Marry-You-Anna Song | An Educational Parody | Salil Jamdar & Co.

Marry-You-Anna Song | An Educational Parody | Salil Jamdar & Co.

Call it by any name This story is 5000 years old According to our Ayurveda, Rigveda, Charaka Samhita And many other Indian sacred texts It is a Divine And a Medicinal Plant But due to some very ‘F’ed up reasons The world knows it today, as a Villian So what if you banned it I smoked it anyway So what if this is a Risky topic I sang about it anyway I Sang anyway.. Be pissed off if you may Centuries old bugger, Marry-You-Annaaa Pure and innocent bugger, Marry-You-Annaaa All hail Shiva This wonderful euphoria, This brilliant smoke, My very first joint, My very new kick, Let me roll my stuff, yo This pure mountain stuff, yo Without using that devil called tobacco Try some buddy, there you go Healthy intoxication Nutritious smoke 50 % cancer cases – Cigarettes, Tobacco I know bro 90 % Mouth cancer cases – Cigarettes, Tobacco Possible Erectile dysfunction – Cigarette, Tobacco Cut it and stop irritating me bro! Dude, you will stop getting a boner And Marry You Anna not only stops cancer from spreading But also cures it completely Yea your bowel movements too will be smooth as heaven next morning Salil bro, this stuff is illegal.. But cigarettes and alcohol are legal despite being so deadly Why so? With Cigarette sales The government mints money Minimum every year Alcohol has a similar story too Marry-You-Anna has Innumerable medical benefits It fights and kills major diseases For dirt cheap It will screw over the ‘Pharma’ companies real bad This ban
Has many other reasons too ‘United Shambles of America’ Has a role to play in it It dates back to 1985 Google it yourself bro And use a little bit of Your own brain too Nonstop intoxication Nonstop smokeeeeeee Hey, not so much! You will get yourself addicted. Bro, I have googled in detail All said and done, 1 in 10 Marry-You-Anna smokers, What do you mean by mentally addicted? I mean unlike alcohol and cigarettes Marry-You-Anna doesn’t get your body hooked Nor does it harm it But the mind gets hooked on To this light, floaty and amazing feeling And after this, if one doesn’t get to do it for a long time It might make one depressed and anxious And if overdone in teenage Then Memory and brain cognition function Both may get severely affected Enough English, just speak in Hindi bro will you? Don’t you want to get popular in villages? Ok here goes If a stick goes up your bum today You won’t feel the pain until day after tomorrow And the sands of time will get stuck in a loop Just like they have in this song Didn’t get you bro, you are singing too many praises Marry-You-Anna is the best Bla bla bla Wtf bro? There is nothing in this world That doesn’t prove to be harmful if done in excess Please explain bro
You know our country’s IQ If a mother over protects her child It harms the child You water the plant too much And it shall die off early It is not the ‘Stuff’ or the ‘Chillam’ It is because of losers like these That this lovely herb is considered to be criminal Will now pounce on me. Medicos, smart-asses, haters and stoners, All four will bring war on me. Bring it on, I’m ready bro I am born fearless bro Truth and courage He who has within himself In the end It is he who shall triumph Wow Salil bro, such deep thought behind this song, eh? You nailed it bro, you are gonna rock the internet You will set Youtube on fire Bro Dude Bro Dude Bro, are you too high? Coz now you’re just singing nonsense Hey brother, it is getting irritating now Stop it man Brother, cut it man, you are irritating the sh*t out of me My brain is getting numb Stop it thickhead! Is he feeling anything at all or no? Looks like he is a junkie himself, rascal Wtf was he enlightening me about? Hey wait, not just his song His entire life is playing in Slow Motion. Btw, even I am a part of his imagination I’m sure you didn’t guess it before, did you? Which is not imaginary

100 thoughts on “Marry-You-Anna Song | An Educational Parody | Salil Jamdar & Co.

  1. 😍😍😍👍👍👍👬👬👬👬😊😊😊

  2. Not everyone who goes to churches, temple etc is a good person and not everyone who smokes weed is a bad person

  3. Bro ur a real daring guy..but actually what u said is absolutely true..THANKS BRO FOR REAL NON TATTI VIDEOS

  4. Pehla nasha Pehla dhuan😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Bhai aapse motivated hokar hi mei…..
    Iss jadibooti ka roj apne sharir mei utar ta hu and bhagwan se baate karta hu…..
    Thanks for make my life a living haven…….
    I am stoned so please mind my gramer

  6. How slow a quality youtuber is growing
    6 months ago: 369k subs
    On September 16th : 373k subs…..
    He needs our help guys….

  7. My opinions on "Marry-you-Anna" are neutral, but iss bande ne ek dam sahi baat kari hai about Tobacco and Cigarettes and their "friendship" with Indian Government and Economy.
    Gaana bhi acha tha. Hats off!
    P.S.: Came here from Quora.

  8. Bhai mtlb itni naainsaafi kyu ek pure creator ko support kyu nhi kr rhe….bhai logo dekho bolne se kuch ni hoga sabko video share krna he hoga or apne dosto or sbse bolna hoga bhai ka channel subcribe krne ko please ni toh ek pure creator ko kho doge

  9. Bhai Sab se acha Wala video tha iya 😎😎

  10. Ye ek aisa nsha h Jo Aapke wqt ko ROK deta h,,aur use krne se bhukh jyada lgti h,,good for concentration but Bura isliye h ki yh Aapke mind ko usi time pe atka ke rkh skta h…is se mentality pe wsr pad skta h…to Soch ke use kro


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