Hi, Sisters! James Charles here, and welcome back to my YouTube channel. I know this whole like, vibe, is like a little bit different than you’re normally used to. It has been a hot minute since I’ve had a hat and glasses on a youtube video. But for today’s video actually I have something that I’m really, really, really excited about and that I’ve never done on this channel before. And that is a drawing video. In last week’s video, I recreated a bunch of followers’ makeup looks and I literally thank you guys so much for all the love and support on that video. If you have not yet seen it click *tongue pop* right up here. It was fun to do, but I was actually reading through all the positive comments and so many of them were actually talking about how amazing the looks were and how they actually required a lot of artistic ability and I was getting a lot of questions whether or not I was able to draw. I’ve talked about this a few times in different YouTube videos, but I’ve never ever gone fully in-depth and before I ever was picking up blending brushes and beauty blenders and eyeshadow palettes, I was actually drawing for the entire first-half of my life, and I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty good at it if I do say so myself. My all-time favorite medium to work with was charcoal And with charcoal I really loved drawing portraits I always obviously had a very huge interest in human faces which clearly translated into my love for makeup and getting to do art on my own face But I would always create portraits of really really powerful women that I looked up to. I’ve done Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner But it’s been several several years since I’ve actually done one today. So for today’s video I thought I would just sit down, chill, do a little chit chat art with you guys. I’ve never done this before, I’m super super excited for today’s portrait I really wanna do this picture of Demi Lovato that I printed out you guys know I literally love Demi she’s one of my biggest role models and she’s also so beautiful so I think she’ll be really fun to create today. I have no makeup on this is a very very chill vibe so hopefully you guys like this video and without further ado, let’s get to sister sketching Ok, so let’s just jump right into it this is probably going to take me several several hours I guess I’m just gonna be switching between like this camera and then This camera and like time lapse hello So let’s just get started. I have my notepad here of charcoal paper and I have a few different charcoal pencils of different hardness I have these good and fresh sister blending stumps And then of course I have this reference image of Demi that I printed out literally hello she looks the best ever in the entire world So I’m gonna try to recreate this image (clap) today. Ok so I guess I’m going to first start off by sketching some of the light outlines of her facial features using a really really light pencil I know a lot of people say, don’t outline like it’s against the rules of artistry But literally, hello, how else are you going to know where to put your things, So, we’re outlining today Her face probably goes to about here in the photo and then her hair is covering it so I’m just going to sketch in some hairs Okay. Her lips are probably going to be about here on this photo I’m pressing really lightly with my pencil as well because I don’t wanna add too much color right away And since this paper is white I’ve obviously can’t go any lighter with it than white, hello, color You can only go darker, so I’m being really careful as to where I actually put any pencil because it’s going to be really hard to lighten things later on This one comes down a little bit lower I think. Also this top lip here looks like she has a pretty rounded Cupid’s bow, actually Let’s sketch out her sister schnoz Her eyeballs I think they’re about here she definitely has a pretty short brow tail so probably right about there I guess that’s kind of all we need to start sister shading a little bit So now that we have the basic kind of layout of all Demi’s facial features I guess we get to go on and start shading now and this is by far my favorite part of the entire process I love, love, love shading It’s kind of just like contouring of the face where you get to really add in those dimensions and highlights and shadows and just make everything come to life. So Let’s start sister shading I wanna avoid any smudging as I possibly can so I guess we’re just going to start off right up here And I’m just gonna grab my HB pencil from Favorite Castelle and kind of lay down just a really really light wash of color I’m going in super super light with this because remember you can always layer on it’s very very very easy to add in any shadows but it’s extremely hard to bring back any highlights But it’s also important to keep in mind nothing should ever be white except for the highlights in somebody’s eyes or on the face in like the lips Then I’m just gonna take blending stumps this one’s kind of like a medium size And start to blend out that shading to create smooth transitions If anything ever becomes too harsh too I really like to use these gummy erashers (erasers) you can get these at any art supply store And you can kind of use this and lightly kind of drag over the image to pick up little bit of that pigment I really really love these erasers for doing this they work so much better than normal pencil erasers, would definitely recommend I’m gonna go in with a little bit of a deeper pencil now this is a 4B, which lays down color a lot harsher than a normal 2B would (stumbling) than a normal