Make Money as an Artist 💸24 Ways

Welcome back to my channel. If you are
an artist struggling to make the ends meet this video is for you. I will be showing
you 24 different ways how you can make money without paying anyone anything
Again this is NOT a sponsored video I’m speaking from my own research experience
and knowledge so for those of you who are a little bit skeptical about making
money on the internet stay in to the end because I’ll be telling you how to use
online platforms to make money in real life physically face to face without
further ado let’s get into it number one sell the origin artworks on Saatchi
Art. So if you have a lot of artworks then take good pictures, upload on Saatchi
art. You create a free account (again free) you don’t pay anyone anything
and then once they approve your account you’ll be able to sell your works there
Every month there are more than 1.6 million monthly visits to Saatchi art I’m
pretty sure you can acquire some of the traffic to your page and
sell your works there and for each work so they take 35%
commission it might sound like a lot but is not too much considering that a real
gallery would take 50% at least as a commission and also they arranged the
pickup once the work is sold you put it in a box and the logistic company of
such a art will come to your studio pick up the work and send it to the collector
so for 35% Commission they arrange not only the traffic but also the pickup is
a fair deal. Number 2, sell original artworks on Art Finder. They take 33%
or 40% depending on the seller plan you have subscribed to. It’s
very similar to Saatchi art but Art Finder has a slightly different
clientele, I would say it’s a younger more lively also more affordable art
kind of collector. So if your art is watercolor, smaller size then maybe it’s
better to sell on Art Finder than Saatchi Art. It’s your choice. Number 3 selling
merchandising on society6. I have made a video on selling a society6 before they
will pay you 10% as artists royalty but you don’t need to do anything once you
hit the button upload and you agree for them to print your artwork out
those products then all you need to do is wait for the money to come for 10%
passive income is not so bad considering that you don’t need to do
absolutely anything Number 4, selling art merchandising on
Red Bubble. Red Bubble is the biggest rival it’s the biggest competitor to
Society6 and they are very very similar However Red Bubble gives you 20% payout
with some modifications, depending on different scenarios but 20% is better
than 10%. If you would like to get more money possible out of the royalty so Red
Bubble maybe is a better choice for you Number 5 selling commission works on
Facebook. Perhaps you know Facebook You can sell on marketplaces you can sell
secondhand, new things or artworks or whatnot. However maybe you have not
tried the groups you can join the niche groups or local groups such as the digital
artist group, the oil painting group, the landscape group, there’s so many groups
you can join and then you just share your artworks within the group, so that people
can tell you how much they love your work or if you could change something
about your work. Some customers might be getting in touch with you directly on
Facebook for commissioned pieces and I know some artists who are making
a full-time living from selling commissioned pieces on Facebook within
the groups. And in the future you can charge ‘Libra’, which is the currency of
Facebook. So keep your eyes open maybe one day you’ll be making a lot of Libras
on Facebook. Number 6 asking for monthly donation on Patreon
I have made another video on Patreon I think we have made probably a video
for everything. You can ask for a monthly donation from your followers on social
media to ask them to pledge 1 to 5 to 50 dollars every month so you can
support yourself as an artist and meanwhile you can give back to your
community some exclusive content or you don’t have to give anything if you don’t
want. But you just have to find ways to retain them so you can have monthly
patrons to give you ..patronage Number 7, asking for one soft donation
on Kickstarter the many website like Kickstarter, like IndieGoGo
GoFundMe. If you have an interesting project that would
require a lot of funding that you don’t have, you can ask our Kickstarter. For
example if you are a photographer you want to go to Antarctic to create a
photo album you can say you’re going to launch this project you need $50,000 and
for each donor you can give like art print or photo album whatever that you
think is appropriate for the different tiers and then attract them to give you
a donation. The thing is you must fulfill the project if you don’t carry out, you’ll
face serious problems not legally but with your reputation as an artist. So
make sure that you will carry out the project and see it through
Number 8 selling online courses on Skillshares. I’m talking about online courses
I’m not talking about your online courses. You can sell other people’s
online courses and skill shares for each new subscription you refer to you will
get $10 commission from Skillshares Of course you can also launch your own
courses on Skillshares and receive a portion of the profit on Skillshares
But it’s depending on how many minutes people watch your courses and it’s
really hard to predict I cannot tell you how much you will be making but what I
can tell you for sure is for each new student they give you 10 bucks
