Making Slime At The Beach With Special Ingredients

Making Slime At The Beach With Special Ingredients

(waves crash) – Hey! We’re the Razzy Kidz, and today, we’re gonna be making beach… – [Adult Male] Louder. – Beach slime! And we’re gonna add some
special ingredients. But our normal ingredients will be glue– (Daniel screams) – [Adult Male] put it in. – Put it in, Daniel. Come on, get off. Careful, don’t tip out too much. (glue squirts) (ocean drowns out speakers) – [Adult Male] Alright. So, the glue is in. Looks like… That’s a lot of glue. You’re gonna make a lot
of slime, right guys? – I’m gonna have to go
wash this off right now. – [Adult Male] Yeah, you
just jump in the ocean. – [Anais] Yeah, yeah. – [Adult Male] Baking soda. – Baking soda? Oh. – That’s the pink, right? – [Andrew] Why? – Andrew, help me put it in the… Pass it over, I wanna put it in the pink. – [Andrew] Why? – [Anais] There we go.
– Because that’s its home. – [Adult Male] Start mixing it in. – Don’t kill it. When it’s out of water, it can’t breathe. – [Andrew] I’m mixing
the baby, it’s slime. – [Adult Male] Mixing the slime. Oh, don’t drop it. – [Daniel] I’ll hold it. – [Andrew] Okay. – [Daniel] It’s turning
green, how is it doing that? Is it the sun? – [Andrew] I don’t know. – [Adult Male] Yeah,
it’s just kinda the sun. – [Andrew] Yeah. – [Adult Male] Mix it. Okay what now? – Now, we’re gonna put in activator. With our special ingredients, I think it’s really gonna get color. – [Adult Male] Daniel, mix it. Do you want to mix it in? – Yeah. It’s not sticking, it’s sandy, it’s sandy. Is it stretchy? Yeah it’s stretchy, whoa. – [Adult Male] Don’t drop it, Daniel. – If you drop it, it’ll all be dead. (laughs) That’s very good. – [Adult Male] Alright, is that ready for the special ingredient? – Yes. Yeah, put it back in. – [Adult Male] Andrew– – Now that our slime is done, we’re gonna put some
special beach ingredients, what is seashells and sand. Let’s get started. First I’m gonna start
getting my seashells, there’s a bunch of tiny ones right here so I’m gonna grab them. – [Adult Male] Just grab a handful. – And there’s also sand. These are so pretty. So far, so well. Look at those. I wonder how our slime will turn out with these stuff. I don’t… it might be a little crunchy. Oh this… Look at that, it’s pretty. Almost done. (seagull screeches) Hey, I hear the seagulls. I’m kinda scared of seagulls because they can poop on you, and I don’t want to get covered in poop. I think we’re good. – [Adult Male] Alright. – Back to our slime. – [Adult Male] And, three. – So, here’s our special ingredients, it is sand and seashells. I wonder how it’s gonna turn out. – I’ve got big seaweed
there, there, and there. – [Adult Male] You wanna
put a handful in there? – [Anais] That’s a handful, although I wanna get more in there. – [Daniel] Now it doesn’t
matter if our hands are sandy. – [Adult Male] Oh, yeah. Alright, mix it in. Mix it in.
– [Daniel] Yay! – [Anais] I’m gonna put a
little more of the shells. – [Adult Male] Mix it in. – It’s a beach slime. – Looks kinda weird. – [Adult Male] Yeah, I can see that. – It’s, like, hard. In some places it’s, like, hard, and, like, some places
it’s, like, really soft. Here, let me get into– – [Adult Male] Let’s see, honey. Did you put a lot of sand in there? Does it need more sand, maybe? – [Anais] Yeah. – [Adult Male] Alright,
let’s put some more sand. (laughter) – So, my brothers each added one in, that’s Aiden’s, and this one’s Andrew’s. Look at that, how pretty it is. Let’s blend it. I’m gonna push it in, and I’m gonna push it in, and I’m gonna– (Anais screams). I feel it. I feel it in the center. It’s a very, um, sandy, but also very, like, awesome, but, like, at home I could have, like, a take-home beach. I don’t even need to
bring sand in my shoe, because I have a take-home
beach right here. Right here. I wish I could fill in
the center with water, another take-home beach, that would be cool. Found a pretty one. (yelps) My seashell! – [Adult Male] It fell out? – Yeah. (mumbles) First time swimming. I’m taking it swimming. It’s pulling now. – [Adult Male] Look out for the water. – Whoa! (laughs) (yelps) This water… Oh, here’s a pretty one. Something just hit my toe, I don’t know what it was. I think it was probably a shell. I wonder what happens
if you put it in water. – [Daniel] Oh, a seashell! – Don’t fall. – [Adult Male] If it gets
wet, what happens to it? – It doesn’t… it’s not slimy any more, it’s glue. – [Adult Male] Oh no. – Thank you for coming to the
beach with us and my slime, and if you wanna know how we made this, the ingredients are down below. This pretty one fell. And make sure you like, subscribe, and leave a comment down below. And then don’t forget
to hit that like button, and press notifications. Bye! Bye, bye bye, bye bye, bye. So pretty. Boom. (waves crashing)

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