HB would, I don’t even know what the f*ck these pencils mean I’m not even gonna lie to you guys I just know that this one’s deeper, so we’re gonna use that one now I’m gonna use this one right along the side of Demi’s hairline because obviously we’re gonna be drawing in hairs later on But there’s definitely an intense shadow going on in this region and I need to add this to the picture Just gonna grab a blending stump and blend that out So now that we have kinds of the base of the forehead layed out, obviously we’re gonna come back to this far later on But, I wanna keep moving downwards so I’m gonna grab a dark pencil and I’m gonna start off doing Demi’s eyebrows And I’m just basically gonna do this by drawing in really really light hair strokes kind in the same way that I would normally do my own eyebrows in makeup I definitely don’t want to start off too harsh And turn it into sharpie brows because we all know what that looks like Ok I’m gonna grab the eraser and like pinch it into like this little dot kind of And use this to go right in those brows and kind of erase just some of those areas that look a little more harsh to kind of bring back some of the original paper underneath and to lighten everything up so it looks more natural And so now we get to start off my favorite part of the entire portrait which is always the eyes I’m first gonna start of my shading the area that the eyes are in so I’m just gonna grab my light pencil once again and kind of shade this inner corner of Demi’s nose bridge just to lay down a light base then same thing up here I’m gonna lay some color down right above the eyelid fold And we have to create that kind of rounded shape right up here with a brow bone Definitely gonna follow the eyeshadow shape as well and bring some of this color upwards just kind of like a transition shade in makeup and then a little bit below as well making sure to leave open a white space which is where the water line will be later on. I’m actually so excited to drawing Demi today you guys know high-key how much of a huge fan of her I am literally she’s like the only person I actually like stan even though I literally hate that word She’s just so talented it’s not even funny, I wanna do her makeup so bad although JillPowellGlam (@jillpowellglam) does do a pretty good job but I feel like Demi needs a sister James snatch She follows me on Instagram, we’ve DMed back and forth a few times about it I was supposed to do it at Coachella but it didn’t end up working out But, she’s definitely like my dream collab and I just oh my god I feel like I could do so many beautiful things with Demi. *spooked at how many things he could do* Imagine me glamming her and then like singing together Actually, that’s a bad idea, imagine me glamming her and then her singing to me and me not opening my mouth and being silent Much better option. Ok now I need to draw on eyelashes which actually I’m actually kind of scared for because I do have a tendency to definitely overdraw eyelashes. And then turn from like eyelashes into like eye fur and that’s definitely not the look we’re going for today. I definitely wanna give her like a Miami lash as opposed to like a fluffy lash if you know what I mean So, we’re gonna be really gentle That’s like four eyelashes Ok, the beauty guru in me needs to calm down Turn those in a little bit because we’re looking a little bit spooky So this is gonna be a scenerio where I should’ve done the left eye first, so my fault But I’m gonna grab a tissue and I’m gonna put this over the eye that I just did so I can work on this eye without rubbing the side of my hand against the entire drawing let’s do the eyebrow first Ok, so I need to start shading in Demi’s nose bridge I’m really um not looking forward to being that noses are by far the hardest part, in my opinion, in any portrait because one wrong shading moment and like literally the entire nose is gone we gave Demi a rhinoplasty, sorry sister So I’m gonna try my absolute best to follow the shading in this original picture and cross my fingers and pray to the lord and heaven above that we can do this. Oh (drops pencil) that was not supposed to happen. Speaking of things that were not supposed to happen, ooh great segue James This weekend I just went to Tanacon, well didn’t go to Tanacon actually went to the area of Tanacon and then proceeded to not attend Tanacon Um, it was… interesting to say the least. Um, that’s all I wanna say on that probably. Can’t wait for #SisterCon2019 I wanna take one of my tiny blending stumps now that already has some charcoal on it and I’m actually gonna use this to create some of the freckles that Demi has on her nose Ok, this is like, not bad Teaaa Miss Demi She does have a slight butt chin as well, which can relate so I’m just gonna sketch that in and make sure I leave a little bit of a shadow moment there so I can kind of shape that in place and going up on this side of the jaw she definitely has a much more intense shadow so I’m gonna grab a much darker pencil this one is 6B and keeping in mind there’s gonna be hair here in a little bit I’m just going to place in some of that pencil to blend out in a second Ok so I’m gonna move on to the lips now and lips have always been something that I’ve kind of struggled with a little bit just being that similar to what I was kind of saying in the forehead earlier, you have to really keep in mind the lightness areas because it’s hard to bring it back once it’s gone and when it comes to the lips you have to make them look wet-looking which includes a lot of highlight It looks like her makeup artist uses kind of like a gloss over the entire lip area As