Make your own origami mortarboard (graduation cap)

Make your own origami mortarboard (graduation cap)

Here’s how to make an origami mortarboard or graduation cap. Full credit for the design and original instructions to Jon Tucker. This design can be made with paper or plastic money as a quirky graduation gift, and for this video we’ve scaled it up slightly so the finished product is about 6 centimeters square by 3 centimeters deep. You can find other scaled-up sizes in
the video description below and we’ll also include a link to our free
printable design there, so you can take one of these. Let’s get started! So folding your sheet of paper as indicated on the lines, we’re going to flatten it out once it’s got the original creases and this will make it easier to put together.
We’re going to start by folding lengthways and then hold the open side up towards you. Now bring your hands together slowly. Because we’ve made those creases before
it should come together. So you’ve got a square lying flat on the table, and two ears or rectangular flaps standing up vertically. Okay we’re going to fold those vertical flaps down now so they lie flat on the table. And then I’m going to fold the square shape in half and lie the model down here, like this. The next step is to lift one of these
rectangular flaps to the vertical position again and this time we’re going to open it out to the point and fold it in a squash fold, so it makes a neat triangle. Okay we’re going to repeat that on the other side. So lift the rectangular flap straight up, open it – if it’s too small you can use a pen or a pencil. The line right down the center, and squash into a triangle. Okay, so now you’ve got your model laying flat. We’re going to lift one flap of the triangle – just a single flap and do the same sort of thing – so you’re going to open
(with a pen or your finger) and squash it flat, so this crease runs at 90 degrees to this line here. Squash it into a triangle shape and then
(because you lifted this one down), we’re going to push this flap back to its original location. And the bottom flap of the same side, we’re going to lift it vertically open it up, squash it flat making sure the edges stay together underneath and fold this back down to its original spot. So you’ve got these nice triangle shapes here. We’re going to do the same on the reverse side, so just flip it over. Lift your first triangle flap; squash fold; return to the centre. And lift the bottom triangle flap; squash fold; return to the centre. Now you should have something that looks kinda like this
(mine’s a little messy). Now we’re going to put your left-hand on the pointy side of the triangle and lifting a single piece of this paper, you’ve got a fold line here from where you folded at the beginning. So you just want to bring that back to the fold line,
and holding it vertically use your thumb and your finger to squash this section
into an outward shape – a bowl shape so it’s kinda squashy – not exactly a ‘fold’. We’re going to do the same on this other
section here squash it out so you’ve got a half bowl shape. We’re going to repeat that on the opposite side, so flip it over. You’ll see your fold line from the beginning. So just lifting that top top sheet, we’re going to
squash out these portions again. So just be gentle as you go – it’s not a very exact science this bit. Alright, so you’ve got your half bowl shape on both sides. Now what we’re going to do is unfold that square bit to bring the half bowl shapes together. and see they don’t quite meet up – because you need to
create a bit of space here and tuck one half of the bowl inside the other. So we’ll just tuck one side underneath and tuck the other side. So now you’ve got something that looks like this. To finish your model, you just get these two open edges;
put them close together and do a little tiny pinch fold to lock them. So just roll over the top, squish it down. You can go all the way around if you like (I’ll just take a shortcut). So folding over the top, squash it down and just tidying up the edges, all the way around. Bending it over, making it neat and bowl-shaped. So now that’s the conclusion, and you’ve got your very own mortarboard (or graduation cap). Don’t forget to look in the description
below for other sizes of this model and also for a copy of the free printable. Enjoy!

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