Making a Decoupage Piggy Bank : Gluing Napkin Strips on a Decoupage Piggy Bank

Hi, I’m Rachel for Expert Village. Now I’m
going to put glue on the 2 sides not everything. If you remember we do the 2 sides but actually
we do the first side and then do the other one. So I’m just putting glue on one side
and I’m carefully going to put the napkin on. Now the bottom is not so important anyways.
We don’t see it but we need to put glue on it. So I would put it on the bottom and then
the other side. Then put glue a little bit on the sides here too. I would take the napkin
and put it on. Just a little bit on the sides, just a drop. We are going to cut it you don’t
want it to show the sides and just a little bit and put a drop of glue. The bottom is
not so important.

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