Making GRANNY’S Garage and Sauna Miniature House in POLYMER CLAY!

(upbeat electronic music) – Hello, everyone. I am Lorechirik, and today, we gonna create Granny’s
garage and her sauna in polymer clay, and
everything as a miniature. Let’s get started, guys. We gonna make the floor. For the floor, I’m using
some of my brown clay, and some of my black clay, Everything’s go into the
conditioning machine. A little bit of white. Yes, why not? You see, guys, that I made a little sketch on the paper just to make
everything’s in proportions, and not to make one thing too big, and the other thing too small. Everything have to be the same size, so let’s get started with the floor. I’m cutting the excess of the clay from this sheet, and yes, Granny car fits perfectly in the middle. Now, guys, we gonna make the walls. Walls of Granny’s garage
will be in white color, so first of all, we gonna condition it to have a sheet of this clay. On this sheet, we gonna make the lines. Then we gonna cut the lines, and out of it, we got the two, the longest walls in the Granny garage. I’m placing them on the baking tray. Now they will be lying on the side, and I will be adding details on them. Then, after everything will be done, I will just bake them, but for now, guys, I used my old clay from
the previous projects, old gray clay from the previous projects, so I have to open another
pack of FIMO Soft. Let’s just cut it into the pieces, and everything go into
conditioning machine because we need a sheet. Guys, this video is brought
to you by Squarespace, so huge thanks to them. Squarespace is all you want platform that helps you build beautiful website and online store for your online presence, but more about the Squarespace will be at the very end of this video. Now, let’s continue with Granny’s garage. I just prepared some clay in the color of, it’s hard to determine this color. I don’t know, let me know in the comments, what color is that? Something between the brown and red. Does it have a name? Let me know in the comments. We gonna cut the shape out of it. This will be the gate of the garage. Of course, in the Granny game, this gate is always
closed, except on the end where you can escape
from the Granny’s house, but let just not spoil anything for those who didn’t end up the game. In our creation, the door
will be always closed. No escaping from the Granny house. Now, just place a little handle on it. Guys, a little bit more
about this project. First of all, I wanted to
create the whole Granny’s house in one video, but when
I just go into the game, and I was just exploring
the Granny’s house, I realized that this house is
too big just for one video, so I came up to conclusion that we gonna make it in parts. This is the part number one. We gonna make, in this
video, Granny garage and the sauna, and maybe,
if you gonna like it, if there will be a lot
of likes onto this video, we gonna continue, and we gonna make, slowly, the whole house. Possibly, in the next video,
we gonna make the basement, because the basement is also huge, and into another video, the first floor, and on another video, the second floor, and on the last, the ceiling,
or something like that. I am gonna make it if there
will be a lot of likes, so make sure to leave a
like, write a comment, and subscribe, of course,
if you haven’t already. If you already subscribe,
very good job, thank you. Okay, let just go back to our creation. We gonna make the stairs. As you see, I prepared gray block of clay, and we gonna cut it to the shape, and sketch on it how it will go up. Now, we gonna cut it out. This part is really satisfying to my eyes. Let me know in the comments if you also like something like this. Let’s just move on. Guys, I think we gonna back
to reading the comments during the video because I didn’t do it in few videos, so I pick a comment from, oh my god, this is in Russian. Sorry, but I couldn’t read your name, but he or she wrote, “Hi, I am old fan, “and I watch every single video of yours.” Thank you very much. “I wanted to ask you how you
keep the clay clean,” I guess. This is very simple. All I need to do is to wash my table after each creation, and after
every change of the color. For example, if I use black clay color, I have my hands dirty,
so I need to wash them, and then I could use another color, and not dirt this color. Also, after every finished creation, I wrap my remaining clay
into the transparent foil so it will just not get dirty by dust or anything while I’m not sculping. Now, guys, let’s just
back to the creation. What do you think about this? I’m making the tiny elements for the shelf, I guess. Yes, this is for the shelf. Granny have a huge shelf on the left of her garage. If you don’t believe me, go to the game, and check it out for
yourself, but not now. Now watching video, please. We gonna place it directly onto the wall. I found that this is the
simplest way to do that. I really think about this for an hour, how to make the shelf, and
just not make it wrong, so I came up to this idea, that I’m gonna make it on the wall, and I’m gonna extra
