Make School Supplies Great Again! 10 Smart Back To School Ideas and other DIY Crafts

Make School Supplies Great Again! 10 Smart Back To School Ideas and other DIY Crafts

Hey, Madison, welcome back to class! Grab your exercise book
and put that pencil to good use! Madison is still thinking about the amazing time she had in Paris. Darn it! How did this happen?! Don’t tell me all the pencils got broken in my bags… You should probably protect your pencils by buying a case or even better – come up with an idea to make one yourself! Emily’s makeup brush roll sure looks like it does a great job of keeping her brushes secured in one place. Hmm, if only we
could do something similar… Grab a long piece of felt. Then use a
ruler to mark a dozen small lines. Grab some scissors to make some cuts. Using both of the horizontal holes place
all of your colored pencils through. Roll the fabric into a big burrito. Place s single drop of hot glue in the center and attach a ribbon. Add a decorative ribbon for a visual twist. The ribbon will keep the pencil case intact. Tidy up and you’re done! Madison is back in class this time with
our custom DIY pencil roll. Which almost looks like waves of a rainbow! Even Emily
is impressed by Madison’s creativity! Do you mind if I borrow one? It looks like Jessica’s pen just ran out
of ink. And the old blow air onto the ballpoint tip trick is not helping out… Oh no! Her pencil case zipper just broke off! Great way to start your morning
class, isn’t it? No worries! Jessica may have just found a quick solution. Fill the center of the paper clip with glittered colored hot glue over a sheet of baking paper. Let it dry for a minute or so. And lastly… hook the paper clip onto your pencil case and bam! We fixed it! With this easy fix Jessica managed to replace her broken zipper and won’t have to worry the next time something like that happens again. Emily is preparing for an evening with her classmates. She’s going to lay out all her makeup and start her primping session by putting on some foundation. Bad news is she just ran out of it… Always happens when you least expect it, right? Good news, she might just be able to use
it for something! Clean the leftover foundation out of the case using a clean wipe. Grab some sticky notes and cut them into circular shapes. Measure them
so they’re the right size. Lastly, place them inside. You can now write out all
your notes inside this handy case! Emily now not only has a mirror to check
yourself out with but can also securely store her sticky notes. Madison has been working on her math
assignment for hours now. And her legs are about to go numb. The discomfort is
definitely not helping her focus. She’d rather lift her legs up and these
pillows might actually do the job. Unfortunately they’re too low and not
firm enough. Maybe with a small enhancement we could make it work! Lay out the pillow and use a seam ripper to untie all four corners. A 1 inch gap should be just enough. Grab two sticks. Place them through the holes on both sides. Hook all four ends of the sticks with the rope loops. Now just stick 2 self-adhesive hooks on both sides of the table. Cut the ropes up and voilà! Our hammock is done! Madison will now be able to rest her legs and
relax for a minute. Emily is almost finished with her
notebook. It’s the end!
Well at least for the book not your notes. Let’s check our school supplies for another one. Bad news – this notebooks cover needs to be replaced. Good news – it’s completely empty. I’m sure Emily is crafty enough to
customize it! Let’s start with a book. Cover the front with hot glue and attach
a rectangular piece of felt. Stick a bundle of fluffy yarn to the corner. Hey, wait! How did we make that? Wrap wool yarn around your hand. And tie it up with a spare piece. Cut through the loop using scissors. Lay it down and use a brush to fluff it out. Repeat this process. Covering your notebook in fluffy wool clouds. Grab a hair straightener and straighten the
wool pieces the best you can. Next use a brush to smooth it down. Glue some ears on the top,
made of two bit triangular pieces of felt. Add a couple of hearts, make a pair of cute cheeks along with some elegant lashes. The base for the finishing touch is a piece of velcro which we will attach this loving horn to. But wait! How do you make a horn? Grab a piece of air dry clay and shape it to make two candlestick shapes. Disassemble a pen taking out the ink chamber. And wrap the clay all around it. Paint the whole horn gold. Attach the remaining velcro piece
using hot glue and stick the horn on the forehead. For some added flourish attach
a bunch of cute pon pons. Voilà! It’s all done! From a damaged notebook to a fluffy masterpiece! Emily now has a
magical unicorn to protect her notes! Emily is using her nail file in class. But little does she know, it’s not allowed… Well at least not in front of
the teacher. Luckily she has a spare one laying in her pencil case. But how can we
