Making a Monoprint

Making a Monoprint

Begin making a monoprint by using a
breyer to roll a thin layer of ink evenly onto the plexiglas keeping in mind that thick
layers can lead to smearing. Place the plexiglas within the smaller rectangle on the registration paper. Prepare the registration paper before
printing by drawing lines according to the size
of the paper and the size of the plexigas marked in the way that the image should appear on the paper. Compose the image of cut-out shapes or
fabrics, in this case a cheese cloth. You can use any soft material such as
feathers, papers and leaves using a different material, in this case, a doily. Use a clean breyer to evenly ink the doily with a different color. Place the doily ink side up on the inked plexiglas to create the desired design. With clean hands or clean gloves, place
the dampened paper over the plexiglas making sure to register the paper
correctly according to the registration lines. Cover with newsprint, followed by felt blankets, making sure that everything is flat. Roll the plexiglas through the press. Lift up the felt blankets and newsprint slowly and evenly lift the paper off
of the plexiglas Enjoy your print. To add another layer, clean the plexiglas
first and roll another color ink using a breyer. Effects can be created by using any
pointed objects such as brushes, sponges and fingers. Solvents such as turpentine can also be incorporated to create
special effects.

26 thoughts on “Making a Monoprint

  1. You really need heavy pressure to get a good image. You may want to check small table presses that are relatively inexpensive. You can get good effects with the smaller presses, too.

  2. the yellow part or yellow form which made printmaking, how is matter or what did you use matter for yellow part.? Plastic???

  3. I guess monoprint means one at a time but it could also be called multiprint if you repeat the process. I don't know. What am I thinking? I need to stop thinking. But I can't stop thinking about the possibilities. Can't. Stop. Thinking. Mono. Multi.

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