s going somewhere, that’s not important So keep bashing is the fun part all you have to do is glue the pieces on wherever you like them This is from a toy gun We cut the nozzle off. You can kind of see where it was this portion. Here is a from a satellite model This is from a y-wing Frustrated man, it’s trying to use these fluted bits I know that you don’t think it looks that great, but it this is really good. Thank you Yeah, just think I’m going to take your lesson from the last time. We kick bashed and Just be okay with changing the design a little bit So marques you’re looking pretty far along here We’re getting close someone you’re probably gonna get rid of be in a way sooner than I am you’re just looking really good actually It doesn’t seem like it right now cuz it’s a bunch of different colors If I think this tip on to make sure no one thinks it’s a real lightsabers That’s so you can take it to comic-con right I think I’m gonna do what we talked about and do some of this in black Leather they gonna keep most of it chrome, and then I’ll have a couple strips of copper. You’re in though You’re in the right neighborhood cool All right, so the big pieces around and we’re ready to paint He’s masking off the parts that I’m going to not want to paint black so let me paint my black first I messed up already I just don’t like the comparisons of like who’s the bigger star wars fan because Everyone has their own sentimental connection to a movie like Star Wars Marcus. That’s his dad built him a lightsaber growing up You know me that was also my bonding experience that my dad’s watching Star Wars over time I’m gonna paint these little bands copper and mask the rest of the thing off I Think there’s copper accents make me real happy. Oh, yeah, all we got left is weather So if you’ve seen this show before you know anytime we’re trying to make an object look like metal when it’s plastic I usually fall Back on this metallic wax paint and right now We’re just gently guiding the side of a brush over all the high spots Where this detail exists and this kind of gives us some almost like a faux airbrush really that is? Awesome in like four or five hours. You have a Knights of Ren awesome custom lightsaber. Yeah, it’s pretty good I’ve got an old wiring harness from some miscellaneous tech. We’ve had laying around I’m gonna cut something off and we’re gonna glue it on okay. I’m gonna a little dirty mine up If you don’t have an airbrush you could easily use the front of a small paintbrush Paint some on wipe it off and leave all the paint in the recesses I just have to do some dry brushing and get this parts over and get some dirt in it get in there Well this turned into a really awesome afternoon project there’s a lot of fun I Was really scared dude like I know you really sweating it I’ve made stuff before but like I haven’t created my own design and like work from that It’s the fact that it shows the light through there is awesome You’ve got copper here in the middle which is really nice detail And you didn’t use it too much all these PVC fluted parts that you got that didn’t fit at first You just kind of cut them split them at the back, and then you hide the seams looks great yours is amazing It’s like it’s just like what you were going for it’s so cool. I think it kinda looks like a jet engine Yeah, it does. Well. You see we got yeah, let’s let’s go battle alright. It’s time time to wield these Are you are you okay, okay? Okay, okay fine? You’re still wanna do this so this we still this masher yes I’m grateful instead of waiting hole levels. Thanks for watching master apprentice We hope you guys decide to make your own lightsabers at home, and if you do please show us And if there’s anything else you want us to make also let us know in the comments. We will see you next time Goodbye

100 thoughts on “Master & Apprentice: Star Wars – Custom Lightsabers | Rooster Teeth

  1. that kylo ren inspired lightsaber looks great, but im a jedi type myself …so ill take the blue one and be on my way 😀

  2. I want to customize some ultrasabers I have, but I've never done any kind of hobby-building. What kind of model kits were used so I have an idea of where to start?

  3. Kitbashing is awesome! I will have to do this with my son when he is older.. not too much older though.

  4. I know this wasn’t a competition or anything, but I liked Adam’s more than Marcus’. Perhaps it’s something to do with being light-side. ^_^
    But Adam needn’t have worried about his looking bad. It turned out great!

  5. When I first started watching this video, I was like OK here we go… it's a how to ruin a good Saber vid… but I hung in til the end, and I was glad I did. Very cool. 😉

  6. I made my custom lightsaber out of a bunch of duct tape and electrical tape who was the best that I could do with the materials that I had

  7. Dude the second you guys started talking, I no joke subscribed. And the end result makes me want to go get a saber right now. So inspiring guys!

  8. Could you possibly make Darth Mauls lightsaber please. I would really like to see you making this. Love you guys

  9. I taught lightsaber forms and combat for a few years, my sparring saber has functionality in ever part of the grip, the only asthetic parts are the emitter and the pommel. I’m mean, it looks great, but sometimes I wonder what I would have come up with aesthetically before I was always thinking of the hilt’s functionality.

  10. Been making my own sabers for a couple months now, for me and my best bro and y’all really gave me some good ideas for potential customization (which has been becoming a problem) so Thank you for showing me some interesting ideas

  11. What lightsabers did you buy to customize. I thought this was really cool and would like to try it for myself!

  12. You forget to mention that the base you used is a pretty expensive hilt from ultrasabers. Its 50-75 dollars. Nice troll though

  13. these are the ultrasabers aeon v3 (silver) and ultrasabers dominix v3 (black) both with an av switch in their main color

  14. I made a lightsaber when I was 18. The hilt is gold and silver chrome with a leather grip, about one and a half feet long from emitter to emitter, with a 16 inch blade on one side and a 30 inch blade on the other. Both blades are purple, but I also have tinted blades that can make it look purple red, like Vader's blade in episode V

  15. the kit-bashing REALLY makes the saber. That minuscule detail seems like something only a force-wielder can assemble.

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