Today we’re opening up at least one more Zenpop stationery box with items directly from Japan. I have a lot of fun opening up these because they’re not specifically art supplies. Then I try to take what’s in the box and make some form illustration or art project with it. So. Let’s find out what’s inside this months box. [Struggles to open] There it goes. ♪ Hey, this month has a sticker. It’s actually really, really cute. It’s the Zenpop mascot, Luna with a little rainbow line art Another thing different this month is a small – I guess it’s a birthday card? It is Zenpop’s – Oop, here it is. It’s Zenpop’s 3rd birthday. They’re also doing a bunch of giveaways and they wanted
to do a special giveaway for fans of the channel. So I’m very excited. There’ll be much more information in the description with details on how to enter that and get your own Zenpop box. Here we have the list of all the items in this month’s box. I will kind of keep on the low over there as we open up – Ooh, bread! We have a bunch of bread stickers. [Packing crinkles] I always
love how the sticker sheet’s separate from the backdrop. Adorable bakery items ranging from bagels to pretzels and egg on toast. We have an art supply. This is the Zig Art & Graphic Twin. So it is two different tips, one side, if it wants open, has a brush nib And then the other end, has a bullet. Deep green. Oh, that’s very squishy. [Pen cap clicks on] Just by the way it’s working, I’m gonna guess it is water-based. Alright, the next item looks like it’s getting a little mangled in here. Aw, these are adorable! Look at the little bread man. So these
are a bunch of characters that are popular in Japan. Which means I’ve never seen them before. Oh, they’re two different designs. There’s this cute pink one. It’s shaped like bread with little characters on the bottom and this one with lines so that you can write straight With more of the same characters and more food items. Alright, this thing’s the next thing speaking to me. Okay, so this is the Happy Foods Mini Joint Stamp. And these are the four designs. So it looks
like all the different stamps are stacked together. So you can like carry it around or something. If we take off this top – Mmmmm. No, maybe that’s not what we do. Alright, maybe if we take it from here! There we go. We got our little toast. Mmmm! Bread. You take it off,
then you have, looks like a little milkshake. Oh and it’s blue! I think next one’s a little sandwich. There we go. It looks like Doritos when you do it like that and then finally a little cupcake. There we go. [Laughs] There we have our little stamps. Alright, next it looks like a magnetic bookmark featuring some more cute characters. We open it up… Packaging. Hmmm Cinnamon roll! What’s this extra little thick bit for? [Gasps] Oh does it have little post-it notes in it? Got 15 small sticky notes inside. So while you use it for a bookmark, the magnet is not that strong but like obviously… I mean it kinda stays in there a little bit. But what’s cool is like you have it in there and if you’re reading and you’re like oh that’s important, You can pull out a little sticky note. All right, next up we have – Aw, it’s got a little toast on the end! Another pencil featuring those very cute characters. The little bakery corner characters. It does not have an eraser, instead, it features a cute little bread man. Next, some more of those characters. I should learn how to say the word so I sound knowledgeable. Sumikko Gurashi Uuuuuugh. I don’t know. But they’re all over all the items in this box. [Laughs] So these are pencil caps. Oh, so it’s to protect the lead. You know how you sharpen your pencil and then put it in your pencil case and it gets busted? Oh, nifty. so it’s pretty tight and it doesn’t go too far up the pencil. Sharpening a pencil for the first time, feels satisfying and brutal at the same time. [Giggles] Fun shapes like that! Maybe I’ve been using some low-quality pencils lately, but they don’t always do that. This is the part I’m amazed by, that’s funny. Then we could put this in here. Treat it roughly and it’s going to be… Just fine! and it also – not only does it protect the pointy bit, but it protects your pencil case from getting dirty That actually seems much more important. So there were five of them in there. Next,
