Making the MONA LISA with Polymer Clay

Hi there. Welcome to today’s video where I’ll
be showing you how I made little Mona here. I don’t know how well you can see her, it’s
quite bright here as I’m right opposite a window but I think you can see her fairly
well. I’ve made quite a few polymer paintings over
recent years. Just as a couple of examples here, there’s Whistler’s Mother that you might
well recognise from the original piece. Also, probably my favourite of the collection
so far, here’s Frida. That’s her self portrait. I really enjoyed making this piece, probably
because, you know, it’s so intricate and flowery, so, yep, that was a lot of fun. I hope to make quite a few more polymer paintings
actually. I really enjoy the project and whenever I’ve got any free time, I’m always trying
to figure out which one to do next so if you’ve any suggestions leave them down below. I might
well take you up on that and make that piece, so, yep, let me take you through my process. (Background music for duration of process) And there she is all done! Thanks for watching,
I’ll see you again soon! Bye bye.

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