Making Your Own Cologne/Perfume/Aftershave | Perfume Studio Review

Making Your Own Cologne/Perfume/Aftershave | Perfume Studio Review

Very nice, I smell delicious now. I think
I sprayed a bit too much. Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel. In
today’s video I thought I would design and make my own aftershave, perfume,
cologne, whatever it is you want to call it. Scented water. And around Christmas
time I usually get plenty of aftershave, so I thought it would be quite nice to
actually make my own, customize it to what I want to smell like, which is
hopefully nice. And I’ll be doing this via the Perfume, not
sponsored, so let’s head over to the website and see what it says, OK so this is
the website here and there’s a lot going on on this website apparently they do
like experiences and I think like classes and stuff like that, like scent events.
So you can go to your own fragrance design experiences, they to do corporate events, home
fragrance parties, hen parties, oh exciting! So what I want is the
fragrance boutique and here you can get different kinds of collections where you
can, I think you basically buy it and it comes with all the ingredients in order
to make your own aftershave, perfume, whatever. So we’ve got some here bespoke
collection for men, fresh exotic, floral natural, ULTIMATE, and then some
replacement blends. Think I’m gonna go for the men… I am a man. Right so it says
design your own fragrance for men collection, the perfume studio brings a
luxury of tailor-made cologne to everyone. Our blends contain the highest
quality fragrant ingredients designed to help you blend the fragrance… as in
blender fragrance as individual as you are? That sentence is tripping me up I don’t
know what. It just doesn’t sound right! The for men collection is designed
exclusively for men. WOMEN YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED IT! Create a
distinctively masculine fragrance with deep earthy tones and woody notes,
heightened with amber and awakened with energizing citrus and refreshing accords
of sea mist blends. This all sounds incredibly fancy. But also I know a lot
of women who wear aftershave too and I don’t think it really matters does it, it
just all depends on what you want to smell like right I do you want to
personalize my bottle and I think I’m gonna call it Ant’s smell.. And as you
can see it’s already typed in because I’ve already ordered this product. And
that costs five pounds extra so I’m hoping that it’s
maybe engraved in the bottle. I hope it’s fancy! I want it to be fancy for five
quid. Right we’ll see some reviews. Right so Jimmy said he ordered it for a friend
for his birthday, he has quite a particular taste and wasn’t sure what
he’d like if only there was more than one male option…. Disgraceful isn’t it.
Phoebe said it’s a fab gift for any loved one you can really design your own
personalized cologne. Fantastic concept. The process is simple. A great gift. So
it’s got very positive reviews… out of the five reviews that are on the site.
Well I think the best thing to do is open it up and see how masculine it
smells. Okay so this is it here and it’s a relatively small box which I’m quite
worried about. I’m not sure how much aftershave I get in here, but I do have
to say it I really like the design, the packaging it all looks very
sophisticated, very nice. It says London as well so I assume this
is made in London. It’s made in the UK which is really cool. Now it says it
includes a deluxe fragrance bottle and six fragrance blends: citrus, woody, mossy,
neroli, tonic sport and amber. I’ve never heard of neroli before so that’ll be
interesting to smell… And they even have their own hashtag, hashtag bespoke
fragrance. Right let’s dive in! Ooooooo I like this box even better it’s got kind
of a gold embossed emblem, that is nice I feel very sophisticated. Okay… right so
this is the bottle here and there’s my personalisation that Ant’s smell I think
it’s just stuck on. I don’t think it’s engraved?
I actually I can’t tell whether it’s engraved or a sticker but if it is a
sticker it’s a high quality sticker, and it’s actually really nice I don’t mind
that I think it’s a nice little touch… I was really prepared to slag it off but…
I’m not going to because I like it! Right we have some instructions here, so that’s
the bottle… obviously. We have some pipettes and a scent strip as well so you
can test it out before you spray it on yourself, and these are the blends. It
