Making GRANNY’S Attic Miniature House in POLYMER CLAY!

Making GRANNY’S Attic Miniature House in POLYMER CLAY!

(synthesizer music) – Hello, everyone, I am
LoreChirik, and today we’re gonna make the attic
from the granny house, so let’s get started with the sketch. (pen drawing on paper) So first of all, we’re
gonna need some clay, so let’s just take some
of this, some of this, some of this, and I have a new tool, but I’m gonna show it to you later. Let’s cut some of this clay. (knife hitting table) And now we’re gonna mix
it by just blowing at it. (blows raspberries) Very good color. Now we’re gonna cut the
sketch out of this paper. Now, guys, we’re gonna
grab all the remainings. We’re gonna make a
little square out of it, and then we’re gonna give it to the cat, because he loves that. And give me that baking tray, it’s mine. And by the way, this video is
brought to you by Squarespace, great service for building
your own personal website. More about it will be at
the end of this video. And now, tell me where is the paper ball. Meow. (epic music) Okay, next step, place
the sketch on the clay, and we’re gonna cut the shapes out of it. Now we’re gonna create
the texture of the floor. When it’s done we’re gonna
uplift it with the blade. But now we’re gonna put
it on the baking tray, but very gently. (clay slams) Now we’re gonna make the
walls, so let’s open this clay. We’re gonna open it
with scissors this time. (wrapper crinkling) Now we’re gonna cut this
clay into little pieces using only this finger. And we’re gonna just flat it a little bit. (banging) Okay, when it’s done we’re gonna place this little sketch on it, and
we’re gonna cut the walls. (scraping) We’re gonna put the side walls like this so they will not get lost
like in the previous creation. Time for the stairs, so we’re
just gonna fold this clay, cut it to the size, and place it on the baking tray. Okay, guys, now we’re
gonna create this crate. How to flatten this clay? This is simple, yell at it. (LoreChirik yells) Yeah, so it’s flat, so
now we’re gonna just cut the shapes out of it. I wonder who or maybe what
Granny keeps in this prison. Let me know in the comments if
you have any ideas about it. All right, crates are ready,
so we’re gonna place them on the baking tray. Okay, guys, now we’re gonna
make something more interesting. Training dummy. And I’m not sure where
this blood come from, but I guess we’ll never know. Let’s make it. Okay, guys, time to use, for
the first time in my life, clay, (tool hits the floor) (sad piano music)
(LoreChirik sobs) Okay, okay, I think it’s fine. Clay extruder. Look how many shapes we can do. We need this shape, so
we’re gonna pick this one. Let’s just place it here,
and we’re gonna place this over this, and we’re gonna just, okay, I got this, I got this. Now let’s put some clay inside. Yes, you go in here. And now we’re gonna put this into this. And we’re gonna turn it. (exciting music) (high-pitched squeal) It’s coming! It’s a little bit more than we need, so we’re just gonna cut it, and we’re gonna place
it on the baking tray. Pretty nice tool, I’m looking
forward to using it more. It’s like nunchaku. If you want to buy it,
link is in the description. And let’s place the head of the dummy, and we’re gonna assemble it later. Guys, I almost forgot about something. About the hole, let’s make the hole now. So, we’re gonna place the sketch, we’re gonna just mark
in the middle, oh great, now we’re gonna remove that. And we’re gonna make the lines again, and then we’re gonna cut it. Yeah, it’s looking pretty nice. Now, guys, we’re gonna make this. This is the wheelchair,
so let’s get started. Okay, let’s remove the parts and place it on the baking tray. Now we’re gonna make this
tiny camera in the prison, and after that, this little shelf. Now let’s place a tiny red
light on the tiny lenses. (blades scraping) Okay, the tiny shelf and the tiny vase for the flowers is completed,
but I have no idea why. Why, why, why? Ah, come on, come on, come on, come on. Excuse me for a second,
but I would just like to announce something. I just hit one million subscribers. Wee! I will show you. 1,001,617. Wee! What’s that? What is that? Who unsubscribed here? Who? Please subscribe back. Okay, guys, we’re gonna
ask my dogs and my cats what they think about million subscribers. I just hit one million subscribers. Are you happy about this? (dogs bay) Oh, he’s … (high-pitched noises) (dogs bark) (mournful music) Okay, let’s get back to finishing the, what? I’m a zombie now? I like zombies. So, let’s create this tiny
crate in the secret passage. This leads us to the bathroom. To the ventilation of the
bathroom, to be precise. And, guys, speaking about the
one million special video, let me know in the comments,
do you like challenges? Because I have an idea
