100 thoughts on “Making an Acid Etched Superconductor Ring with Obsidian Facets

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  2. It’s a beautiful ring. Totally understand cost. But had the snag potential :/ definitely not a every day wear ring

  3. Shivan 77 he got all de infinity rings thanos enters comments do u think I’m a joke in the back ground flips table

  4. Beautiful stone age ring… Too many sharp edges!!! Is this a weapon??? Ring… Or to pill off your finger skin…

  5. What a gorgeous creation you made brudder!

    I sure hope it isn't as delicate as it looks, because most dudes are tough with jewelry, even when we try not to be. Phenomenal!

  6. Your "special drill bit for lathes" is in fact a 'spot drill'. It isn't meant for drilling all the way through material, it's meant to create a properly centred start to a hole that you then finish with a normal drill bit, ie. precision work. That's probably why you're wearing them out so quickly. They're not just for lathe work either, you use them in pillar drills, mills etc.

  7. DUDEEEEE, fill in all the empty space with a resin mixed with the glow powder then sand it smooth and will have a crazy lava flow look to it! Call it a magma ring 😀 lol

  8. В чем он растворял медь ?? И что за метал использовал ??? Какие кислоты ??

  9. Very nice!
    One hopefully useful thing to point out – at 2:39 it looks to me like most of the lubricant/coolant is going on the outside, and very little in the centre or onto the drill bit – which might have contributed to the difficulty, as well as the materials being difficult!

  10. The first thing I wondered was how the copper would "wear". Then, I saw it "finished", and I am wondering what will hold it together? I do hope it holds up. I can picture your heart "dropping", if it began to come "apart". It does have a really "cool", and "different" look about it. Good luck, and "God bless".

  11. That is so so so so cool. I wish I had one, my dad passed away a few months ago and he was a lineman, this ring reminds me of him

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