[Makeup Tips] LANEIGE Makeup Artist

Heartbeats… So do I just.. Ummm Close your eyes Just, keep rolling Hey whats up girl, got any plans for tonight? I can make a good spaghetti Oh! Hey whats up guys Welcome back to another episode of Steve does jobs. Today we’re here in
Seoul at a more Pacific we’ve been invited by my friend who’s a global
makeup artist for laneige he’s gonna introduce some products and he’s gonna teach me how to be a global makeup artist? so you guys ready let’s go let’s
go let’s go Shawn thank you so much for inviting us
here at Amore Pacific So you work at Laneige, right? Shawn:Yeah Steve: So what does Laneige mean? Shawn: Laneige means ‘the snow’ originally the brand concept was kind of snow concept and it has been changed like luminous beauty. Steve: So this is Laneige right? Shawn: Yes. (Steve whispers – ‘Laneige’) Ok, very good and so like what’s your favorite part
about working at Laneige? Shawn: it’s very kind of job interview now. Steve: I’m sorry. okay and so today we are going to be using my sister we’re going to be using half of her face you’re gonna do one half and I’m gonna do the other half of
Annie’s face and then you’re just gonna Shawn: Sounds fun Steve: yeah you’re just gonna walk with
me step-by-step on how to apply makeup and pretty much be a makeup artist. Shawn: okay Steve: All right Annie, my little sister hello how are you? can you give the camera or audience a little intro on yourself? tell the people who you are and where you’re from Annie: My name is Annie Wagner I learned I’m from the United States. Shawn: So I think we need to start from the skin care. Steve: Okay. Shawn: I’m going to just use this one Mist. and then using the lip sleeping mask Steve: okay Shawn: to keep lips or hydrated as well. Shawn:Using, your…. pinky Shawn:Pinky! Oh! Right Here (Korean) Chin area Steve:Like that? Shawn:Ok (Laughing) Steve: Technique Shawn:Uncomfortable? Steve:I’m doing it! Shawn: This is the makeup base reddish area going to use the cream color and a little bit yellowish area going to apply
the purple Steve: so what’s in this is it like green tea? Shawn: Of course no! Steve: okay, okay.. Shawn: starting from the center OK Like a painting Steve: What does this do Shawn? It just covers up her red spots? Shawn:Yes
Steve:OK Shawn: Using the puff tap.. tap.. tap.. tap.. not too Steve: Wow, that the tapping blends it in Shawn: mm-hmm Actually this side is a little bit difficult to do the makeup with the
right hand so, but today just do it. Any other parts I need to apply some purple color Steve: Purple color? Shawn: Yes Steve: so why green here and purple here? Shawn: so I think a little bit the cheek area she has a little bit red spots so I need to cover up first and then the other area also a little bit has this red color but over the color it’s more like a little bit yellowish so I need to cover up the color
first Steve: okay, got it Shawn:Starting from the center Steve: I love your brushing techniques the
strokes it’s just (pshh sound effect) tap tap tap tap if you push this too hard our model will feel, its very uncomfortable Steve: Perfect. (Annie laughing) Let me see, let me see. Emmmmm Ok (Both Laughing) This is our main product which we need to focusing on the base makeup today I’m using the cushion foundation
today Steve: Do I have to make a sound effect every time too? Shawn: No No, noooo Steve:I dont know if its working Shawn. tap tap tap tap tap Alright I don’t know what I’m doing really but I think I’m doing it okay And then (Korean) Concealer I feel like she is like a football player
right now Shawn: it’s your first time right? to apply the makeup to another Steve: this is my first time. yes. this is my first time mmhmmm your brother, your obba (korean:Brother) so forgiveness Shawn: this is the powder to set up the face makeup now little bit lightly touch not too much but now a days they are compared to the powder step the United States women use the powder a lot but now in Korea the Korean women apply
the powder a little bit very lightly first touch should be hairline because after that the oil comes out from the hairline Steve: From the top The eyebrow for the eyebrow makeup and then the eye area using another brush a little