for the special video, so let me know in the comments,
do you like challenges? And now, guys, let’s finish this creation. Now we’re gonna make this, the drawer that you can hide from the granny. Come on, come on, come on. Oh, yes, now you see. I want to make it half opened, so let’s make the side walls. And let’s make the lid for it. Now, we’re gonna connect
the lid to the chest. And you’re going on the baking tray. But maybe we’re gonna make some details. Yeah, why not? Okay, this is back, so we
don’t need details on the back. No one will see this, right? Okay, your place is here. I see you! Okay, guys, let’s make this door, or rather, the elements for this door, because in my creation,
this door will be open, and the desks will be lying on the ground. Which colors will I pick? Let’s take maybe this one? No. This one? Yeah. ASMR unpacking the clay. (tapping on clay) (clay banging) ASMR cutting the clay. (clay landing) ASMR putting the clay
into conditioning machine. (machine squeaking) ASMR cutting the clay into little pieces. (knife stabbing the table) ASMR putting the clay on the baking tray. (tool clangs) And who came here? Now we’re gonna make the
drawer that is in this room that is originally locked. This drawer. And, guys, I just read
some of your comments, and you are right, I forgot
in the previous creation to make the secret room
that is behind the bookshelf in one of the room. We will make it next time, and this time we’re gonna make the tiny
granny that I promised you in the previous video, but first, let’s just finish all the other elements. Okay, this thing for the baby’s crate, let’s just place all of the
elements on the baking tray. Now we’re gonna make
three pairs of the doors. They will but looking just the same. Details are nice, and
details from the other side of the doors are also nice. One of the doors don’t have handles, so we’re gonna just place it here. But those doors have handles,
and I just figure out that we don’t need to make
two, we’re gonna make just one, and look at this. And then we’re gonna just
place them here, yeah. And we’re gonna add a
tiny handle over here, and on the other side as well. What is that? What is that? I don’t need this. Ugh, it’s mine or my dog, or my cat. That’s my cat. It’s black and white. Why have you put your hair on my clay? Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow,
meow, meow, meow, meow, meow. One more little thing, this button. Let’s press it. Don’t broke my thousand
subscribers play button. Okay, guys, everything is done, I guess. Is everything done? I think. Let’s create the granny. So, we will take the giant
granny for the reference. Granny, can I take you? Yes. What is that? It’s your house. Please don’t move. Okay. Okay, so we’re gonna do
her dress with this clay. The size of the granny will be
around the size of this door. So, we’re gonna cut this here. I just found the perfect clay for this, it’s dirty like her face. LoreChirik, that was rude. Let’s connect the body with the head. Let’s place the arms onto the body. She’s dabbing. (electronic dance music) let’s make the face. (zombie groan) let’s add a eye, and the second one. And some of the yellow teeth. Now we’re gonna add her
baseball bat to the arms. Okay, let’s place the tiny
granny on the baking tray. Okay, we got this, we got this. All right, everything is created. We’re going to the oven with this. Oven, are you ready for this? Yes, I’m ready. Nice. Me want eating. Wait, wait. Yum, yum. This is delicious. Let’s set it for 25 minutes. Tickle, tickle, and now
we’re gonna clean this mess. Oh no, we forgot these
doors to the baking. (intense music) Ah. Ahh! Mission complete. Still 10 minutes of baking remaining, so let’s maybe prepare some paints. Please shake before use. (shakes paint) And please pour only a few drops
of it on the painting tray. Baking is completed. Okay, so we’re gonna just
remove it from the baking tray. Guys, look at the granny, she’s a zombie. Guys, I forgot to stick
them to the baking tray, so they might be a little bit bent. But this is no problem for
us, we will just remember it, and next time make better. Now painting time. Mixing the paint is very
important in my life. Now we’re gonna remove some
of the paint from the brush. And we’re gonna paint the base. Very dirt, very good. Let’s dirt the walls now. Corners should be very dirty. This we’re dirting from both sides. Time to dirt the stairs. We got a lot of blood on them. And so we add a lot of
blood on the training dummy. Now we’re gonna dirt the tiny elements, like the wheelchair. Now we’re gonna dirt the
elements for the prison, or rather the cell. And now the granny, just a little bit. She is too clean. Assembling part. Here’s, Mr. Chirik
forgot to make our doors, so we’re gonna cut it, and meanwhile, I will