says I have an atomizer but I don’t have one in here. Oh wait it says contents
will vary depending on the product purchased so… That’s not included in mine,
that’s fine. Right okay it seems pretty straightforward… and a little bit
complicated at the same time you have a lot of information on how to blend
certain scents, and kind of getting the best smell that you want so that’s very
in-depth. Right what I’m apparently supposed to do is dip these into these
bottles here. And let the oil run all the way up to the top and then kind of waft
them and smell which ones I like the best and try and waft like a couple of
them together to see, which ones are blend together the best. So I’m just
gonna number these so I don’t forget which ones which so that can be number
one. Open them up… Oooo I like citrus already but we’ll pop that in there.
Tonic sport… Oooo I like tonic sport as well that’s nice. Amber…
Amber’s quite nice as well actually. Ha! I’m just gonna have a blend of all of
them. Number 14 which is mossy… oh, oh no that’s something my dad would like, it’s
more of an old man smell. SHADE!!! Number 11 which is the woody one… Woody’s quite
nice it’s very subtle… I like that one. And finally the neroli which I didn’t have a
clue what it was… Hmm that’s nice as well, I like them all
apart from the mossy one I think. Yeah the mossy one I don’t like.
I don’t want that in my aftershave at all. And in the instruction booklet as
well, it tells you how much of each one of the scents you need based on how many
you blending. So say I was to blend all five of these, I would need to put six
mls of each one of these into the bottle to make my 30 milliliters of
perfume. I’m gonna smell all five of these together and see if they go
together and if they don’t then I’m gonna cancel them out and figure it out.
And this is what I tells you to do. I’m debating about whether I like all them
together. You know what I’m gonna take woody out I’m not a huge fan of woody,
it’s okay but I don’t love it. Mmmm… I think that smells like my aftershave,
that smells like something I would like. And also in the instruction booklet too, it
tells you what’s a middle what’s a top and what’s a beers fragrance. So the ones
I’m using a citrus would be classed as a top. A tonic sport would be classed as a
middle. An amber will be classed as a base and a neroli will be classed as a
middle. So I’ve got a top, a base, and two middles. Which I think sounds quite
balanced actually, that’s what I BLURGHH… I actually really like that as well because if
you’ve ever had an aftershave bottle or a perfume bottle. The almost like glue the lids onto the bottle so you can’t reuse them! And I
like the fact that this is a screwy one so you can just keep filling it up and
reusing and stuff. Top points I really really like that actually. If you
understand what I’m on about you’ll know what I mean because it is a nightmare
I’ve tried it before and you just, destroy the entire bottle. Right let’s fill this
up so, I’m using four blends so I need seven point five mils of each of them.
This isn’t gonna fill my entire bottle up though is it? Do I add water to it or
something? No it just talks about doubling it, right
okay so what I might do is just do a full pipette of each one of them because
otherwise I’m never gonna fill this up! It’s gonna take me forever. Like I’ve only
got that far up with…. with four pipettes full of the liquid. So I think I
just keep going it definitely didn’t say mix it with water or anything so I’m not
going to. We’re getting there it’s a little bit fiddly but it’s not too bad.
And I will say in the instruction booklet it says add each blend half a mil
at a time. If I was adding half a mil every time I was adding a blend I would
be here years! So that’s why I’m not doing it! Right there we go…. It
basically took four full bottles of the little blend scent things. It takes quite
a lot you don’t actually get a lot in there, this is a very small bottle of
aftershave. Right now let’s try out Ant’s smell and see what it’s like… *Heavenly Music* It’s quite nice, it’s it’s quite lemony.
It almost reminds me of D&G… I can’t remember the name of it, but it was like
a yellowy scented aftershave and it smelt like very citrusy, very lemony. This is what it smells like, it smells quite nice! But there’s an undertone of the tonic
sport… And it smells nice I like it. Very nice! I smell delicious now *COUGH* I think
I sprayed a bit too much.. So yeah I do quite like Ant’s smell but I think the
