100 thoughts on “Make Print Then Cut T-Shirts with Your Cricut the RIGHT Way!

  1. I enjoy your content. I don't own a machine yet but you're making want to rush out & get it now (I've got a budget & plan 😭)

  2. Can you upload fonts we’ve purchased elsewhere? How do shirts hold up going through the washer/dryer?

  3. Thank you for our video. You are a good teacher, well done!. I got to make me some notes to remember those tips. 🙂

  4. Great Video and thanks. Question can you change the image in any other way other than erase such as changing the color of a image? I have a logo that is of a record however it is a black record and if I wanted to put it on a black tshirt it would not show up. Was wondering if I changed the color of the record if that would work? Thanks for your help

  5. Thank you! Now I know how to use the software. You made it so easy. Just got my Cricut so I really needed this video! Please make more Cricut videos for us newbies! You are so awesome!

  6. I would love to make the tattoos, as a school bus driver who does not hand out eatables, I think this would be a fun alternative / addition to stickers and pencils.

  7. YOU!!! Ma'am are awesomeness!!! Thank you for taking your time and posting! I've watched a couple videos and was lost, but now I'm found! Lol
    You dear have a new follower. 😊

  8. Do you have any tutorials / tips on how to trick my Cricut Maker into doing larger print then cut images? (i.e. 8×10)

  9. Absolutely loved this video. Trying to join on FB not sure if I answered all the questions as my phone rang.

  10. Can I use just printable vynil and iron it onto fabric without it being HTV, I keep buying the wrong Vynil, I need HTV, I hate transfet sheets

  11. I swear I've watched this video 10 times while I try to work on a special project and it is really helping me. It has been my most important video out of ALL of your videos so far. Every time I watch, I get a different tip that I didn't get the earlier times. But you know what the HARDEST thing has been for me? BUYING THE BLOODY DARK TRANSFER PAPER!!! UGH!!! Amazon no longer delivers directly to Australia. Big thumbs down. In the end I found a brand I'd never heard of (at Officeworks locally), Quirkii, 5 sheets for $21.58. That's highway robbery!!! But the end result will be worth it. I've been busy in Design Space, preparing a Koala themed shirt for my sister as she was a volunteer at the Koala Hospital here before she got sick, and the writing says "I'm Koala-Tee!" as in I'm Quality! LOL! With a really cute Koala on it. I did a Bee themed shirt for my Mum, as she always says, "Bee Happy All Day!!" …so it says that… a plain Leo shirt for me for when I can get some gold glitter iron on vinyl, plus I've got loads of ideas for my son and husband – I'm going to use your slicing idea with the tools like you did with Mr Maker – my hubby is always in his shed too. PERFECT. Just trying to come up with the right pun, it has to be funny. Anyhoo, you probably won't even get the chance to read this so I'm probably talking to myself. I'm headed back to design space because I want to see if I can find a retro cassette tape since I was born in the 70's and I love anything 70's/80's…what better to stick on a bag, shirt, coasters, ANYTHING!!!!! HAAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!! OMG!!!! VINYL ALLLLLLL THE THINGS!!!!!!

  12. Great video. Very informative! Have you done a sticker one yet? I have a work project I got myself into 🤦🏻‍♀️ and my idea is a “print/cut” style sticker on adhesive vinyl. The base is the tin buckets like you have hanging on your back wall.

  13. I wish I found this before I used the light transfer sheet. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial.

  14. i love your videos, but you are too long winded, you never completed this and showed us how to print these in color on vinyl

  15. Hey, there awesome Video!. Could you kind enough to tell me what does the code -45 and -18 mean. I keep getting it and can not compete for a single cut 🙁 my Cricut explore air 2 is hardly a month old.

  16. Jennifer, Question, Can I place a vinyl iron on saying over a print and cut? I have a jukebox print and cut image and I want to put the saying " Rock around the clock" over the design, to hang off either side.

  17. Is it possible to create stickers in Cricut or
    another program, have it printed at Office Max or Kinko’s, then have Cricut cut
    it out.  I have a laser printer that can’t
    accept sticker paper and laser sticker paper is a risk as well as expensive.

  18. This is so amazing! The way you present your information is so smooth and easy to understand. Step by step directions is just awesome…Thanks so much!

  19. Jennifer, You probably won't see this but here goes anyway. If you were looking for a distressed look, would you say the light colored transfer would work for that or was it just ugly and not "distressed"? Thanks and your tutorials are great. I'm learning a lot!