opposed to like over lining the actual lip region if that makes sense, you guys know what I’m talking about So, I’m gonna try to create this shadow over top of the actual lip region just using a light pencil Ok, so I know this lip looks really really weird right now Trust me, um, hello I see it too But if we actually compare It to the reference photo as you can tell all of the kind of dark shades are there all I really need to add back in is going to be the highlight shades which I have to add in with a pen later on So I’m actually gonna leave this how it is right now, surprisingly. Wow, that actually didn’t take as long as I was expecting despite the fact that I’ve been doing this for literally like 6 hours now so that’s really fun and fresh. Um, but now let’s finish up I guess the neck and the hair which should be pretty easy So I’m just going through using my darkest pencil and I’m drawing in hair strokes all around where the edge of Demi’s head is going to be I’m now realizing that this entire outside area is gonna be filled with black so, instead of wasting this charcoal pencil that I spent a lot of money on and sitting here scrubbing the entirety of this canvas I just found this can of black paint which I got when I moved into my apartment #notsponsored But I’m actually gonna try to paint the entire outside edge with black instead Hopefully, this isn’t the worst idea ever I can’t find my big paintbrush so I guess I’m literally gonna use the Morphe E57 brush Um, to paint this entire thing so, use code James for 10% off your purchase (laughing). I’m gonna grab some some white paint also on a Morphe, this brush, and draw in some hair highlights. Ok you guys I’m so nervous I don’t know why what the heck. Ok, here we go. 3, 2, 1 AAH On camera, low-key, looks pretty good and fresh. There’s sister Demi, 7 hours later. I’m really, really proud of the finished result. Let’s be real it is definitely not perfect it could look a little bit more like Demi. I definitely wish I didn’t do the painting on backgroundI feel like it looks a little bit too dark and the white spots on the lips, I don’t know how artists normally do that because whatever pens I was using were not the tea But, I feel like this is a solid like 9/10 and I’m just really, really happy to be back in my roots and what really got me into art in the first place being portraits. I had so much fun drawing sister Demi today and I really, really hope I did her justice she is by far one of my all-time biggest role models and I absolutely love her I think she is by far one of the most talented vocalists of our generation Her vocals are truly unmatched (claps) you can fight me on that in the comments down below She is so unapologetically herself and she is also just the most stunning person ever, so. I really, really want to do her makeup one day that’d be so awesome And I really, really hope you guys enjoyed this more, like, chillaxed sitback James painting day. It is not very often that I get to just sit down and create. I feel really really weird not having any makeup on or my hair done It feels very, very off brand to me but you know what I had so much fun while doing it and that’s all that matters. And I really, really hope you guys enjoyed it, too. If you did, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and show your support and love It would really mean the absolute world to me and definitely leave a comment down below and tell me if you want to see more painting or art videos in the future. I had so much fun doing this and I would love to do it again if you guys are interested. If you have not already don’t forget to click that big, red subscribe button down below and come join the sisterhood. It is a pretty lit time. I usually post makeup videos, of course, and also click that bell icon so you get notified every time I upload a brand new video If you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter they’re both just jamescharles And my snapchat for more, behind the scenes type stuff is jamescharless with an extra “s” after charles. This video’s sister shoutout goes to sister Liv thank you so much for always following and supporting and I love you literally so so so much and if you’d like to be in the next video’s sister shoutout, don’t forget to always retweet my video links they go live on Twitter. Alright sisters I love you so much thank you for watching and I will see you in the next one. Bye!


  1. i know that this video is a little bit different from my normal content, but i really hope you guys still enjoy it!! i worked really hard on it and had a lot of fun getting back into my roots. we'll be back to our normally scheduled makeup programming on friday! <3 ily so much


  3. They say not to use a pencil in charcoal sketching because charcoal and lead don't blend together and lead gives out a shine unlike charcoal. You can try using graphite pencils

  4. Love that you chose to draw Demi! Queen🤤💖 so incredibly beautiful, so talented, agreed on the vocals🎶 you did an AMAZING job. Also agree the hair is very dark in contrast but you literally slayed that👏💁

  5. Sister: Draws amazingly
    Me: Eh
    Sister: Glams amazingly
    Me: Nope
    Sister: Sings amazingly
    Me: tehe, NOPE

    S I S T E R T A L E N T E D

  6. That’s so pretty sister, I envy your talent, absolutely love it sister ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Just realized
    Is there anything u can’t do ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Me as a charcoal portrait artist:

    Ya boi is actually good at drawing, he's been using those blending stumps alOT

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