Making FOOD out of SLIME! Learn How To Make DIY Mystery Slime vs Real Edible Candy Challenge

Making FOOD out of SLIME! Learn How To Make DIY Mystery Slime vs Real Edible Candy Challenge

– Yo! You challenged us to turn food into slime. Right now, let’s go! – Whoa you can’t eat that! (grimaces) – Oh my gosh. – Whoa bro, why? – For this round we’ll be
making a watermelon slime, so right now check this out. (blade slices) Bam just like that we cut it in half. So we took our ice cream scoopers because I don’t think we have actual, like, watermelon scoopers. Let’s see if we can just… Woo! So to kick it out I got
some clear glue right here. I’m gonna add actual
watermelon juice to mine. – We’re not eating it Collin, you don’t have to go the extra step. – [Collin] More watermelon! Boo, boo, boo! Those were the air horns. Ohh! The reason I’m going to win Devan is because my slime is
now watermelon scented. So I’m going to add the
contact solution in. Yo! Okay, so we’re getting into
the club club phase now, and not quite looking sticky enough. – Oh, it’s finally done. – And now mine has turned
into a bowl of like, ramen noodles man. – [Devan] Those don’t
look like ramen noodles. – I, well, yeah. Did I not bring this back
from the abyss or what? (sparkling chime) Now that my slime is all rescued, boy! I didn’t know if I would
make it to this point, so now it’s time for kind
of the crazy X-Factor, and that is watermelon! – [Devan] What! – [Collin] Boom! So now we’re gonna mix all
this watermelon into my slime. Bro, this feels so crazy. It’s definitely not edible, but boy is it gonna smell good. Ohhhh, check it out! I think the watermelon
might’ve, like, broken down my slime to where it’s no
longer able to be slimy, ’cause now it’s just kinda
like thick glue at the moment. – Whoa, dude it looks so good! – Bro! So now the final stage, we gotta fill up our
watermelon bowls with slime. (watermelon hits container) So I’m gonna do the
official like scoop-a-doop. Oooh! And then kinda put it in here, oh. Just plop it in the top there. Tada! There you have a nice,
juicy– overflowing! Don’t do that. Uh oh. – Dude mine looks awesome. – [Both] Yoooo! – [Collin] So those are the
final watermelon slimes, comment down below who
you think won this round. You challenged us to make
a cupcake out of slime, so right now we put our baking outfits on. – Baking outfits! Wait. (record scratches) Baking outfits? – Baking outfits! Woo hoo! – Dude, you look so cute right now. Seriously, look at this apron bro. – Cute and adorable are not the words I want to be described with. Yeet. (choking) Yeet. Let’s go! That was way too excited. – Yeah, jeez. – So guys, basically for the cupcake slime it’s super easy. – Dude, what did I just say? – All you got to do is just add some glue. Boop. And then you’re just
wanna grab some Sta-Flo pop that right in, bam. Too much Sta-Flo. I think I need some more glue. Ugh, there we go. Drippity drip, you know? So basically there’s gonna be three components for this cupcake, and as you guys can see, this is… Dude it’s starting to get
like all mucus-y again. This is what you call the
high pour off the high dive. – The what? – [Collin] Oh nailed it. – Where was the high dive though? – It’s up there somewhere. – Oh, oh! I see it. – Whoa. Oh man, it’s stuck to my hands. A slime, ugh. – You’re really good
at making a mess dude. – Devan, you know I have to go to my patented technique, you know, the double hand rollover
to rollover double hand. – What? Since when was that
your patented technique? – Yo! It’s getting stretchy! Oh no, it’s starting to split. My slime is not made yet. Oy. – Dude I did too much
talking and now look at mine. – That’s wack! – [Devan] Karma. – It looks like a, a, a… Not good! – No, no, no, no, no. No. – I wanted to give you a hat though. – No. – It would’ve been a fashion accessory. – That’s already happened before and no. – This is like my most
like slippery slime ever. It’s almost like a yo– Oh! Gosh! Oh! – Oh! – Sorry man, did not mean to do that. – Why? – Now it’s time to add some coloring, so we got some acrylic paint
and now time to add it. – Yeah that’s definitely
how you add it guys. – Yo wait a minute bro! It’s actually working! Oh! Snap! Look at that color right there man, this is turning into batter. – Mine didn’t work, look. Mine’s still in a bottle. – Devan, you’re not a sorcerer bro. – Look at this. Dude how did yours work? Well I guess I’m just going to have to do it the normal way. – Going in, just gonna go, go, go! Oh no! I got the paint everywhere. – Bro what are you doing? – This smells terrible dude. – Dude. – And my hands are all pasty. Looks like my hands
haven’t been in the sun for a couple hundred years. – This looks like when you first put on sunscreen and you don’t mix it in. – Dude, the more you stretch it out, the more it looks like batter bro. – [Devan] Boom. – We’ve now got our. Oops! – Nooo! – Oh no, I actually got
