Making a SHIVAN DRAGON with Clay (Magic the Gathering) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Making a SHIVAN DRAGON with Clay (Magic the Gathering) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we will create this amazing framed artwork with the Shivan Dragon from one of my all-time favorite games Magic the Gathering! I’ve been a Magic the Gathering player for almost two decades now. It starts way back in the school with my friends as we grow older also Magic the Gathering developed over time. Here you can see the change in card design, for example. One of my favorite cards the Shivan Dragon we are creating today has changed, as well. So fun fact, we are still playing and loving the game today, although some of friends left town we still manage to play at least twice a year. I can’t highlight enough our magic Christmas special at my parents’ home each year. Big shout out and greetings to my magic gang! I love you all. You better prepare for this year’s Christmas special because I will pulverize you all! Yeah. So, Magic the Gathering got in touch with me and asked me to tell you more about their free to play PC game Magic the Gathering Arena! I said yes, it’s an honor. Today’s video is sponsored by Magic the Gathering. Let’s talk about the creation first. Later I will introduce you to the new game Magic the Gathering arena. Well, we have a framed artwork and I thought to get it as close as possible to the style of magic cards. I would want to make it also flat like in the frame and then I also would not need to mess around with perspective for example, so what would the Shivan Dragon for example look like from the backside. The dragon is made with polymer clay and all the shadows and the highlighted colors are painted after oven hardening with acrylic paint. Right now we are creating the base layer, which is just yellow clay. I mixed this, I threw in some orange as well and some really really bright lemon yellow as well to make it more organic looking. I choose yellow because I figured out this would be the perfect color underneath when you compare it to the blue print or to the artwork which you can see right now in the backside. These are all the details and this is quite important even before painting because this will give the whole creation its texture. And now it’s an honor to tell you more about the game Magic the Gathering Arena! It’s finally an amazing adaption of the original and beloved card game. You can still gain new cards through booster packs, in-game achievements or micro purchases. Your goal is still to build your own deck and compete with others to become the strongest of all times. Well, the official release for Microsoft Windows was just a few days ago. The Mac OS version will follow, but I am already playing in the bootcamp on my Mac, so. There is an introduction with really good guidance, not too easy still for first-time players for the longtime magic players you just need a minute and you feel familiar with it. Every card feels valuable like the physical ones with the effects feels like it’s really alive. You will miss some of the nice effects when taking it next time when you’re playing with real cards. What I love about Magic the Gathering Arena is the melting gap between playing physically and the new digital version. New editions are covered in Magic the Gathering arena at the same time they come out at the stores and with my magic friends not all living in the same town we get away to still play together. If you’re new to the Magic the Gathering universe or even started playing years ago, like myself go check out this amazing game. Let’s play together Magic the Gathering Arena! I’ll include the link down in the description. Let’s get back to the creation I just mixed this slightly well… it’s just pink for the inside part of the mouth. You won’t see much of this color because I will paint it after oven hardening, of course, with a dark red as well, but right now it looks quite realistic like a snake. Yeah, somehow this head reminded me of a snake. We have many many fins on this creation. This is only the very first one. Well, you have some folds on the neck as well, but this is also the huge fin with all the details. We have to create it twice. One on the left side and one on the right side. This is the technique I used in many many tutorials where I had to create fins. The Moisty Merman from Fortnite, for example. Yeah, so it works quite well, although this clay is really really thin you don’t have to be afraid that it breaks too easily, for example. Now we try to get in some nice details on the surface with the sculpting tool and these are the arms. They are really really small compared to the whole body probably because this dragon doesn’t really need his hands. It just… It eats you alive. I have heard that these Shivan Dragons are more like wizards, so he probably has a wand. Somewhere and he is doing some magic tricks with that, as well. Right now the core, the main body is finished. We will now add all the extensions which include the wings for example and we also have two further wing parts which can be seen in the frame. Maybe we can fit it in to see how it works, how it would look like and we have also the tail. Which we will create in a minute. This is the right wing also the left one with many many details. I will