Making of complex origamis

Making of complex origamis

Hello there everbody, and welcome to my channel.
I am Tadashi Mori and in this video here I’ll show all the steps I took to make this origami
Angel. From start to finish it took me about two
days to complete the origami. Now I’ll show you why it took so long, so,
let’s start. The first step to make a good origami is choosing
the paper. I am using here a washi paper, and it is a
really strong paper but it’s too soft so it doesn’t hold the shape really well, so I’ll
apply some acrylic paint. I’ll paint only up to this point because obviously
we already have a square and we just need this part here. After one day all the paint will get dry, but you cannot pull it because the paper is
glued on the glass. So, I’ll spray some water wait a few seconds for the paper to absorve the water and then carefully remove the paper. But still, the paper should get dry in a flat
surface, so, clean the table and stretch the paper over the table again. If the paper is not sticking to the glass, apply more water. Wait the paper to get dry again, but this time I’ll use the hair dryer to make the process
faster. Now see if you can remove the paper, and if it’s still sticking too strongly, repeat the last step until you can remove it. In this case, I already could peel the dry paper You’ll see that one side of the paper is really shiny because of the acrylic paint. For my origami, this will be the back side, so you won’t be able to see it too much.
Now I just have to cut the paper And make a big square. and to do that, I’ll use here
a big set square and carefully cut the paper. Now we are ready to start folding. Make some coffee… if you like coffee. Now I’ll make the origami following the crease
pattern. If you don’t know what’s a crease pattern:
In this square you can see all the folds that should be in the origami, and this is one
origami I designed last year. First I’ll make all the pre-creases, this will
help me make the folds more precisely, thus making the origami looks better in the end. After half an hour I could make all the folds, and the paper should look like this. At this point, the paper and the crease pattern looks the same, so, let’s continue. Now I have to make the folds in the correct order and direction And finally, I finished making all the folds from the crease pattern. We spent one hour folding the paper and you can see the base: The skirt, the arms, the head and the wings. Now let’s work on the details. And after three hours, the origami is done, but we still have one problem.
The origami looks ok right now As you can see you can just leave it here
on the table and it will stay put. But it is made of paper so, over time, it
will get humidity and it may fall. That’s why we need a good base, just to hold
it in this position. So, I cut a small piece of wood, then I cut
a small piece of wire and placed in a way that you couldn’t see it inside the origami.
Shaped the tip so it doesn’t rip the paper. Now I’ll straighten the wire, correct the
size. Drill a small hole in the wood.
Now fix the wire in the hole. See if the size is ok, and if everything is
ok, remove the wire once again, and to make it even harder to see the wire, I’ll paint
it in white with the acrylic paint. It will also help avoiding oxidation. And finally, the model is done. And that’s it, the origami is done.
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55 thoughts on “Making of complex origamis

  1. I never seen anyone used strictly acrylic paint to stiffen paper. How does it perform compared to CMC, especially considering you live in tropical region with lots of humidity?

  2. This is a great video! Believe it or not, this video actually helped me more on crease patterns than the crease pattern tutorial or the Creating Origamis tutorials. XD I don't know why.

  3. Great video, I didn´t know anything about how to prepare the paper, I usually use normal print paper 😛 For other models with other colours, do you apply the same steps but with red, black, blue… instead of the white paint? Or do you buy the paper already painted? I always thought it was the second option, but now I´m not sure.

    Thanks for your videos, I love origami because of them 😀

  4. Tadashi Mori I have been looking into cmc to strengthen my paper but I have not been able to find a good product.i have watched several videos but everyone uses something different so I am not sure what to buy,but in this video you used acrylic paint .would you say that it works better than cmc and mc glues. Please reply. Thanks:)

  5. A beautiful origami and a very pleasant video, thanks ! It's interesting to see how a professional makes his origamis and it shows all the things I could do to increase the quality of my origamis.
    I was just wondering : do you expose your origamis in a gallery or something ? Do you want to make a video to show all you best creations (because they're so cool !) ?
    Keep up, Tadashi !

  6. +Vinícius Honda, +Thomas Stephan , +Cyrus Olega, +Tomi Makirinne , I can't reply your messages. You need to change your google+ settings so everyone can post on your comments otherwise no one can reply to your questions.

  7. Tadashi, se eu usar papel de seda e pintar com tinta acrílica, isso danificaria a qualidade do papel? Não tenho "fundos" suficientes pra comprar Washi, Tant e etc.

  8. Something I wished you got to discuss on crease patterns, how do you know which if a crease is supposed to be valley or mountain folded?

  9. nuss kra seus videos sao mt bons mas ta faltando os origamis realmente complexos,pra quem ja manja,o unico q tem e o do western dragon espero resposta…

  10. de todos os origamis complexos q ja fiz tive q fazer meu proprio papel com papel aluminio e um papel seda de cada lado…ja fiz ate um ryujin 2.1 assim mas usei papel madeira tb

  11. Hi Tadashi, one question regarding the wire: How do you fix the wire to models which are not able to stand on the ground, like your Leviathan? Do you glue the model on the shaped wire?
    By the way thanks a lot for your amazing videos! 🙂

  12. Hi Tadashi!! Seu amigo do RS está de volta, voltei a acompanhar seus vídeos, e você sempre surpreendendo, adorei o novo anjo!! Parabéns!! Um grande abraço!!

  13. please also design an origami on dinosaurs like spinosaurus triceratops and giganotosaurus or brachiosaurus

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