answer your comments. Someone in the previous
video asked me a comment, is it hard to cut the clay? And I will show you how hard it is. (high-pitched noise) yes, it is pretty hard. (grunting) Okay, almost done. Well, it’s depend of the
thickness of the clay. Ta-da. Now we’re gonna cut just
a little bit over here, and it should be much easier. Time to glue it. Here we’re gonna cut another doors, because I forgot also about this one. We’re gonna stick the
ventilation to this wall. Okay, now we’re gonna add this wall in between those two rooms. Let’s create the baby’s bed. It’s so tiny. No, not like that. No, no, no, no. Okay, let’s try one more
time with the pincet. Ah! Okay. Okay, somehow, I made it. Let’s flip it. No, no, no, it’s still moving. No, no. No, no, oh, like that. Ta-da! All right, let’s place it in the corner. And this table going right here. Okay, that’s how looking the wheelchair, we’re gonna place it over, over here, and we’re gonna hold just a few seconds. Houston, we’ve got problem. My pincet stick to the wheelchair. Operation rescue the pincet. Ta-da! Time to build a prison. Who is hyped about this? Let me know in the comments. So, as you see, I’m just
dipping it in the glue, and then I’m just sticking it, very easy. Very easy. But these will be not
very easy, we have to glue every single one of
them, and then we have to put the metal bar on the top. Where is my pincet? Here, okay. I’m taking the pincet, oh, yes. And now I’m gonna just place it. Hopefully this will all work out. Oh, we made this. And we’re gonna do the same
with the door of the prison. Let’s stick it. Perfect, I love it, let’s just cut it out. I mean just uplift it from the mat. Now we’re gonna just stick
it somewhere here, or maybe, maybe here? Yeah. And the doors for the
cell, let’s just place them over, over, over here, and glue them from this side for extra protection and security. Now, guys, we’re gonna
just stick the camera. So let’s stick this tiny
camera to the crates. Yes? Amazing. Meow, meow. Okay, now we’re gonna stick the chest. We can hide over there. Little cats want to hugging,
but I’m busy with the creation. Come on, we have to finish the video. This is good for you, take this. Okay, the cat is gone, so
we’re gonna stick the button for the spider room. Chestus, what is wrong with you? Why you not sitting on your place? Please sit here and don’t move, okay? Ah! Okay. Okay, let’s assemble the crate. And now, the training dummy,
so let’s just stick the stick onto this thing, and the
training dummy onto this, but we’re gonna glue it first, and then we’re gonna stick it. And when it’s ready, there,
it’s time to stick it in the middle of this room. Let’s just stick it over,
what about over here? What is that element? I have no idea. Probably something for the
car, or something for the door. But we’re gonna just stick it over here. Great-looking shelf. Let’s stick this wall over here. Extra protection on the side. And we’re gonna stick this wall over here. Oh, nice, it’s matching perfectly. And of course, extra protection. And the doors, I mean the
walls for the secret passage to the bathroom area. This is too long, we need to cut it out. (blade snaps clay) (clay lands) and let’s close it by sticking this thing onto the other thing. Okay, now we’re gonna get back for a while to the previous creation. We’re gonna make the passage to the attic. And we’re gonna close it, and, guys, if you still not watched
the previous video, make sure to watch it after this one. And I very often see the
comments on my channel, LoreChirik make this,
make this, make this. And I already make some things that you are requesting all the time, so go to the channel, and
you will see what I made. There is plenty of great
videos on the channel, so please, make sure to watch
them if you have some time. And now we’re gonna place the
granny somewhere over here, but we’re not gonna stick her,
because she will be moving all around the house. (door opens) (Granny groans) Hi. What you looking for? – Trying to learn HTML code. – For what? – I want to create an online store. – Ah, okay. What you will be selling? – Nevermind. Do you know something about HTML code? – No, Granny, we got 2019. If someone want to create an
online store or a website, he is using Squarespace. – What that? – It builds your website in minutes. Everything is simple and easy,
just look at this template, you can choose one of it and customize it, add the shop, add your
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let’s see how it looks like from above. And let’s place it onto
already created creations. Wow, it’s huge. Check out those videos to see how I made the previous floors, and see you next Wednesday,
we’re gonna create the spider room.

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