paint them really dark after oven hardening. This is the aluminum wire. We can use it to create the tail and we will throw in this yellow with bright bright lemon yellow and some green to get this really nice color and we will coat the wire AKA aluminum foil which we also use because then it’s more lightweight and we don’t need that much clay because finally when it’s finished I want to hang it to the wall or maybe the winner of the Christmas special is getting it. Who knows? These are some more fins on the tail and there’s also a big fin right at the end of the tail. It already looks so alive. Well more like the comic version. I have seen the different card designs. The latest ones the saturation of the colors is really really strong and the contrasts as well. I think I prefer the Shivan Dragon like it has been in 7th edition, for example. It was the card you have seen right at the beginning. Now, we are adding all the tiny tiny details like the fingernails on his claws, the teeth as well and we can put everything onto this plate and get ready to go into the oven. Freshly baked Shivan Dragon in different parts. Before assembling we take the acrylic paint and I can’t tell you enough this was the part I was looking forward to the most because this creation will change a lot from this point on. Right now it looks like the comic version. I already told you that look at that. Look at the texture when just painting when you just scratch the surface with your brush. Well on the tail it looks a bit different but also on the on the left side you can see all the details and textures you brought in earlier with a sculping tool. Now, let’s throw in some ochre and some brown and we will work on the shadows. Of course, you can get shadows by lightening your final creation, but I wanted to get it as close as possible to the colors of the artist and this reminds me of I should totally give him credit. Well, at least this isn’t art channel, so this artwork, the one which you can see on the magic card was created by Donato Giancola. I hope I pronounced it right. It sounds somehow Italian, but I know that this guy is a US, American illustrator. Well known, pretty well known for some realistic stuff. He also created some further Magic the Gathering artworks. Now we are getting in some green because this is what the Donato also did in his original artwork. It’s quite fascinating when you look at the shadows, for example. You may think that it’s just black or really really dark, but in fact, it’s really not it’s like red and green combined with some brown, for example. Oh, this looks so colorful. I love these colors how they work together. Let’s bring in some white just to highlight some spots. The teeth, for example. Also the tongue and the claws on the wing for example, and we have also some white highlights on the tail. This looks so cool. I love that. And now look look at the eye! It brings this creature, this dragon alive by just putting in a little bit of white. Now, let’s take the frame at least. Well, we still have to create the background. The background color is just red. I assume this should look like lava or an erupting volcano. Now this reminds me of my erupting volcano video. I hope you have seen that one. It’s really erupting with baking soda and all that kind of stuff. This is glue, just regular glue and this is a really really thin and artistic paper the yellow one I’m using. I can’t really tell you what the name of this paper is. It feels really soft almost like a fabric, but it’s really paper and it has a texture inside and it’s quite funny because now you can assume these lines inside, these organic lines look like the veins of the dragon wings. This is some further water colour I’m using to get the wings a bit darker and red. Now we throw in also some brown and we need this hairdryer to get it dry quickly, because otherwise I was afraid this paper would somehow rip or break. This is some tape. I’m using double sided gluing tape. Probably that name sounds right and we can glue this background onto this backside of the frame. We need some further colors because we have this lava rain coming from above, going down. You can hardly see it when the dragon is right in front, so I placed him right onto this piece of paper before and make sure that you will see these yellow stripes, as well. We are using the hair dryer again, and now we can fill in some hot glue gun… …stuff, glue to make it last forever and we can fill in the dragon into the frame. We are using some more hot glue gun because I wanted this wing to stick out just a little bit. Oh it already looks so amazing! What about the tail? Maybe we should remove some parts of the body that it fits in perfectly. I’m really excited guys. I’m really excited. Look at that. Look at that! Maybe we we can add some more shadows by using some dirty water. Maybe also on the tail, yeah the tail that looks so great. I mean look at that the Shivan Dragon! That’s it! This is the Shivan Dragon! I really hope you enjoyed today’s video. I’d like to thank today’s sponsor Magic the Gathering. Check out the amazing game Magic the Gathering Arena. Let’s play together! I’ll include a link down in the description. I guess that’s it for today. Have a great weekend and take care guys. Bye! So cute.

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