Making the PSYCHO BUNDLE with Clay (Fortnite Battle Royale X Borderlands 3) – Polymer Clay

Making the PSYCHO BUNDLE with Clay (Fortnite Battle Royale X Borderlands 3) – Polymer Clay

Hey guys, today we will finish the Psycho bundle from the crossover Fortnite season 10 meets Borderlands 3 mayhem. We will start with two Psycho Buzz axes and then we will create the cute pet Claptrap. Every time when we make a makeover we have to destroy parts of our creation. Also this time but this time it’s not that bad. Well, we remove some parts of this knee protection thing, because there will be this typically, this characteristic Fortnite black protection thing, which is on almost every skin and also our Psycho Bandit will get that one. Well, the funny part about this creation. I did it when there wasn’t any kind of crossover to Fortnite although most of my videos are like Fortnite content. So, somehow I predicted the future for this creation or for this crossover. Borderlands 3 Mayhem is meeting Fortnite. There’s also the Pandora map piece, which many of you requested, which I should create. It’s a great idea although I have something different in mind for a very crazy tutorial for the beginning of next week. So, hopefully there will be even two videos. Now let’s focus on the creation. I used the game as reference as always. Sometimes I’m also just doing some screen recordings, so I’m not running Fortnite all the time, because otherwise my fan of the laptop is running like… all the time and it’s just disturbing. This is a new technique. I have never created a chain like that, which is that detailed and it worked. Well, let’s see how it worked. For now it works fine. We will add the different components. Is it called components of the chain to get the whole ensemble and then after oven hardening hopefully we can glue it onto the trousers of Psycho Bandit. We have these two tiny grenades which are going to the back side of his trousers? This is the button. Push the button for explosion. And we are mixing this unique green. I’m throwing in some grey, now you have just seen the comparison to the original Buzz’s axes. Green, silver and grey and you get this nice color and then we add details like crazy. This is the the most detailed axe I have ever created and I created it two times, so, it’s quite challenging. We have some cables and this quite unique and characteristic blade of the saw which is rotating of course and we will rotate the clay as well to get these nice teeth, teeth for our saw. The saw blades. We need everything twice, of course and then it will be fixed to the ax itself with very very dark silver. I mix that. And now we will work on the two blades of the knife, which is right on top. I have seen some images from Borderland 3 with this weapon or well, it’s quite similar I guess. There are still some differences. We have some thorns, for example. I think although there are these crossovers in Fortnite I feel that Fortnite still tries to put its unique design stuff onto the characters from the crossover, For example on this creation, on this Borderlands 3 character, it’s this leg protection which is quite typical for Fortnite or it’s oh I’m not sure what’s because I haven’t played Borderlands 3, yet. It’s coming out in a few days. So, I wasn’t sure what’s really like Fortnite design and what’s from Borderlands 3. This is the pet we are creating right now. I just fell in love with E Wally. Sorry, it’s not E Wally. It looks very, very different! This is a pet in the end and it has one eye and we will place it right there. The iris which is the lens on this robot is is slightly blue, so I took the Aqua the bright blue for it and also some white on the lens for the reflection. The site is also quite simple to create. Well, it maybe looks quite difficult in the end this pet. It’s because of these arms, because they are that thin and tiny and detailed and well It’s all done like that. After oven hardening it’s really nice to to take all the different parts and to assemble them and to use the superglue. Right now in Fortnite 10, yeah season 10 there are so many things happening at the same time. It feels like the best of version of the last years. We are ready to go into the oven! Freshly-baked parts of the Psycho Bundle. Yeah. As I told you I somehow feel that right now we have the best of season version of all past seasons in Fortnite and there is the floating island, of course. I created the very first version of the floating island and I have a great idea to create a real floating island so well, you better stay tuned. I think it won’t take till Friday because I am really excited about this project I’m creating. So these are all the oven hardened pieces and we will go on with the assembling process. We have the arms. For example, maybe I need to remove some more clay Let’s try if the one wheel fits in. Oh that looks great. So, this is the folding mechanism for the one wheel. We have acrylic pens, a lot of them. We start with white because this is the characteristic painting on this pet then. Then we have some silver for all the edges because it makes it somehow used or broken or damaged or dirty or whatever when you just paint the edges and then we will use later some red, but let’s glue the arms to the pet first. And then there’s also this flap. Yeah, maybe I forgot about the antenna. Sorry about that. This is the red and the front and guys for today, I guess that’s it! The Psycho Bundle! It looks so great! Look at the cute pet. The chain is amazing, but where’s the antenna? Next tutorial will be very soon. Some spoilers ahead. I’m really happy that I now finished the Psycho Bundle with the two Psycho Buzz axes, but also Claptrap, of course and the Psycho Bandit. I hope you enjoyed this video as always, please let me know what you think what I should create next. Leave it down in the comments. Have a great weekend. Take care, bye! Now I’m in control! I’m controlling my cute pet Psycho Bandit! Sorry. Well, it was a great tutorial, I think it was really great. I think it deserves thumbs up. Well, the antenna is missing but nobody likes antennas anyway.

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  3. A line from claptrap in borderlands 2 "As much as you would love to jam your fist into my skull, it's best left to the professionals." (Or something along those lines)

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