Making a Cornish Pixie! Harry Potter Christmas Decor

Making a Cornish Pixie! Harry Potter Christmas Decor

whoa I mushy right on the corner of this
bag also I’m not sure if this jump is meant to be off the shoulder or no hello
and compliments of the season season being well nearly Christmas today I’m
gonna be making a Cornish Pixies Christmas ornament okay I don’t do I
like Christmas I like the vibe of Christmas I just think that actual
Christmas day is a bit of an anti-climax yeah their pros and cons to the
Christmas season right okay Pro the theme of love is nice con to me but in
the shops Pro lots of thing anyway one of the biggest pros to the Christmas
season is decorations such as this and the other day I went into this store and
they had this really cute glass ornament which I thought I would destroy and take
apart oh that sounds so good literally I’m gonna cut the bottom off
and remove this little house sorry to whoever lives in this little house and
then to make the Pixies themselves I’m gonna use this Premo sculpey this is the
glittery stuff that I got in America I know that the Cornish Pixies themselves
aren’t glittery but this is honestly the perfect shade of Blues I’m gonna be
sculpting them out of there and then putting it into this let’s go firstly I
evicted this poor unsuspecting resident from its safe bubble of glass I am so
sorry I removed the label but kept on the
ribbon so I could hang it up to get the house out I took my knife and carefully
carefully cut around the bottom of the bauble took out the house and then I
scraped around the edge of the glass just to get rid of any excess glue
putting the glass to one side I then made an armature for my Cornish pixie
for this I had to make it very small and the arms and the legs still had to fit
inside of the glass this is a problem I may have run into later I twisted some
pieces of thin wire together and around to thicker wires to form the arms and
the legs this is just so that the clay has something to adhere to
if you twist some thinner wire around thicker wire it makes it so much easier
for the clay to stick to it rather than just slipping and sliding all over the
the thicker wire and poking right through the clay and I did keep checking
whether the armature fit into the glass to twist to very thin pieces of wire
together use two pairs of pliers because it’s almost impossible to get a grip on
very thin wire then I grabbed my sculpey polymer clay and this stuff definitely
needs to be needed a little bit before you can sculpt with it I covered that my
armature making sure the pixi didn’t have any creepy wire bones poking out to
do this I just flattened some clay pieces and
smoothed it over the wire I’m adding a little bit of Chi to the bot there the
pixies arms and legs are so skinny so I tried to keep the clay as close to the
wire as I could this thing looks so creepy without a head I’m so sorry I
gave it some pecs too because apparently Cornish Pixies have apps for the head i
sculpted a ball of clay off of the main armature and added some thin sausages of
clay for eyebrows cheekbones and lips I have a tiny ball tool which is really
useful for polymer clay work and I used that to smooth down all the details in
the face then I popped in some eyeballs I also used a small brush with some
liquid fimo and this is just kind of a liquid version of polymer clay and very
helpful for smoothing down details the ears are just long flat pieces of clay
that thinned in two points he is were what caused to be problems when I was
trying to put this pixie into its bubble as you’ll see later anyway the most
fiddly part of this whole process was definitely doing the hands and feet
separating those things and toes were so so small and fiddly I also knocked the
whole model over about 400 times during this process but I choose not to include
every mistake I make for the sake of your sanity and he’s finished what a
cursed little dude I needed to make sure the whole model fit into the bauble
before I baked it into the oven to harden and I tried to bend the is inward
before baking it I put that in the oven and using this colorful iridescent
plastic I cut out some wing whilst it was baking I added some
texture to the wings just by scraping the plastic with my knife to give it the
illusion of veins once the pixie was baked and hardened I wanted to check
that it fit inside the gas bubble it did not
sadly surgery was required this hurt me as much to do as it hurts you to watch
but wasn’t necessary for the containment of this magical creature after whittling
the ears down they finally fit inside the glass until one broke off disaster
but never fear glue is near super glue came to my rescue and and it was like
nothing had ever happened then I sculpted and baked some antennae
separately before gluing those on to then of course the ears needed more
whittling down so we didn’t have another poor casualty on our hands I stuck the
iridescent wings on I kind of wish that I had made a little gap or little hole
in the Pixies back to stick the wings in just because that would have made it
easier the final touches involved painting the eyes and giving them a
little gloss so that they were shiny then I added lots of glue to the Pixies
but before sticking it down and securing it into its beautiful glass prison where
it will now live forever this involved lots of super glue around the edge just
to make sure it never escaped and finito thank you for watching this DIY I’m glad
I finally managed to contain this pesky Cornish pixie
if you ever find yourself with a pixie problem just put it in a bubble and hang
that little beastie on a tree thanks for watching bye you

18 thoughts on “Making a Cornish Pixie! Harry Potter Christmas Decor

  1. It did look creepy without its head haha, the end results were really good and that poor pixie will never stand up again after having its but super glued

  2. Cornish Pixies should be glittery though, and I love the iridescent wings ๐Ÿ‘Œ. Demiguise is my favorite fantastic beast for sure. I want one as a friend.

  3. You deserve more views! (I know it's not all about vies but people need to see your channel and talent) your videos are amazing keep up the good work and I hope you read this!โ˜บ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’œ


  4. This is so cool! One day Iโ€™d love to make my own entirely Harry Potter themed tree, and this is definitely going on the list of decorations I need to make๐ŸŽ„

  5. you have a gift for arts and crafts. next time you're in the U.S. let me know. I've got a few bushes that need reshaping into H.P. characters and you are just the one to do it. BTW, i would have never thought about using wire. Excellent.

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