smaller brush Steve: For those hard to reach areas Steve: Starting out with the hairline Close your eyes. Real family bonding right here Steve: So Shawn, what are we doing next? okay what is this? Shawn: Eyelash curler Steve: Ok, eyelash curler Shawn: Yes. This and. Oww Does that hurt Annie? Annie: No Wow That really makes her eyelashes curl that’s beautiful! Shawn: it’s not now your turn Steve: okay umm Shawn:OK heartbeats So do I just umm close your eyes keep rolling Shawn: using your left Steve: okay (Laughing) Steve: Alright maybe we’ll skip this part Annie:Maybe Sean, should do this part Steve: okay okay okay, Shawn Ok! Eyeshadow Steve: So this is eye concealer? concealer Steve: I love these words ok Shawn: Not Steve:Sorry cut Beautiful Shawn: Using the same color I need to apply the bottom line of the eye Steve: Is this like sand? or something What is this? Its like paint? Shawn: NO! Steve: Am I doing it wrong? It doesn’t look as good Alright. Shawn: Okay then use another shade Steve: okay are we gonna use Fifty Shades? No We’re going to blend out and mix the color with the first I need to apply a little bit darker
color near the eyelashes Steve: I’m totally lost Shawn: okay but You can do it Your turn Steve: Gosh Ok close your eyes looks good Shawn: the last point for the eyeshadow I’m going to use the same color Under eye area as well because the especially Korean women like applying any pigment like a glitter or like a pearl on the eye on the eye area because it looks very like a charming and look
more cutie than the real princess. So Steve: Wow oh my gosh okay Shawn: everything okay? mhmmm Shawn: okay Steve: You good? Annie: Yeah Ok Steve: Alright you’re going to use the eyeliner which is one of the picky parts as well like the eyelash curler Steve: OK Wow. Okay this man this is going to be like the
hardest part Can you like.. Go like that? Shawn this is really hard these Shawn: Yes it is. Ok All right Shawn Thats all I can do Shawn: Okay well, okay now we need to extend the eyeliner shape one more again Steve: Sorry All right Anniie: Steven’s gonna mess it up Steve:What’s this Shawn? Shawn: Also, eyeliner Steve: So many eyeliners Ok, alright I’ll try it Shawn: okay but it’s it’s actually liquid type so it’s more.. Woah! is more like, can be very
dangerous in your case Steve: I’ll just try it Shawn: Aaah Sorry Steve: I like it Shawn: You like it.?? Steps for the mascara Steve: the mascara? Shawn: compared to the eyeliner it’s a little bit easy Steve: okay Shawn: From bottom line to…. downward Steve: Using like a shaky technique Shawn: Yeah, yes. zig zag motion, just like this Another mascara Wow, another mascara This is from innisfree? Shawn:Yeah Steve: all right applying the eyelash? Shawn: Mascara Steve: Mascara! move to the i probe starting from the
bottom line oh okay so you make those eyebrows very
stand up more wavy with the eyebrows years I didn’t throw with the eyebrow
shape just feel the I folks following her ie bro shame like I’m painting like
art and it’s my artist person huh and the two thing we left three steps the
contouring blusher and lip stick okay using the lightest color okay while so this is lipstick yeah yeah it has the sixth layer on the one lips
whoa so it’s very easy to make more like a voluminous and then the Croatians made it using the cream type actually
there was the Met type texture but this time using the cream type lipsticks a
little bit just this is like a blush really blends in like the eye the eye
this right here highlighter island eyelids blend in with the cheeks really
good ooh wow that looks good so when you get some lights you can’t see naturally
it’s a nice shimmer just like under the eye okay on done yeah it’s on technique
so all right so the final result now we have to Annie look in the mirror and see
which side it looks better I guess yeah oh my god Shawn’s head looks much better my side
is better to know it Shawn so uh mm-hmm can you grade me on Warnock I know oh my
god get a zoomed up on that that was like the hardest part but I feel like my
style is more of like a hippie style keep it low that’s nobody style all
right okay I respect the team but can I be a makeup artist Shawn okay guys thank
you so much for watching Thank You Shawn dividing us we had a lot
of fun doing this I think I learned a lot any space looks awesome maybe my
side you are interested in checking out more of Shawn and seeing his makeup
tutorial he has a YouTube channel of his own in the description box below so you
can check that out Shawn is there anything that you want to say though
just thank you for coming today thank you so much like and subscribe like and
subscribe both channels yeah thank you alright see you guys

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