Making Sandstone from Sand with Hydraulic Press

Making Sandstone from Sand with Hydraulic Press

Welcome to the Hydraulic Press Channel. Today we are going to try to turn sand back into the rock. And we are going to use of course the Hydraulic Press. And then our new tool, RockMaker Five-Million And the idea is to place some sand here in the cup and then crush it with this tool which is quite small in diameter so we are going to reach huge pressure which is this amount in numbers I will do some calculations. And after the sand, we are also going to try with the salt, and ash. So, I think it’s going to be quite interesting to see how the new tool works. And let’s start with the sand. So, I put some sand now here.Yep, and then we are just going to line it here, on the center of the tool.Yep, and I have like, uh 0.3 millimeters of slack there, so it won’t get stuck so easily if I made it like really tight fit And now I’m going to use the press to use full force and then we are going to go behind the blast screen, and crush the sand.Yep, now everything is ready And here we go! Oh, ya! Sand smoke. Yeah, that’s ready. Let’s raise the tool up.Yep, it doesn’t look good… We need hammer.Uh, oh.Uh, yeah, I think I’m going to open the bolts. And… Yeah… Let’s take it down from here. Yeah, so we, uh, used full force And we have some problems, this won’t come out. So I’m going to open these bolts So we can take this apart And then this should be Remove it with this But, it’s also stuck. So… I think the tool is little bit too small, for the force. So, it kind of gets destroyed. But, I’m quite sure that we can get it open. Yep, now it’s starting to open I think I’ll go away from my milling machine I don’t want to get sand here. Yep, so we have only the last bolt here. And then these two parts are released and we can see the sand rock that we made from, like under the under the Press It’s really exciting.Ta-Da! It’s actually is rock.Check.I’ve got the… bolts out here. I take this away. And then we can press it from this direction. So the rock and tool come out together. If the rock doesn’t break. Might be a little bit hard. Yep, and I’m going to split the table open from the press Then this fits here Like this. And now we can press from here and then everything goes down. I’m bit worried that the stone will break. This tool didn’t meant to be stuck here. so we could just press it like this way, really short. Short distance, but now we have to push the tool away. And the rock also, I think this isn’t too hard for this. That. But,but it sure is rock now. Yep, so this is about, uh, 2 millimeters smaller than the hole in the RockMaker Five-Million And I place this right here, and then we are going to just press it through and everything is free. And this is probably closest to like real Press job on this channel, ever. Getting parts that are stuck free. And if you want to see more of stuff like that I have some On our second channel, where is like, uh, real work with the Press videos.Yep, it’s coming out.Yeah, that went down I think we are going to get the rock out. I put these together, and then we make some changes. ‘Cause I don’t want to drop the rock so high. I put this here.Yep, so now we have quite good view and you should be able to see when this pushes the rock out. I just line thisHeh! Done!Yes!There is some loose sand on the rock but I think I’m going to little bit blow it with the air can let’s clean this and have a look at our self-made rock. Yeah, so here it is. It feels quite hard. But there’s always, like, stuff falling out from it.So I’m not I’m not completely sure how hard it is. Let’s try, hit it, slightly.It’s like It’s surprisingly hard. Anni, do you think? What we should do with this? Shall we crush it? Yeah, we are going to crush it. I take this away so I don’t break this.It was quite easy to crush. And, really interestingI just, uh, slightly crushed it and now it’s completely back to the sand So… In this video, we turned Sand to rock. And then back to the sand. And we used about two hours of our lives doing this. And I think we managed to do something, because this is now much finer sand. Than on the beginning. So, it isn’t completely pointless. But, quite pointless. And I’m going to make some upgrades for the next video with the RockMaker Five-Million. I will cut this like, into four slices. And then I’m going to add super ring around this. So, then we can, like, raise the super ring open the bolts And… slice this to like, four different direction. So then our tool doesn’t get stuck, and we don’t have to like, do all this work. My bolts were too long, they didn’t come out with the tool, so I had to cut them and there was like really a lot of work getting the tool free. Yeah, but I think it worked, we made the rock. So… That is all for today. Thank you for watching. And, have a nice day.And, for today’s extra content, we have this Hipster Snail with Mustache.And it can attack you by telling about expensive beers and fixie bikes. So, we have to deal with it. Before that…At least the mustache survived. So Anni can add those to other animals in future videos.

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  1. I knew that you would break the mold. Fucked bloggers! Better to watch Russian blogs, and learn, fucking Russian!

  2. I think you need something like 3.000.000 bars to melt that sand. That’s like 30.000.000t/sq meter you did 70.000t/sqm

  3. This is such a fantastic channel. Im so glad you decided to male this, Hydraulic Press man & lady. Greetings from the U.S.

  4. Hey guys, theres a lot of video on YouTube with molten lava. I wonder if you guys where up for trying to pres molten lava and see if it turns into solid rock

  5. Me : life is so strange
    Hydraulic press channel : if it's not working, put it in a hydraulic press

  6. I wonder if you pressed oil or wax into the sand if one could get a useful product? People make bullshit comments until your pressing sparks an idea in someone's head and all of a sudden you have a multi million dollar business … especially in third world countries where heating and water purification are such an issue. Compressed sand can make a wonderful filter if combined with some resins 🙂

  7. I can’t stop watching these. I had so much I needed to do today. Literally got none of it done. And I’m perfectly content with that.

  8. Heat is the missing element. If you were to preheat the sand to a varying degree, you might find a change in how the sand it bonded to itself. Many of this type test , the lack of a binder that isn't there when in it's natural state. In this case it is heat, or at least a major portion.
    And the breakdown aspect of the chamber, might be better served vertically rather than horizontally. This however might reduce strength, which is something you know about.

  9. why would you buy such a expensive item to do this? you dont even neeed anythign other then 4 sand to craft sandstone

  10. Maybe if you cut the ring in half in a way that it interlocks on opposing bolts from top and bottom it would be easier to get apart but stronger than cutting it into 4 pieces.

  11. How to make sandstone using sand:
    1.go to the beach or anywhere with sand

    2.dig out a 2×2 area

    3. If u looked at your inventory you should have 4 blocks of sand..

    4. Go to the crafting table or in the 2×2 crafting grid in your inventory..

    5. make a 2×2 box using the sand u got…

    6.. enjoy 😀

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