protect it by liquid glue. Now we gonna glue the elements on the front of it, and after it’s done, there is time for a book. Granny have a book in her garage. It is possible a Bible or
something, I have no idea, but it’s laying on the shelf. We gonna add it to the shelf at the end of this video, because now, we gonna make the table, the table, and on this table is some kind of stand for the gun, and some of
the bullets, three bullets. We gonna glue the legs of
this table to the table. Now, guys, we gonna make the sauna. First of all, I need
some color for the sauna, so I mix some of the
white, some of the yellow, and some of the brown, and
we go the color like this. Now, I change my conditioning
machine to level one. This is the thickest level possible, and we go now, place my clay
into the conditioning machine, and we got a sheet of clay, and out of it, like in the previous steps when I make the walls, we gonna cut the shapes. I didn’t use the ruler this time. I just simply place it onto the wall and just measure it by myself. Of course, opposite
wall of the Granny sauna will be the same size, so
I place a piece of clay onto the larger piece of clay, and we gonna cut the shapes out of it. Now, I cut the thinner
part of the Granny sauna. This part is for the
wall behind the garage. Now, guys, we got 2019, I guess. Yes, it’s 2019. What will be on the channel on 2019? The same things that was on
the channel on 2018 and 2017, polymer clay tutorials of creating your favorite characters, and of course, the new thing that you
see right now, miniatures. Yeah, I really enjoy making them. I notice that you also really like them, so we’re gonna continue with them. Some of you ask for the Granny house, so we’re making the Granny house. Of course, if you have
any other suggestions let me know in the comments. I just wrote some of your
suggests into my notepad, and through this year, I’m
gonna try to make all of it. Guys, there will be new upload schedule. In the past, I upload a video whenever I made the video, for example, Friday, Tuesdays, sometimes Sunday, and once every two weeks,
sometimes every week, but in 2019, you gonna
see the videos every week. Every week, in the
Wednesdays, around 3:00 pm Central Europe Time, and
it’s, if you live in the US, it’s 9:00 am Eastern Standard Time. If you live anywhere
else, just go to Google, and go to time converter
or something like this, and check out what time is in your country at 3:00 pm Central Europe Time, CET. Now, guys, let’s just
back to the creation. As you see, we making the shelf. This is looking like a tool shelf. We gonna place it in the
corner of Granny’s garage. Guys, we got everything, so we going to the oven
with these elements. After the baking, the elements are baked, so we gonna cut it out
from the baking tray using the blade tool. Let’s just cut it out, this table, and let’s just cut it out, this wall. Let’s just cut it out everything. Guys, we got 873,000 subscribers. Only 140,000 to the one million, guys. Thanks to all of you who
subscribed to the channel, and who are the part of the channel, and if you already not subscribe,
make sure to subscribe, and we will go to one million this year. For now, let’s just paint those stairs. Yeah, I’m painting it with black color. I mixed black, red, yellow, and white to get some kind of dirty color. We gonna dirty the walls of Granny’s garage because it’s dirty. She haven’t cleaned this garage in years. Let’s just dirt everything. Let’s just dirt the shelf. Okay, guys, while I’m dirtying, there is time for another comment. “You’re my favorite sculptuber.” Oh my god, this is a new word. Never seen something
like that, but thank you. “I subscribe for 17 years.” Only 17 years? Come on, only? You should be subscribed for 50 years. Another comment from Aman,
“Why you make videos?” Well, because I love making videos, and I really enjoy it. Yes, probably, yes. Guys, if you have any
other questions than this, let me know in the comments. We gonna read some more of your comments in the next video. Now, let’s just glue this wall of the sauna to the back of Granny garage. Guys, I wonder how many of
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of a website or domain. Now, guys, let’s see the final
shape of Granny’s garage. That’s it guys. Let’s just place the Granny’s
care into the garage, and the final step is just
to glue this tiny book, and place it on the shelf. I am struggling with this a little bit because this is just tiny. Yeah, and that’s the sauna. Woo! Guys, leave a like, and
let me know in the comments if you want to see the
basement of Granny’s house. We gonna make it in the next Wednesday. Of course, let me know in the comments what you think about this creation. Do you like it? Thank you for watching this video. In the next videos, probably, we gonna continue with the Granny’s house and meanwhile, make sure
to watch this video. This is Granny car. Very good video for you, and make sure to subscribe.

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