  20. I loved your tutorial but I had a problem with the light print and cut vinyl, it just won't peel away from the backing to be able to leave just the pattern to heat press. The dark will but the light won't come away from the backing. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help.

  21. hello im doing print and cut with only letter and I put a colored box around the words however cricut keeps trying to cut the words and not just the box I created around letters. how can I have cricut just cut around box that I added

  22. Hi. OMG im so glad I found your channel. I lovedddd this video and I have been wanting videos like this. I also subscribed to your Blog and got the book, Thank you so much. im so excited.

  23. I have a mac and when I go to print, I dont see advance option. I want to change the quality to best. Did they move it? I've looked everywhere…

  24. I want my paintings that I’ve made transferred to t shirts. Coffee mugs etc etc. Which machine would I use ?????

  25. What is the transfer medium made of? When using the medium for dark fabrics is the paper left on the t shirt? If so, would it make it unwashable? Brilliant tutorial.

  26. When using print and cut feature can I use with infusible ink as well and how does that work? I am trying to put a photo on my tshirt

  27. Is it possible to change embroidery file "dieline" to svg? and cut in fabric? I am making bookmark with something that looks like dog bite and it would make it so much easier is cricut could cut it for me? not sure about copy rights though.

  28. I'm struggling with this. Seems like I watched this video before and I was able to do what I wanted and it all worked. This time I got everything to print… and then when I took it to the cricut it was supposed to cut out the shape but it's cutting my text as well. Ugh!

  29. You are the best instructor I've ever seen on Youtube! Thank you for such an overwhelmingly simple to understand tutorial. You are awesome!

  30. I absolutely LOVE Ms. Makers videos. She explains everything so well and shoes every step. this video was great and learned so many other things too! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  31. hello, I have a design that's a circle like yours, also filled with blank space or the white. I was wondering if its possible to cut out the middle white as well? or will it become too hard to peel without the middle support?

  32. I love your videos, Jennifer, but I am hearing impaired and it's so hard to hear you even with all of my speakers on full volume. Is it possible to place your mic closer to your mouth somehow?

  33. Have u done printable waterproof stickers ? I been wanting to make one with my cricut machine what paper sticker do u recommend ?

  34. Greta tutorial!! But HELP…😞 my maker does not have the (Advance Options) listed. My printer keeps printing regular and it is not vibrant. I can print the image perfectly and it is vibrant outside of design space. I don’t know what else to do. I have been trying to fix this for five hours now 😞I give up

  35. I'm getting ready to try my first print and cut for a t-shirt. My question is what keeps the color from fading from washing. Is there a way to seal it? Tia

  36. How did you get your cricut not to cut the inside of your image where the verbiage is rather than leave it with the white?

  37. The reason the light fabric transfer paper doesn't look vibrant is you have to use heavy pressure to get the ink to press into the fabric. That Cricut iron doesn't work, you need a t-shirt press.

  38. Great video! I agree, dark transfer paper is the best! Now: For something I would like you to teach on, is making Shrinky Dinks on the Cricut Maker!! I got the kit from Amazon, but have drawn a blank on how to do them – I figure you also use the print then cut feature, am I correct?

  39. I can't say enough about your tutorials. i would just be looking at a screen not knowing what to do if it wasn't for you. Thank you!!

  40. I am having trouble getting my cricut to see the black cut marks and I keep getting an error that it can not read the lines

  41. fantastic video, this answered most of my questions…I had watched loads of videos and none were as good as this.

    Can I just ask though would prints turn out even better if you used a sublimation printer to print onto the vinyl? since the inks were made for this use instead of just using normal inkjet inks

  42. how come you did not use the bigger heatpress…the white and purple one? what size is that small one you used? as I can get the 23cm by 23cm one here in the uk and I presume that would be the bigger one and not the small one you used?

  43. My cut and print didn’t work. I have the Maker. I did the process and it only cut a square around my 12 circle designs. I want each circle to be cut. I used card stock paper. What did I do wrong. Thx.

  44. Hands down, this is the best how to video I have seen! Thank you! Did you use regular ink for your hp printer? Or a special ink?

  45. Great video! Only issue that I'm having is with advanced printer options. I have the same printer and it doesn't come up for me. Any idea how to get that because my prints are coming out poorly.

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