real cupcake on mine! – [Devan] No! – So here we go, we’ve
got our cupcake base, and now we’re just gonna
put a certain amount of this batter slime in. Yo this is actually
pretty cool right here. – [Devan] Yeah. Trick shot! Oh! – Prime number one is done
for the base of the cupcake, and now it’s time– (slime hits Collin) for slime number two. For this next slime, just fill up the cupcake
container thingy with some glue. – [Devan] Okay. That’s actually working quite well. – Measurement number two, gotta add 1/4 teaspoon, ow, of baking soda. – Dude why do you do that every time? – Yeah. – That’s not a lot at all. Next up is a tablespoon of lotion. – [Collin] This is a very slow dispense. – [Devan] Slow process. – So I counted that, it was approximately… 12 squirts of lotion. And finally, contact solution. I don’t want to get my hands dirty, I’ve got my little sticks. I had my lil’ sticks. Agh! Boom, nailed it. – Eeeh. – Ugh. Oh! Holy cow. – Wow. – It got all over me. Wow. Well my slime on a stick
is looking mighty fine, so I think it’s time
for the next ingredient which is, Devan, guess. – Clay. – No. – Bummer, what is it? – Clay. – It is? – You guessed right. – Yay! – Here we go, we got the clay. Oh man this clay feels nice. So here’s what we gotta do now. Use my stick, oh I broke my stick again. Ohh. Dude, you hear those pops? – Whoa, yours is looking awesome bro. – Yeah man. – Oh! – It’s a really good slime. Like it doesn’t crack or anything, look at this. (cracks) The final step, time to add some pink acrylic paint to it. – Mm yes. – So again, technique goes, pop the bottle in the middle. Oh it’s starting to work again! Look at this, there’s like a giant bubble
of it right here, Devan, I’m about to split the bubble of paint. Are you ready? Ohhh. Dude it’s about to like
bust open right now, and then it’s all gonna be all pink. – It looks like a pink cloud bro. – Agh! Yo! Yo my butter slime is like falling apart. There we go. Nice. Saucy. The frosting is now made, it’s time for the final part, which is the sprinkles! We’ve got a whole bunch
of little clay packets. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What is up with this clay? It’s like taffy. This is so crazy. – Whoa. – So it’s going to start on the otter rim. Woo. Keep going in. – Oops and then here. Okay I’m finishing mine off
with a massive blueberry. Bam. It’s on top of my cupcake. Boom, we’ve locked them in, so right now Devan here it is, the big reveal. That looks so good. – [Both] Three, two, one. Wait, wait, wait, first five
second subscribe challenge. We want to see if you can
subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds. Are you ready? Here we go. Five, four, three, two, one. Done. If you can do that comment down below Keyper squad right now. – [Both] Tada! – [Collin] So I think
that I won this round with my massive blueberry, but I mean, ohhh! Now we get to mix the slimes together. Oh dude, look at this, my blueberry. You can see that blueberry
like coming through. – [Devan] Oh! – We’ve got the real cupcake here. You gotta take the cupcake
and treat it like slime. – Wait. – Ohhh. This is now officially a slime cupcake. So you guys get to comment
down below who won this round and right now we are on to the next one. – Man that looks mad funky. – Next up we’re making
one of our favorite foods. – Yeah. – Sushi. – Oh yeah. – So we’ve got some beads
right here for the rice. Oopsie. So I’m gonna dump all these in first. Yo! Alright now time for the big beads. Oh. – I’m actually going to use a
chopstick to mix this around. Oh, yeah. This is looking good. – Here we go, time to add some glue now. – [Both] Ugh. – There we go. – You know when you haven’t like walked in sand in a long
time and it kind of like really, really tickles your toes? It’s tickling my hands. – Oh, this feels weird. Oh my gosh, this is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever felt. Ooooh. Whenever we make slime it
always just turns into noises, we’re like ooooh. Ughhhh. – Whoa! – Alright I think I might
need a little bit more Sta-Flo but my rice is like almost there. – Man, look at mine. It’s pretty much perfect. – [Man] Whoa. – [Collin] You have like the perfect ratio of slime to beads to Sta-Flo. – Oh yeah. – Oh! Yo, I just had a great idea. – What’s that? – I’m gonna make like
one huge piece of sushi. They always say that rice
is the heart of sushi, so I’m going to make mine look like a heart. – That does not look like a heart. – [Collin] It’s got a little dippy thing. – It doesn’t look like a heart at all. – And we’ll fold over
the bottom like this, it’s a towel. – Oh, okay. – Yoo hoo! – Ow. This is gonna be my salmon. – Alright. Oop, whoa. – So I got it now and now I’m