we have another special Zenpop item and here it is. So it says I love kawaii #ZenpopJapan with a flexible – I don’t know what you would call that. Pen clip? There it is. [Laughs] Oh it actually writes – Well, no, it just give up on me but it feels kind of smooth. ♪ Yeah, it’s a pretty basic ballpoint pen there. Alright, next. [Gasps] Oh it’s got Pikachu! I know that character. I can say that one! I can say that word. I think I’m in. I’m in! I’m gonna put this right in here ’cause it’s cute! Now that I’ve gotten to the actual tape, you can see the fun designs on this washi tape. Its Pikachu and more bakery items. We’ve got a Pikachu pretzel Pikachu with a bread, Pokemon sandwich, Pikachu and a pancake! Pikachu and a donut, Pikachu butt cookies! The problem is when washi tape is this cute, It’s difficult to use it ’cause you don’t want to waste it. Probably just appreciate the Pikachu butt cookie. This is my favorite item Alright, and the final – oh my gosh. Okay. The final item is a tiny little lunch box of erasers, it looks like, with some more of those Sumikko Gurashi characters, Let me just open this up so we can see them! Ooo. Can’t get in. Of seven erasers. So here we got the one with the little toast and then six more of these Sumikkos They’re so tiny! I think these are meant to be just adorable. [Laughs] Which they accomplish that task very well. I want to know why the bread doesn’t look very happy. Alright I believe that is everything. I’m gonna read through this, make sure I didn’t miss anything important. Oh man. Look at that precious cinnamon roll. This is gonna be tricky. How will I use these to like make something? What if we made just a little bakery for these little guys to live in? I like how they’re flat on the bottom. So they can actually stand up. These things are making me hungry. [Chuckles] Last time
I stuck and pasted some of these in my sketchbook, which I think helped me see everything all at once. And gave
me a better visualization of what I was working with. I’m gonna do that again. Make a cute little collage. Not sure how we can use erasers. Pencil caps, again, can’t really use those in the art. Nor can we use these. Well,
we can try to take some kind of inspiration from them Oh, but we also have these, this guy. Oh look how it like reloads another one. I’m
noticing all of these characters have very similar eyes. So they all have like tiny little dots for eyes. So all of these little Sumikko Gurashis They all have very similar faces which kind of gives them… Similarities between all of the designs. Which are these tiny little… Litttle dots for eyeballs and a line for a mouth. So I’m wondering if I could try and take… Inspiration from that and draw my own little characters. First one coming to mind obviously, is a blubfish and I’m gonna draw him as I would usually draw him So here’s a little blubfish as I would usually draw him. Kind of like in my style I guess, is a way to put it. Let’s try drawing this similar to the Sumikko Gurashis. If that’s how you say that word. [Laughs] Gonna go back to the pencil. Okay, so they look like they have little nubs for arms, so we can actually do that with our blubfish too. [Laughs] And then little dots for the eyes. And not a big variety in the mouth. A lot of the mouths are just like this. I don’t see any with like a tongue hanging out and that’s kind of crucial for a blubfish so I’m gonna just have to do it anyway, and then for his tail, I’ll guess we’ll just… Cuteify it a little more. Oh my gosh. He looks so different! I feel like it’s hardly recognizable? I am a pretty big fan of this pencil though. Let me try again, I wonder if I can like change this shape. Definitely losing the fishness. Pikachu. Okay now, it looks like Kirby. So I think these are water-based So I’m gonna mix them with a little water and get like a lighter green color. It kind of makes it look like water but we also have a lot of bakery items. I definitely need to incorporate those in some way. Which might mean changing up the direction of this completely Draw him looking down. He looks like a little onion. [Laughs] I want to try something a little different. Kind of inspired by the Pikachu washi tape. I’ll kind of draw blubfish as a food. [Laughs] Like ice-cream or something. I don’t know. I never draw foods. so like he’s little ice cream scoops. [Giggles] But I feel like
we’re definitely straying away from the bakery theme ‘Cause this is an ice-cream cone. Not really… The same thing. Oh, there’s my character blubfish as an ice cream cone. interesting idea. [Laughs] Definitely out of my normal drawing range. Definitely out of practice with drawing Pikachu. Jeez. Still cute though! Yeah… [Laughs] This might be one of those times when I just need to… turn my brain off and see what happens. ♪ This is tricky! I feel like this is the key. These little bakery stickers. What if we draw like a scene with a character baking something and then we put all of these little Sumikko Gurashis, You know just hanging out with the character as they bake. We could put it in a circle. That’s fun too. That way we can use some of these stickers. To kind of line the bakery and maybe she’s just noticing them because I think… These characters are supposed to be really, really shy? So they would be hiding. So maybe she only sees the one because it just oops accidentally got seen. Hopefully
