Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam – Demo Analysis (Secrets & Hidden Details)

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam – Demo Analysis (Secrets & Hidden Details)

We haven’t talked about Mario & Luigi: Paper
Jam since E3. And that’s because, despite being excited for it, there wasn’t a whole
lot to really say. The trailer exclusively uses footage from the available demo and not
even the Treehouse presentation showed anything new. Most of this stuff is pretty obvious,
but we’ll put the old Analysis Machine to work nonetheless. So let’s get started. Now the only story we know for sure about
the game is the basic setup in which Luigi accidentally knocks over the book containing
Paper Mario’s world which brings the inhabitants of that world into the 3D world. But does
that mean Bowser and Paper Bowser are the main villains? Bowser has never been the main
villain in any of the Mario & Luigi games, but he was the primary antagonist in the original
Paper Mario and Sticker Star. So it is possible that Bowser, or both Bowsers, will be the
major threat for the first time in a Mario & Luigi RPG. We even see Bowser kidnap Peach
before the trio has to fight Petey Piranha. Will Paper Bowser do the same to Paper Peach?
Oh, and one more thing–the paper version of him actually talks here, unlike in Sticker
Star–which means he’ll behave more like his appearance in every other Paper Mario
game. And then there’s the question of where the
game will take place. We see Peach’s Castle during the demo so will the entire game take
place in the Mushroom Kingdom? That was the case for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and
Bowser’s Inside Story, as well as the original Paper Mario and Sticker Star. So it wouldn’t
be out of place for the Mushroom Kingdom to be the main setting, especially since it seems
the focus is on the meeting of these two spin-offs. Besides Paper Mario, Paper Peach, and Paper
Bowser, the only characters from the Paper series are the Toads and a few enemies like
Paper Goombas and Paper Koopa Paratroopas. Beyond the Paper enemies, there are also 3D
versions of the Goombas and Koopa Troopas. And Biddybuds are making their RPG debut since
first appearing in Super Mario 3D Land–and since they come from a game that literally
has “3D” in the title, it’s not exactly surprising that’s the form they take here
too. Of course, it’s possible they’ll have a Paper form as well, but so far, every
enemy we see in Paper form had already appeared in the Paper Mario series. So it’s possible
new additions, like the Biddy Buds, will take on the 3D form of Mario & Luigi’s world. Finally, there’s Petey Piranha who we see
in 3D. However, he did have a Paper form in Sticker Star so is it possible that version
will appear as well? Maybe the two will even team up. It makes us wonder if this limited selection
of Paper characters and enemies means Sticker Star will be the main inspiration for this
crossover, or if we’ll really see some of the more memorable characters from Paper Mario
as the game gets closer to release. At the very least, we do know that Starlow is returning
from Dream Team to act as Mario & Luigi’s voice and guide. Perhaps the answer lies in Paper Mario’s
abilities. He now has a flutter jump that he can perform both in battle and in the overworld.
This is completely new though he was able to perform a similar maneuver with the help
of Yoshi in The Thousand-Year Door. And speaking of Thousand-Year Door, Paper Mario’s ability
to turn sideways and slip through cracks returns from that game. He can also become a paper
airplane during the chase sequence with Petey Piranha, something else from the Gamecube
classic. It seems to point to Thousand-Year Door being the primary influence on Paper
Mario. And if that’s the case, we wouldn’t be surprised to see other elements return
too–like turning into a paper boat to cross water-filled paths. But then there’s the papercraft hammer that
he unfolds when performing a Trio Attack. While not exactly the same, it is reminiscent
of the Things, or real-world objects, from Sticker Star. And when the Trio Attack involving
the tennis racquets is selected, the enemies become stuck to the wall, almost like stickers,
similar to how you could turn Things into Stickers by flinging them at a special board
in Sticker Star. The stickers don’t look exactly the same as the ones in Sticker Star,
but it could be a sly reference. Or the developers are just doing whatever they feel best fits
Paper Mario whether it’s a nod to that series or not. After all, Paper Mario has new abilities
like transforming into a shuriken during the other Trio Attack or his new Copy ability.
We can see from before this is activated that Paper Mario has HP just like the brothers,
but once the Copy ability is activated, it’s replaced by the number of copies he has. And this ability seems incredibly potent since
it doesn’t take up a turn. He can then jump on enemies up to six times in a row or spread
out his copies to hit all of the enemies with a hammer at once. What’s truly incredible
is that this ability seems to prevent any real damage done to Paper Mario. An attack
that connects with him only makes one copy disappear. There’s no indication that his
health dropped either. In fact, the only time Paper Mario loses multiple copies is when
Petey Piranha chomps down on him, each bite destroying a copy. But even then, Paper Mario
can select Copy on the next turn and seemingly have no punishment done to him. Could the
health be tracked in the background or is Paper Mario really this powerful? We’re just about done here, but there is
one final thing to note. During the tennis scene, Mario & Luigi each hold a racquet with
M & L on it respectively, whereas Paper Mario’s just has a “P” for paper. And this is
interesting for a couple of reasons. One, it reinforces the idea that this is Mario
& Luigi’s world and they’re the main characters, whereas Paper Mario is the outsider. However,
we are suspicious of how generic that “P for Paper” seems to be–we can’t help
but wonder if you might be able to swap out the Paper Mario character for other Paper
characters, like say Paper Luigi, or Paper Peach–similar to the partner mechanic of
the Paper Mario games themselves. It might be a stretch, but it’d be pretty cool. Until we see new footage of Mario & Luigi:
Paper Jam, it’s impossible to say what all of the influences will be. The Paper Mario
references seem focused around The Thousand-Year Door and Sticker Star for now. But that could
change with time. We’ll just have to wait and see. Of course, let us know if there are
any other nods to the previous games we may have missed in the comments. If you liked
this video, be sure to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter at GameXplain to keep
up with everything we do. Thanks for watching, and make sure to stay tuned to GameXplain
for more on Mario and other things gaming.

