Making a Diamond Dust Glow Ring

Making a Diamond Dust Glow Ring

Making a Diamond Dust Glow Ring Hey, what’s up YouTube welcome back to my channel in today’s video. We’re going to be making two glowstone rings This is gonna be a matching set of rings and we’re gonna be using these three glow powders you see here So the first one is this pinkish red and the next one is blue And then the next one’s black and then all three of these actually glow purple So you’ll see right here in the glowing shot. They all glow purple, and so it’s actually kind of interesting They look different colors during the day, but at night They’re all going to glow purple And you can see those color samples underneath the three vials of what the colors are actually going to look like once they’re wet with the adhesive and Then the next ingredient that we’re going to add to this ring and something that I think is gonna make it really special and cool is going to be diamond dust and So essentially I’m just gonna be taking these diamonds and crushing them with a hammer, and then just making small little diamond dust particles So that’ll add a kind of a cool look to the ring It’ll give it a little bit of a sparkle And then also kind of make it look like space with just little stars interspersed everywhere, so I think that’s gonna be really cool And you can see the way that I actually make the diamond dust is I’m literally just I’ve got this steel block here, and then smashing it with a hammer and as you know diamonds are the hardest natural material and So smashing it with a hammer here It kind of mush them into this steel even though it’s hardened steel And so I just thought that was kind of interesting it kind of messed up this block. It was fine I just sanded it away, but But that might be something to keep in mind if you’re gonna try this yourself Don’t go smashing little diamonds on something that you think is important So I’m just crushing them up until I have a nice variety of particle sizes So I’ve got a bunch of teeny little dust I’ve also got some that have hardly even been touched And then plenty of everything in between and so this will add a good variety of different sized particles to the ring Now that we have all the materials ready to go for the Rings It’s time to go ahead and begin adding the inlays So I’m going to be using two identical tungsten ring blanks for this and I mounted them side by side here And that’s just so I could do everything at the same time This is going to be a time saver for me, but more importantly it’s gonna Help me get the Rings to look consistent because if I went back and try this again I might use a different method or for whatever reason it might just look a little bit different And I’m trying to make them matching so I’m making them both at the same time and that’ll ensure that they both look the same So we start off like most of the other glow stone rings. I just add a little bit of this cyan acrylate adhesive Then I go ahead and lay down the first layer of powder and for this ring I’m kind of going for a deep space effect. That’s what the customer requested so it’s kind of a deep space with the blue and Pinkish colors rather than the typical kind of purples and greens and blues that I do so because this is a deep space ring I’m going to start with the black powder and that ensures that the background of the inlay is always going to be black Because that’s a main color I want in here and then the other colors I’m just gonna kind of try to swirl in here and pay attention to how I’m adding the other two colors I’m kind of lightly spreading them out evenly over a lot of the surface of the Ring But I’m definitely leaving a couple of patches where it’s just that color That’s because if I went a little bit too light everywhere The colors would all kind of mix and it’d just be kind of like gross brownish color And that’s not what I’m looking for so I want to have colors that are Definitely blue and definitely this pink color, and then of course you still want to have some of the definitely black parts but then it is also important to add a bit of that element of where it’s spread out pretty evenly I didn’t add diamonds until I was about halfway through adding the inlay because those were just been completely covered up and So I the first time I add them most of these are actually going to be covered up But a couple of them might show through so I went ahead and added them anyways then I just went ahead and Rotated through all the colors again added another layer to to the Rings and then we’re at the point where we’re ready to The final diamonds that actually will show in the ring So all I’m doing to add the diamond dust is going to be to just take a pinch of it with my fingers and then Slowly spread it out pretty evenly throughout the entire ring And once I’ve got a nice coating I switch to the other one and then we’re done there Now that I’ve got the inlay completely added I need to go in and trim it down so it’ll be flush with the edge of the ring And this is actually a pretty big challenge for this ring because diamonds are so hard They just literally they won’t sand away And so they’re pretty difficult to get rid of they end up popping out eventually of the inlay So that’s one thing to keep in mind I did do my best to keep as many of the diamonds as I could below the surface of the ring but there ended up being enough that I was just going through these sanding drums like crazy I Ended up using over ten of the coarse sanding drums, and then about three of the finer ones But I eventually got through it all now I’ve got the inlay flush with the rest of the ring so from here all I need to do is sand everything smooth and then I’m going to be using some diamond paste polish, and that’ll polish up the ring nicely and If you’re wondering why I use the diamond polish in this video versus some of the other polishing You’ll see me do in other videos. It’s because I had to be really rough on the tungsten in order to get the inlay flush So there was a lot of scratching left over on the ring once I got it flush and the diamond paste is able to actually cut through and the tungsten unlike most of the sandpaper and other polishing options and actually removed those scratches So the sanding steps you’ll see me do for these rings is going to be very similar to what you see me do it for Most of my other glow stone rings the exception here is that I’m making sure to sand in both directions So I put my lathe on forward And then I switch and put it on reverse and that’s because these diamonds are so tough and sticking out that sometimes When I’m sanding the diamond will kind of protect the surface of the inlay behind it And I want actually get to that and so if I’m coming at it from both directions, I eventually get to it and I’m going through a bunch of sandpaper, so I’m replacing it pretty frequently and that’s because the diamonds just shred through that aluminum oxide sandpaper So now I’ve gone through all the grits of sandpaper started with 220 And now I just finished with 800 here And so now it’s going to be time for the diamond polishing, and you can see the five different levels I have so we’re going to start with 40 micron diamond tastehh moved to 20 then ten then three and a half and then point five here and the number on it correlates to the Diameter of the diamond particles like I was saying that’s in microns so for the 40 it’s 40 microns wide and the point five It’s 0.5. Microns wide so for the 40 micron paste, I’m gonna use a bunch of that. That’s because that’s the most important step That’s we’re gonna be doing most of the cutting action with the diamond paste That’s where we’re going to be getting rid of the scratches And then the steps after that are actually mostly just to get rid of any Impurities left by the 50 micron so now after finishing up with the 0.5 Micron diamond paste this one’s done And we’re ready to move on to the sanding and polishing Stage of the second one and the steps here are gonna be the exact same so I’m not gonna go into any of the details On that we’re doing the same We’re doing the same grinding down then sanding and polishing that we did on the first one so I’ll just kind of speed through this One so let me know what you think down in the comments guys. I think these rings turned out amazing I really like that diamond dust inlay I’ve never done that before it was actually an idea by the customer So I was really happy to have that I can get turned out awesome And then I also like the unique color patterns this ring has It’s the similar kind of deep-space look that I try to do on a lot of my popular rings But in different colors than I normally do so it was a fun new thing to try I think it turned out well in practice and I really like the diamond dust So if you liked the video go ahead and give it a like if you’re new to my channel and think you might want to See some of my other videos go ahead and click that subscribe button And if you’re up for a real challenge go ahead and follow me on Instagram. I’ve got a link to that in my bio that’s a place where you’ll actually be able to see a lot more of the other rings that I make as Well as see kind of behind the scenes of what’s going on here And if you want to order a ring like this go to my website You wouldn’t believe how many people comment on my videos asking if I actually sell these rings And I’m pretty sure I saying literally every single one of my videos you can order them off my website As well as I have a link So if you were unaware I have a website And I do sell these rings so if you like these rings Or if you like cool rings like it like rings made out of meteorite or superconductor check out the link down there That’s it for this video. I want to wish you all a happy Wednesday my dudes, and I will see you on Saturday

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