gonna shape it like a salmon. – So here it is, my first strip of fish. – Ohh, nice. – Lovely. This one here Devan,
you know what this is? – What? – My yellow tail. – Oh! – I’m not really feeling how my sushi’s coming out right now, so I got to add some real pieces of sushi. So we’ve got piece number one. – [Devan] Oh. – Piece number two. And then of course you’ve always got to add a little bit of
ginger to your sushi because that’s a pallette cleanser. Fun fact. And then of course, some wasabi, just smear it across the bottom like that. There we go. If I didn’t know better, I would literally say
that is sushi right there, and I might accidentally eat it, so right now, here’s the big reveal. You ready? – [Both] Three, two, one! Tada! – Look at that! So good! – That looks so good! – Dude, I would eat that. And I can’t, ’cause it’s slime. – [Collin] That looks insane. The thing is mine is a sushi roll, which means what is it missing Devan? – Uh, the roll. – The roll! So check it out here we go. Gonna roll it up. – [Devan] Oh I didn’t actually think you were going to do it. You’re actually doing it. – Now we’re going to fold
over one side like this, and now I guess it’s time
to mix it altogether. Ohhh, look you can like see
all the little sushis in there. Oh, snap! Dude the wasabi is like
coming all out of it. – Why would you do this? – What? Where’d all the yellow come from? – Remember you had a yellow tail in there? – Oh right, right, right. So you get to comment down
below, who won this round, and right now we are on to the next one. This one, we’re making ice cream, so right now we’re gonna kick
it off with a small batch. So I’m only. Oop, no, no, no, I’m only
trying to do a little bit. Done. Now time to add the Sta-Flo in. That should be enough. We’re got a cone, oh
an ice cream sandwich, or we could make a sundae. Yeehoo! – Somehow the top of this
Sta-Flo thing ended up in mine. – It was me. I have a glove. Time to add my clay in. Ohh! (glass shattering) Man my hands are getting cramped. Oh! I wonder if I could like, use
my forearms to do my slime. Ugh. That sounds like my slime is ready to go. – Woo, woo, woo, bam! – Now I have my slime all broken out, and it’s time to add some coloring. Oh no, no, no, I’m getting
it all over the table. Oh no, my hands are going to be so green. – Alright I’m going to
add some blue to mine to see what happens. Ugh! – Dude your hands are going to be so blue! – Nooo! – You look like a Smurf! – What have I done? – I’m doing this successfully I think. – [Devan] Whoa, it looks really cool. – [Both] Whoaaa. – Alright mine is done, and it gets the thumbs up approval. – Dude it looks like gray, just saying. Now for the final part, time to actually make the ice cream. – Fist, I am doing strawberry added in, and second I’m doing some purple. – You can’t take mine! No! – [Devan] Look at that. – Here we go, I’m going to have some mint on this side over here, we’ve got the orange, the yellow for the lemon flavor. – Whoa. Looking good. – Bam, and then done. There’s my ice cream sundae. – There’s my ice cream sandwich, and then here’s my ice cream sundae. – Ice cream sundae, looking
more like an ice cream Monday! Oooh! – Now for some whipped cream! – No, that’s not fair! – Oh! Yes! – That looks so bad. Alright well whatever. – [Devan] Just ignore that. – Comment down below who won this round. Now time to take all the
colors and mix them altogether! Yeah, woo! Three, two, one, stretch it! – [Both] Whoaaa! – We’re making the sweetest slime ever, this is honey slime. So right now, let’s go. This one’s pretty easy. Basically you just have clear glue, and then going to add some
clear contact solution, just gonna pop the top off. – Is there any other kind– Oh. – I wasted a little
bit, which is not good, because I need as much
as I can possibly get. – Oh! – There you go! Nice! Now we have these little
like honey stirrer things that are really cute that
we can use to mix it around. So there we go. – Look at that! – [Collin] This is so awesome! – Alright it’s time to
get the hands in there. Oh. Dude I did not add enough
contact solution man. – You might need to use some Sta-Flo. – Yep, mine’s definitely
a little bit milky now. – Hmm. Boomin’ now, I am one with the bees. – Wait what? – I am now a bee, Devan. – Okay. – Buzz. – Okay, alright. There’s the sound. – Buzz. – Okay, alright. – Just a couple drops of
bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop. I mean, buzzzzz. – [Both] Yo! – [Devan] That looks so good! – [Collin] This looks
just like golden honey! – Bro, nicely done. – Thank you, it’s because
I’m one with the bees. – I guess, yeah. – Wait, I know like putting the bee hat on would maybe like attract some bees, but like. – [Both] Whoa! – This looks just like honey, oh my gosh! – Alright time to add my food coloring. – Guys go away. – Alright, there we go. That’s good for right now. – Buzz off. – Dude, they’re your friends. – Dude, but they’re like