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  1. Recent Mario and Luigi games have had two different ways of playing. What I mean is things like inside of Bowser/outside of Bowser, in Luigi's dreams/in reality. What if we can play in the real world and Paper Mario world in Paper Jam? And if Nintendo has goodass fanservice, the reason why the Paper Mario book links the PM and M&L worlds could be because of Dimentio. Nintendo does indeed have goodass fanservice, telling from the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot and Hyrule Warriors, so this might not be too far a stretch.

  2. I'm pretty sure Bowser was the main antagonist in Dream Team. Sticker Star was such a horrible game that I am skeptical of this game. Hopefully it will be good.

  3. sigh..looks like another mario and luigi. those games are still good dont get me wrong, but have been showing less and less quality. would have preferred a classic paper mario

  4. it's probably from paper mario sticker star or super Mario paper star sinice I saw the toads loook like from sticker star like bowser and Mario I think lugigi migt now be here

  5. I am personally disappointed with this crossover at the moment. I honestly believe that this is just an attempt to "revive" the fanbase after Sticker Star did not appeal many of the fanbase for the Paper Mario series. I don't feel any sort of hype or interest in this new crossover because of how out of place it seems to make this after taking out many RPG elements in Sticker Star.

  6. To be quite honest my hopes for this game seem unlikely to come true. These are my two favorite series of all time, but the Paper Mario side has a very Sticker Star feel to it, and Starlow (who is just meh) is the only returning character from Dream Team and Bowser's Inside Story. Where are the rest of the M&L-exclusive (and PM-exclusive) characters? A crossover between these two series has such great potential (Hello, Fawful and Dimentio teaming up or acting as rivals? Count me in!) but I feel it'll be wasted on the usual plot of Bowser kidnapping Peach, with the PM "universe" (read: "Sticker Star universe") just acting as a gimmick. The TTYD references feel entirely coincidental and only used to emphasize the paper aspect. I swear, if Nintendo ordered the same restrictions on this as they did with Sticker Star, my favorite series will finally be dead to me.

  7. Bowser not the main antagonist of M&L? HELLO HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THE ABOMINATION OF DREAM TEAM!?! That's one of the primary reasons I hate that game

  8. Sticker Star and now this is slowly making me lose hope in the Paper Mario series. ; -; I'll probably buy it and 100% it, but damn if I ever touch it again past that point. At least the first three Paper Mario games I could sit down and play through multiple times and still enjoy them.

  9. If this is Paper Mario being a guest for Mario's and Luigi's world. Then Nintendo should make a paper Mario game where Mario and Luigi are guests in paper Mario's world…

  10. 1:05 I beat sticker star and I could have sworn bowser talked in that… it has been a couple years though so I could be wrong

  11. There was a pixl thingy that could be used to turn sideways, which could be used to get through cracks and small openings, get through those annoying lasers in Merlee's Mansion, and completely dodge enemies without even moving

  12. Maybe it would be more awsome, if Luigi get swapped with Paper Luigi, then Paper Luigi joins Mario in the "real" world and Luigi joins Paper Mario in the paper world. Then you can swap between the 2 separated stories, but still they could be connected somehow, like you can interact with the paper book which would influence the paper world… The 2 teams could have different abilities, stories, but in the end they would unite.