this isn’t going against anything important about these and then we’ll have a bunch of other ones like hiding behind like some of the bakery items. Maybe she’s carrying some cookies? Probably the birthday cake. I think I should make it a birthday cake. She’s just spots them. I like the idea, but I want to… Change up that positioning. What if it’s hiding behind the cake? [Laughs] And the character thinks they saw something. Oh, I like that idea better. How did I give it arms and legs? It’s fine. Like that. Oh, it’s very rough, but I think that’s all I need to move on to a piece of paper and we’ll find some way to use this washi tape too. Okay, so I wanted to fit inside a circle. So I’m going to start there. Alright, then we want the character here, which is important. We’ll try and fit the background around the character. We’ll have them kind of moving like this. Heads here, picking up the cake almost to eye level and then when you pick up your shoulders kind of, yeah. And the character should be looking in, the shoulders will be scrunched a little, the arms will be coming out like this to hold up a cake I like [Laughs] Have to keep miming the pose so I could figure it out. Got a little face. Them using like a towel Like they
just pulled the cake out of the oven or something. Although
I don’t know if those little characters can survive… 350 degrees.. Obviously, this candle will not be lit [Laughs] And then we need our little character. If we can cut the table here and then [Tuts repeatedly] There is something here that they can hide behind. Maybe a window here. It’ll open up that space. I’m gonna give her a little employee visor. [Laughs] We got a little Sumikko Gurashi. I will never find that easy to say! How’s this for a way of avoiding drawing hands? Hah Then are these shelves too small? Could definitely use a lot of the croissants. [Laughs] I’m kind of liking this drawing. It’s crazy how I started with like literally no clue and I’ve got something now. ♪ I just want to have these guys out to give me company. They’re just so pleasant. Maybe they’re hanging up on something. Maybe they have like pretzel hangers. And we might have to cut some of these to make them fit back here. So if I plaster them kind of on top, it’ll give the illusion that they all look kind of nice is what I’m hoping for. Alright,
and then we need to hide more of these little characters It looks like a poop but it was
supposed to be whipped cream or frosting or something Alright I think I want to go in and add some line art. Try using this pen, but I don’t know how about markers will… Withstand next to it, we can test that. Okay, definitely bleeds significantly, so I think what I will do, is just use my own fineliners. Do that real quick. erase it a smidge. I’m either gonna do the circle first or last. What should I do? I guess it’s gonna be last. There’s the face. Heh heh heh. This is going really well, I think I’ve decided this will be my own little character. It’s gonna
be based loosely off this cute little one right here. So I’m gonna put my own little pizzazz on it. I don’t know what this is based off of. That would help me when I’m trying to draw it. There we go! Characters done. Yeah, I think it’s time we did the circle. Everything looks a little too small. I’ve got this masking tape. [Cluck] Dang it and just go around here and use this. I think I’m just gonna eyeball it. It’s already way smaller than I was supposed to be Meeeeh. Trying to freehand a circle over here, what are you up to today? Alright Yeah.. Mmm, yeah. Alright. Yep, yep, yep. What if we put one outside looking through the window? Maybe one of the ones that looks like a cat. [Laughs] I don’t know how to draw these things. I liked a little dinosaur one. Pretzels Yeah. How do you even draw a pretzel? I should do backgrounds more often! Alright, next step, add a little color. I think stickers and like other little accessories would definitely be last. People
wanted me to incorporate more of these little things But I’m not totally sure how. I’ll definitely keep it in mind. Alright, for the color scheme, I’d kind of like to keep to this a little bit. I really like the colors. So what if the the working surface is more of this color, and then the cabinet’s can be green? That is dried out. let’s try something else! Okay too yellow. Close. That’s pretty close, actually. I think I’m gonna start with this crystal opal color. Go ahead and color in the cabinets. We’ll try to
keep pastel and see if it needs more contrast after that Maybe these… I’m gonna keep this out in case I need more of it. Let’s try to find something like that Mmm, pretty close. Try this for the work surfaces. And the counter tops. Kind of like a birch color. Probably just to add a little shading to the green too I’m
