Making a Wine Bottle Holder Beginner Pottery Wheel Projects #5

get ready to make a wine bottle holder Hi Marie here welcome to Pottery
Crafters you found video number five in our Beginner Pottery Wheel Project
Series today you’ll learn how to throw decorate and glaze a wine bottle holder
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whenever I upload a video before we get started here’s a list of tools and
supplies that I use to make the wine bottle holder which will also be down
below in the show notes along with any other important information I may talk
about throughout the video the tools and supplies listed are only recommendations
and items I use on a daily basis I’ll be starting with the clay already centered
so if you’re having any problems with centering your clay you can check out
the video up above with that said enjoy the video and make sure you stand till
the end to see the finished piece let’s get started for this project I’m
starting with two and a half pounds of Amoco stoneware forty six buff clay after opening your clay you want to take
your needle tool and make sure you have at least a half an inch of clay on the
bottom you want the wine bottle holder to have a little weight to the bottom to
keep it nice and sturdy before you bring up the walls you want to make sure you
have enough room on the bottom to fit the wine bottle in keep in mind there’s always at least a
10% shrinkage rate when the cylinder starts to flare out collar it in by
squeezing the clay together with both hands and make sure your hands are nice
and wet as you notice the cylinder is a little
wonky that means there’s too much clay on one
side of the cylinder we’ll take care of that by cutting off the extra uneven
clay on the top take your needle tool and press it through the clay until it
touches your other finger keep your hand steady as the wheel moves slowly around
to cut off the top I’m using a large red rib to get rid of
any slip and smooth out the sides I’m putting a nice edge on the bottom with
the Ultimate Edger I’m coloring in the rim with both hands
to straighten it out make sure your hands are wet I’m getting rid of the slip and
smoothing it out with the metal scraper then going over the base one more time
with the ultimate edger after the wine bottle holder is leather
hard it’s time for a little trim with the small ribbon tool now we wait until it’s bone-dry and then
in the Skutt Kiln and it goes for a bisque fire at cone 05 a nice wash
with the damp sponge is important to ensure the glaze bonds to the piece apply a little wax resist to easily get
any glaze off the bottom after the wash and wax is all dry it’s time to glaze as
you can see I’m pouring the Amaco Obsidian glaze on the inside and
applying it on the outside with the artist soft fabric if you’re new to
glazing check out my article on 27 Glazing Tips for Beginners I left a link
in the description below for you after the first coat is dry I’m applying
a second coat only on the outside with a Hake brush load up your brush and let
the glaze float across your piece apply a third coat of glaze with Amaco
Smokey Merlot and the artist soft fan brush after the third coat is dry float
another coat of Smokey Merlot on once the glaze is all dry it’s time for
a seaweed dip almost halfway down Amaco Seaweed melts nicely with other glazes once the seaweed is dry it’s time for
Amaco Oatmeal to let it dry really good and Oatmeal dip again after the second
oatmeal dip is totally dry let’s do it one more time let the glaze dry and make sure the
bottom is glazed free before it goes back into the kiln for the final firing
at cone 5 let’s see how the wine bottle holder turned out here’s the finished
wine bottle holder this is one of my favorite glaze recipes
I love how the glaze flowed down the side of the holder right to the edge it’s nice to have the bottom to catch
the extra glaze I’m really happy with how this wine bottle holder turned out
what do you think feel free to post any questions comments or even ideas of
future videos in the comments below some of the best tips and feedback come from
you also in the comment section are more show notes and pottery making info I
hope you’ve learned a thing or two to make your own wine bottle holder check
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