make sure the teacher doesn’t confiscate it again? Using a ruler and a pen, mark up
your nail file with measurements. Add some numbers for an extra visual. That was fast! Emily can now continue to use her nail
file and pretend it’s a ruler during class. Now she’ll be using her ruler more
than ever just maybe not for math… Emma has once again messed up her class
schedule and has disturbed the class. Slide quietly into your desk, girl, and
pretend none of this happened. Unfortunately Emma is about to realize… she completely messed up her schedule and forgot about her math test today. Ayayay! Back at home she realizes that her
system of sticky notes are messy and impractical. But now all that is about to change. Emma can’t allow herself to miss class anymore. Let’s grab our old comics
picture, flip it and remove the cover replacing the art page with a newly printed calendar. Put the cover back, flip it and you’re all done! Glass is the perfect surface to mark all of your important dates using an erasable marker. With the help of the calendar, Emma won’t
have any more schedule mix-ups and will be ready for every test. Oh look we got here a bit earlier! Just enough time to chill. Ashley and Emily are discussing their
school break trips. They had so much fun traveling to all the amazing places in Europe But Madison is feeling left out and would rather go home. Madison’s bummed out because it’s been forever since she’s been on vacation. Furthermore these text messages with special offers are definitely not helping out on her mood. Especially when our wallet is pretty much empty… Don’t worry, Madison, I’m sure you’ll end up visiting all those beautiful places at some point. For now let’s just keep our minds positive and start saving pennies. Wait! It seems Madison has already figured it
out. Let’s turn our water jar into a travel fund jar! Simply stick a sightseeing poster on the back facing inward using transparent tape. Add a single slice of gaffer tape in the front and use a crayon to write your dream travel destination. It’s done! A couple of spare dollars a day and
Madison will have enough to take that trip! London, Paris, Rome, here I come! Emily and Jessica are working on their homework. Emily wants to put a touch of lip balm but she is all out… What a bummer… Jessica’s bendable eraser sure looks
cool. But wouldn’t it be much cooler if it was just a little sturdier? Wait a second!
Maybe this lip balm case doesn’t have to go to waste! Squish a kneadable eraser and form it into a lipstick shape. First you’ll want to clean the lip balm out using a cotton swab. Really dig in there.
It’s going to take a few minutes. Now just insert the eraser inside the hole. Voilà! You can now use your redesigned lipstick to erase all your pencil mistakes. Get ready to mess with your classmates! Let’s put the top back and
give it to Jessica to try out. I wonder if she’ll notice the changes we made… *laughter* Try it out on the paper, silly! Wow it actually works! The lip balm container keeps the eraser
intact. Meanwhile I think it’s best we stick to the real lip balm instead. As always Madison is having a sugar craving. excuse me, Emily, do you mind? Yeah, of course, she doesn’t want to seem greedy… Madison is still not satisfied. And looking at that chocolate bar is definitely not helping her out. It’s too good… Just one more! It looks like Emily is getting irritated here. Once more she tries to focus then pretends to focus. But the temptation is too much. I’m sure Emily won’t mind… WHAT?! Pretty please…? Oh well… Emily has a brilliant idea on how to
teach Madison a lesson. We’ll use their notes and the leftover chocolate bar
plastic. Lay down baking paper. Pour some flour and add a generous layer of silicon. Use disposable gloves to knead and mix the two elements. Roll out the dough and with a ruler make
some lines. Outline the shape of a notebook on the dough using a sharpie. Cut the dough down to a rectangular chocolate bar shape. Lay it down and
paint the entire bar brown. Cut the chocolate bar wrapping in half. Cut through the sides. Add a layer of hot glue inside. Place the small notepad you
traced with inside. And add another layer of glue. Place your fake chocolate bar on
the notebook cover. Glue the plastic package on top and on the sides. Tidy up! Feel free to open your chocolate bar and write down some notes. Perfect! It’s done! Emily is back at school with another bar
of “chocolate” and this time our sugar fiend is about to taste some salt! Do you mind? Oh yeah, go ahead, Madison! Mhm that’s what I thought! I think she finally got the message! Hey, Crafty Pandas! I hope you enjoyed
these school supply ideas! Let us know which of these accessories you’re going
to customize first in the comments down below! If you want to learn more feel
free to check out our older videos. Hit the subscribe button and ring that belt
to stay tuned for more!

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