thinking I do want this cabinet to be a little bit more blue I just want to make it a little bit more prominent. Then for the walls we try a de-saturated pink? This is really dark. So it’s going to be completely different than what we already have on here. I think that’s what we need. I like that it’s not too saturated. Yeah, I’ll take it. I kind of like the way this looks. Definitely more of a risk. You know what I forgot to color? This ♪ Kind of nice, kind of whimsical background colors so far and then for our character, maybe we’ll go a little bit more saturated, so she sticks out. This is a nice saturated skin tone. Barely Beige. Whoa, that’s like really saturated. Oh, well, I’m committed. I don’t know. I’m feeling weirdly optimistic about this drawing, so I’m just like throwing colors at it. Color in the cake a little bit like basically white, pink color. Actually black might work really well for the hair. ‘Cause I don’t have anything that dark. Yet at least. There we go. That’s a saturated color. The red is the best color. I wonder if I have any other colors that are two and four. Shading with the gray he’s not always the best idea but I want
the background to be less saturated than the character. This might be a good way of emphasizing that. A little too saturated. [Laughs] Kind of got distracted and forgot this was a background element. I feel like I should color in the towels a little bit. Not sure what color though. Now the problems is, these are really saturated. So I might have made a mistake, but it’s… I’ll live with it. [Laughs] Then… A little bit of this. [Marker sounds] Blend it out Kind of trying to use these as reference to kind of color my own baguettes. That’s kinda interesting. Wouldn’t have thought to do it this way. There we go. That’s kind of tasty. I’m using copper and light Sun Tan. Kind of mixing them together and then it looks like this. They look pretty tasty to me. I want to try and throw some of these on there. Look at this a little tiny bag – ha, baguette. Croissant. Okay, just stack it on here. ♪ The colors are definitely off. But I like how they’re like how there are little shiny bits. Take some of the baguettes. They kind of blend in until you like see the shines. That’s shiny to you right now, but it’s not shiny at all to me And then when I pick it up its shiny to me, and it’s not shiny to you! I’m gonna put a random piece of burnt toast. Right here. Well, that looks so flat, no, I don’t like it I think I want to make the towel that she’s using have this design on it. I might have to cut them out. It’s just not quite the right shape. Luckily, it’s transparent enough where I could probably… Get away with just cutting out the ones I want and kind of stick them closer together. ♪ I think I want to cut a little bit of this off Ooh, another thing we can do… Kinda put it along this edge? I mean, they’re not really fitting into the perspective. The Blub Bakery. That’s cute. I think I’ll leave it with the pencil. I could go over it with this. Add a little extra texture. I really can’t complain for something that I had no idea leading up to this. And how long it took me to come up with an idea I do
want to like stick with these guys in here somewhere. Let’s stick a few of these in here. Why not? If I can fnd my glue stick. I can add a little bit of shading to it. Make it blend in a bit more. Look less plastered on there. Hmm something like that. Little too uh… Gray. I’m go over it with some ivory. Blend it in. I wonder if I can get this guy to fit somewhere. [Marker cap clicks on] I will cut it out. It’ll blend in a little better. ♪ There we go. At least we managed to stick one in there. [Laughs] I tried my best. I don’t obviously have the most vast knowledge of these… Sumikko Gurashi but you know, I kind of put my own spin on it with my own knowledge of… The things I have knowledge on. It was
really fun to also draw blubfish and their kind of style And kind of explore that end. [Croaks] This is the illustration. [Coughs and clears throat.] But this is the illustration that I came up with. I think it’s pretty cute and it
makes me really inspired to draw more backgrounds. So maybe I can do that in the future. Thank you guys for watching. Don’t forget about that giveaway, which will be linked in the description and they’ll be plenty of more information there. Zenpop’s running it especially for you guys. So hop on over there. And if you’re
interesting getting your own Zenpop subscription I’ll also have a link for that as well. Thank you guys for watching I’ll see you guys all next week and hope you have a delicious evening full waffles. Bye! ♪

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