  13. Knowing Alpha Dream they are notorious for pulling a plot twist at the end of each game they make for the final boss.  In Superstar Saga the main antagonist Cackletta dies then her ghost ends up possessing Bowser.  You then fight Bowser possessed then he eats you and you fight the villain's soul inside him.  In Partner's In Time it's revealed that the Princess Shroob you were fighting was not really the leader of the Shroobs but more or less the second in command and that the true leader was trapped in the Cobalt Star.  She breaks free in the end and you fight her and she transforms then when she is defeated she teams up with Bowser as a ghost and you fight them both as a rather unique all but easy final boss.  Bowser's Inside Story has Fawful as the main antagonist but then partway you are introduced to another main antagonist simply known as The Dark Star.  A being who is absolutely evil and very much like the Shadow Queen in his goals.  He takes on the form of Bowser while Fawful absorbs part of it's life force making him dark.  The evil (or should I say eviler) Bowser eats Fawful and Fawful realizing the mutual hatred towards the Bros and Bowser teams up with the Dark Star and you end up fighting both Dark Bowser who is the Dark Star itself at full power with Bowser's DNA copied as well as the Dark Star Core which is basically Fawful who has the dominant half of the dark power that he is controlling.  Lastly is Dream Team which introduces the Bat King Antasma who is at first depicted as the main bad guy but he is in truth the secondary enemy of the game.  Once Bowser is introduced he becomes very loyal to Bowser almost like a friend and the two team up.  Bowser eventually realizing that he has it all.  A castle that can destroy an island, a powerful wish granting Dream Stone, and of course Peach Bowser has no more use for Antasma and dissolves the partnership.  Bowser then eats the Dream Stone thus fusing with it and becoming the final boss which is the exact opposite of what was expected because I honestly thought it was going to be Antasma betraying Bowser.  So no I don't think the Bowsers are going to be the final boss.  Remember that this is a book that is supposedly archiving Mario's past adventures in the Paper Mario games and pictures in the book are coming alive.  Bowser may not have been the one who enchanted the book.  There is probably a far greater evil.  Either that or a past Paper Mario foe returns and he eventually overshadows Paper Bowser and regular Bowser and becomes the final boss.

  14. I didn't want another Mario and Luigi game, I wanted another proper Paper Mario game, not some hybrid. Not buying.

  15. Oh look. Yet another Paper Mario game that shits all over what the series used to be back with TTYD and the original Paper Mario.

    Just not interested. No more sticker star-style generic levels. No more reusing pre-existing game artwork to create a "new game." Give me a real RPG, please, Nintendo.

  16. Oh look. Yet another Paper Mario game that shits all over what the series used to be back with TTYD and the original Paper Mario.

    Just not interested. No more sticker star-style generic levels. No more reusing pre-existing game artwork to create a "new game." Give me a real RPG, please, Nintendo.

  17. Final Battle of Paper Jam: The Mario Bros. and Paper Mario has lost a battle against the Bowsers. The world becomes dark, but a better-than-ever GOOMBARIO shows up and saves the heroes. (wouldn't it be awesome?)

  18. ehh… when I heard of a paper mario/mario and Luigi crossover I'll admit this isn't exactly what I wanted but I'll still give it a chance


  20. Amazingly, there was a Mario Galaxy Boss in the demo. I can't remember his name, but in Galaxy 2 he appeared in the sandy galaxy with the pyramid and sand slide. He appeared in this footage near the end.

  21. When I was little, I played "Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga" on the Gameboy ALL THE TIME. I was never a really big fan of the Paper Mario series, so I'm excited to see where this goes.

  22. A theory I have about Bowser villain thingy is that I believe that 3D Bowser wont be the "main villain" But paper Bowser will. That paper Bowser will kinda team with 3D Bowser but that paper Bowser is more evil

  23. now that we have the game… man I would have loved to kill paper Biddy buds to level up. too bad it never happened…

  24. I remember watching a video of E3 gameplay of this game I think on an ad. I do remember they got the Trio Hammer outside of battle. Sorry, but I personally have no footage of them doing so.

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