100 thoughts on “Marshmello Gets His Own Crazy Fortnite Skin and Emote!!

    Listen to the Extended Fortnite Set on Apple Music ▶ https://apple.co/2WCBgAt
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  2. WhO beTter??
    LIKe – mWrshMelsow
    REpLiyesS – NInjA

    seriously don’t like nor reply to these comments, even mine

  3. Ohh I remember when it came first time in season 7… those days were amazing.. this music make’s me remember old good season example season 4, 5, 6 and 7

  4. Hey Marshmello I bought that skin and I got the emote plus the glider and the first pickaxe in favor of you cause your the best! Also I did it for the event that fortnite had for you!

  5. When you don’t have enough v-bucks and the best skin ever is gone… PLEASE EPIC LET THIS SKIN RETURN TO THE SHOOOOP

  6. Hola soy soy soy de México tengo siete años tengo un primo que se llama Erika y fue mi y mi hermano Jonathan y mi papá son los mega fan de ti y espero que si lees este mensaje porque llegué y me dio sueño siempre escucho tus canciones cuando me duermo pero siempre querido ser como tu embolia

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