Making Tiny Art 🎨 for My Dollhouse FT Arteza Art Supplies | SEWING REPORT

Making Tiny Art 🎨 for My Dollhouse FT Arteza Art Supplies | SEWING REPORT

join me as I attempt to make tiny works
of art for my dollhouse welcome to the Sewing Report I’m Jennifer Moore helping
you discover your love of sewing crafts and DIY projects I thought I would take
a little bit of a break from working on the dollhouse to make some accessories
for the dollhouse miniature artworks we’re gonna be working with some
woodless watercolor pencils some stamping supplies and these are really
cool water brush pens so I’ve been working with this company called our
tessa art supplies they make really good but also very affordable supplies so
they actually sent me some stuff to try out complimentary now I did tell them
what kind of project I was working on and I actually picked out these products
so I just want to let you know yes these are more approved sewing report approved
and I also got some stamps and some really cool metallic ink pads from
Joanne’s so we’re gonna we’re gonna do sort of a maybe like a multimedia
project here and our tessa has these super cute midi canvases I think these
are three by three yes these are three by three canvases so they also come with
all these easels you can get a set of these the brush pens are really neat
these things are definitely a step up from those brushes you remember from
when you were a kid you twist these open insert water put the top back on and
then apparently you just push to get water so I’m gonna be trying these out
along with these really cool now I saw these and I thought these were really
neat these are woodless watercolor pencils you color in your design you go
over them with one of these water brush pens and then it looks like you actually
were painting with watercolors even though you it’s kind of a cheat I like
it and then after they’re done I may try to maybe stamp some designs over it I’m
not really sure how you sharpen these but like it’s all pencil like there’s no
would sew this whole thing I guess these are supposed to last longer all right
let me just try to like make some random designs and I guess you can sharpen
these with just any regular pencil sharpener I suppose I don’t even know so
we’re just gonna try this out again this is gonna be serving it’s like an
abstract thing I’m not really that much of an artist but we’re gonna give this a
shot I’m just using some of my favorite
colors a little green here I do a little yellow I mean this is a beach house so
the color is gonna be kind of you know light bright and airy that sort of thing
all right let’s add a little yellow hit the button I guess a few times the water
is supposed to come out oh well yeah that definite that worked really well
okay so just be careful with your flow here all right I might need to I get a
little water here just in case okay yeah that definitely it definitely works for
sure I’m certainly not gonna win any awards for this piece but you know for a
dollhouse you know I think it’ll I think it’ll work probably okay let’s do another one of these let me try
to do a hearts is gonna look a very Pinterest II I hope all right we’re
gonna put this here there we go that’s looking okay that actually looks sort of
cool you know this would be pretty good for kids to like this isn’t as messy as
probably brother regular watercolors I’m thinking we do like a more intense
purple in the middle and by the way I’m clearly not an actual artist um in case
you couldn’t already tell but you’d never know with these paint pens right I
actually really like these notice this really isn’t taking long at all like
this is something that’s literally not very time consuming so I sort of like
that okay got some more water this is really gonna dilute this pink so it’ll
be like a light wash of pink out until the end let’s try to do water and a
sunset I think that would be pretty neat I got these stamps and I got these are
really cool they’re called brilliance dewdrop ink pads and I’m really excited
to try them and I got this whole jar of stamps for like under $10 but it came
with quite a few designs like tons of fun stuff it has a unicorn there’s like
leaves I made did the leave leaves one baby
alright so let me dump these out and then we’re gonna try this and I watched
a craft sea class on stamping so I feel pretty ready for it we’re just gonna
test these out oh here oh yeah actually you know what I want to do the pineapple
one I think there’s a really cool pineapple stamp alright that one worked
boat pretty good too I think I’m pushing a little too hard on
the egg box that’ll be alright alright that one don’t work out as well
again we’re just we’re just having fun here so it’s okay I got some fabric
textile medium so if I wanted to stamp on fabric I could put the medium over it
and it would be then fabric safe then this one’s sort of a wash but that’s
that’s okay so this canvas is dry enough that I’m gonna try to stamp on it and
see how that works out this is a little diamond stamp and we’re gonna try this
one on this campus I’m gonna do a few stamps of it as well alright so let me
try to get this in the ink pad and see how that looks alright that looks actually pretty cool
that actually looks pretty good too okay I’m gonna confess I’m having a really
good time at this point hopefully I will have a finished shot of all of my art
pieces in the DOM house for you to see if you enjoyed this video be sure to hit
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sewing crafts and DIY projects i’m jennifer moore i’m also on twitch and
instagram thank you guys again and i will see you next time for another video

5 thoughts on “Making Tiny Art 🎨 for My Dollhouse FT Arteza Art Supplies | SEWING REPORT

  1. Arteza Art Supplies provided all the items in this video complimentary, so I could try them out and I have to say – I am a fan!
    Arteza 3×3" Mini Stretched Canvas
    Arteza Water Brush Pens (Assorted Tips, Set of 6)
    Arteza Woodless Watercolor Pencils (Set of 24)
    Tsukineko 4-Pack Brilliance Dew Drop Inkpads, Planetarium
    Hampton Art LOL Stamp Jar (bought at JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores)

  2. Arteza should legit pay you because I'm probably gonna go buy some of those watercolor pen things. 🙂

    Also, I like the heart and the orange/leaf one the best! But all of them will look great!

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