freaking me out a little bit. – But Steve was sayin’ hello. – [Steve The Bee] Hi. – Yeah, well Steve, goodbye! Uh buzz! – Dude, this looks so much like honey, this looks so cool! – Even though it’s super simple, this is one of my favorite
slimes we’ve ever made. Especially with this
little stick thing here, I mean I don’t know what, is
this like a honey comb stick, it looks super cute. Buzz! I was just buzzing ’cause my
thingy went like floppin’. – [Devan] Alright, mine is
ready to add to the jar. – Alright so we just
gotta open up our jars, woohoo! – Oop. – This is gonna look so cool, just gonna pour my honey in. Ohhhh, no way. That looks so good! – That looks so delicious! – [Collin] It literally
looks like honey, too! – Oh my goodness, that looks so good. – There we go, my honey is done. Oh my gosh, it’s like right to the top! I love it! I’m so happy! It’s so beautiful! Oh my gosh! I made something pretty for once. – [Devan] Even the drizzle on the actual table looks really good. I know. – Alright now it’s time
to add mine to the jar. – How’s it gonna fit in there? – [Devan] Just like this
Collin, just like this. – [Collin] That was actually really smart. – [Devan] Uh huh. That’s looking cool man. – [Collin] Oh! – [Devan] That looks so good. – So guys this is it. – Oh, look at that! – This is what the honey
slime looks like, oh my gosh. So guys, comment down below. Who made a better one? This one’s actually going to be a legitimately tough competition, but right now let’s buzz
into the next round. – Alright. – This round we’re making an edible peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but it’s going to be made out of slime, so right now, let’s
make some edible slime. Woohoo! – Whoa, bro. That was my lunch. – I’m sorry. I’m making the jelly. – And I’m making the peanut butter. – You okay? I need six tablespoons of jelly. – And I’m just gonna do, I don’t know, maybe like six of these? I’m just gonna eyeball it, you know? – Two. Man I forgot how much I love jelly. Jelly’s amazing. And now I just need nine
tablespoons of corn starch. – And now I gotta add
this light corn syrup. So this acts like the glue, and this acts like the liquid starch. That’s my revelation. So now I’m going to mix it around. – I’m just going in with my hands, so here we go guys. Ohhh. – Alright next up, I have to
add one teaspoon of cornstarch. – Alright well I guess that now we just have to hope that this works, story of my life. – Yes! – Dude! That’s like actually turning into slime! – I know right! It’s kind of some chunky,
funky peanut butter. – Well hey, you know people
like chunky peanut butter. See the issue is that, it’s
just kind of coating my hands. Like it’s just like all over my fingers. Could you please give me a little bit more cornstarch into my palms. – Is that enough>? – No. – You could just dab it in there bro. – This didn’t quite go according to plan. It’s just goop. Alright, so here we go. I’m gonna try to smear this off of my hands onto that. – You know, I’m gonna go like this, turn it into a nice little patty, – Alright well here we go, you know, I’m going to try to spread
my jelly on the top here, that’s not working. – Usually, peanut butter is the one that has trouble spreading. But now it’s jelly. – [Both] Ohhhh. – I feel the chunks. Great. It actually kind of looks like
it’s some sort of ice cream. I just realized this has
been all over your hands, I don’t know if I want to eat this. – Don’t worry, I washed my hands. – [Devan] There we go. – [Collin] Boom. – Dude, I can feel the peanut butter being really, really solid. It’s like cardboard’s in
the middle of my sandwich. – Yo dude, you should try
it and see how it tastes! – I’m so ready bro! – [Both] Three, two, one. – But first, three second like challenge. We want to see if you can like
this video in three seconds. – [Both] Are you ready? Three, two, one! – Alright here we go. Three, two, one. (biting sound) Ohhh. – Is it good? – It actually is ’cause the peanut butter is actually really, really hard, and the jelly’s kinda
like, you know, slimy. Whoa. Whoa. It tastes delicious though. – Comment down below
who won this challenge, and also what are some
other foods we should make a slime version of? And click over here for a brand new video, you have five seconds. – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one. – Love you, bye!

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  1. people who think that collins honey slime isnt slime, the definition of slime is "a moist, soft, and slippery substance, typically regarded as repulsive."

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