only issue I’m having, is it seems rather expensive for what you get in the box.
I’m not sure whether it would be necessarily designed specifically for
you, or customized specifically for you. It just has generic kind of bottles of
scents in, and then you pick the ones you like the best and blend them together.
And I can imagine there’s only so many aftershave combinations you can get from
this. But saying that I that I did enjoy myself, however this is my favourite have aftershave at the minute, the Hugo Boss unlimited. Not sponsored or anything like
that.. I wish! And I can get a bottle of this a hundred mils for £32.95 Or I can
get 30 mils of Ant’s smell for like 55 quid and I think I prefer a Hugo Boss. But
anyway what are my overall thoughts on this product. I think I’ll give this for
men collection by the perfume studio three bottles of Ant’s smell out of five.
And the reason for this is I did actually have a lot of fun designing and
making my own bottled aftershave, cologne perfume whatever. I do enjoy the
personalisation when it comes to making my own scent. The scents themselves smell
really good they’re actually quite nice. The only ones I wasn’t too keen on was
the woody and the mossy one. But even then they weren’t offensive by any means.
I also really enjoyed the presentation the packaging, the design. Everything
like that I thought was really nice and the only reason it loses out on two
bottles of Ant’s smell is just because of the price based on the quantity of how
much you get. If they were charging that amount of money and you got more
aftershave for your money, then I would give it… I would give it five bottles
of Ant’s smell, or if it was maybe like 40 quid? I would give it five Ant’s
smells but.. how much did I spend on this? So I spent fifty four pounds on this, but
I used my reward points that I got when I ordered it.
And got five pound knocked off then when you total up all the tax and everything
else I spent 52 pounds of 95 pence. I don’t
know whether that’s just me being tight or not. I can imagine a lot of other people
out there wouldn’t hesitate spending 50 odd pound on a little small bottle of
aftershave, but for me it’s a significant amount of money. But I do understand it’s
all about the experience and whatnot and.. you know what I’m gonna give it three
and a half bottles of Ant’s smell. I’ve re changed it. I’ve changed it around
because I don’t think it’s as low as three, I just don’t think it’s quite as
high as four based on the points I’ve already mentioned. But it is a tricky one
because it is a personalized present and if you’ve giving this to someone for
Christmas or you are receiving this for Christmas. You would enjoy it, you would
really be happy with it. It’s by no means a bad product at all I have to say
that it’s a really nice product… It’s just a little bit on the pricey side for
me! But anyway that does it for today’s DIY aftershave video! hopefully you did
enjoy it! If you did make sure to give the video a
thumbs up! And let me know your thoughts… on my thoughts, on this product because
again I don’t know whether it’s just me being a little bit tight. But I’ll see
you next week for a brand new video Byeee! Funky Music!

7 thoughts on “Making Your Own Cologne/Perfume/Aftershave | Perfume Studio Review

  1. I don't use aftershave because it burns and I have sensitive skin. My favorite cologne is Dior Homme. They have custom products in the US at . I thought about trying that

  2. That was a great review! I quite like the idea of having a go at making my own cologne but I'd need far more specific ingredients than those pre-blended mixes. Like you, I probably would not go for mossy or woody, which is a third of the kit going to waste. I bet I would end up just trying to recreate Armani Attitude, which was my absolute favourite until they discontinued it 😢♠

  3. This is so cool love this idea for someone but i understand the price and generic smells:)) Thanks for trying it out for us!!!

  4. Not tight at all, I used to work for them, and considering the price, fancy packaging, it's not for everyone. I now have my own for less.

  5. Thanks so much for the review Ant. We loved every minute of it. Bravo! Don't forget to register your scent online, you can then re-order your creation for as little as £29.95. Alternatively, you can order refills of the individual blends (£10 each), great if you want to tweak it for summer/winter – night/day.

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