Number 9 selling more courses on Udemy. Udemy is the largest online II
course platform they have over 30 million students around the world
Udemy is more like the marketplace for everything but Skillshares is slightly
more towards the art and craft skills so Udemy is bigger but it’s not as niche
You have to see if there are existing courses that you want to launch to see
you the level of competition and if Udemy got you a student you get 50%
that means the 50% is the commission If a student purchases your course with a
coupon code that you provide then you get 97% that is to say you only pay
3% commission to Udemy as the service like infrastructure that IT
whatever. So it’s really minimal that they ask if you have a lot of potential
students who want to study with you Udemy’s better than Skillshares because
you get paid 97% it’s a really good deal Number 10 tutoring online using Preply
Preply is an online educational platform that pairs students with
private tutors on the internet using video chat. So you don’t really see the
students, but is a real-time face-to-face online tutoring. So if you enjoy talking
to other people on the Internet instead of facing a computer like on camera then
particularly is a better choice for you they take a 100% commission
on the first course of the first time student and after that they will take
18% to 33% depending on how many hours you teach
and how many students you have the more student you have the less commission you
pay with Preply. Number 11 licensing your illustration on iStockphoto
I have used iStockphoto before and I thought it was only for photos but now
there is a special section for illustration but also there is video
there is the audio so if you’d like to license your illustration iStockphoto
you will receive a small artist royalty for each download. And the good thing is
if they use your artwork they mention your name and the fact is they pay you
to promote your work, I would say it’s one stone two birds. You get the money
and you get the exposure that you always wanted. Number 12 applying for
artist residency with stipends on ResArtis This is a bit of controversy
personally I don’t like this idea that you will apply for residency again and
again to get stipends. I think it’s not a sustainable way because what if one day
you settle down you want to start a family you’re not gonna take your
one-year-old to the artist residency just to get the stipends. It’s not
sustainable, but in case if you are a young artist or if you want to travel to
a foreign country but you don’t have the money then maybe it’s a good idea
ResArtis is like the Wikipedia of or the Airbnb of artists residencies. Many
artists residences pay ResArtis to list on their listings so you can see
they are fairly legit because they pay to publish their listings
Choose the ones with stipends and apply individually. Number 13
creating videos on YouTube like the videos you are watching
After acquiring 1000 followers which I’m almost there so if you have not
subscribed yet, don’t forget to click the subscription button down below thank you
very much. And 4,000 watch hours you will get monetized using Google Adsense
If you’re not sure 2020 if it’s a good idea to open your YouTube channel as an
artist watch the video I have created just before, the last video. I will also
drop down a list in the description below other videos we have made on
different subject so you can see other videos and get more information this is
a good idea if you are creating content anyway and you’d like to share on
YouTube just be patient because you will need approximately 1 year to reach the
1000 following and 4000 watch hours Number 14 brand endorsement and shout
out and Instagram or other social media Instagram is the most popular for visual
artists that’s why I say Instagram typically once you reach 50,000
followers on Instagram people will start to DM you, saying hey can you give me a
shout out for 50 bucks a 100 bucks 200 bucks. And it’s your choice to accept
or reject those brand endorsement and deals. Number 15 make money streaming
videos on Twitch. You can become an affiliate, a partner or streamer on
Twitch. Basically people pay to watch your live streaming on Twitch. And if you
can attract enough people to pay you You can make decent money really depending
on what kind of content you stream online and if you have enough people
interested both using Twitch and interested in your niche, really depends
so I cannot tell you how much you will be making but there are a lot of
potentials because Twitch is growing more and more as a social media
Number 16 start your own print-on-demand store using Printful. I have made
another video how drop in the link in the description below you can make print
on demand merchandising, art prints using Printful, Printify other things but
you need normally a storefront like Shopify, Big Cartel and attract
your followers to click on those links and purchase and it will be
fulfilled directly from the printful warehouse to the clients and it does not
go through you so you do not need to worry about the logistics. Number 17
affiliate marketing on Amazon if you would like to do product reviews if you
like to try out new gadgets or new art supplies then it’s a good idea because
you can try them out and then make your own review on YouTube or any other
social media and then drop a link down below for every purchase provided using
your link Amazon will give you a share of it, so it adds up. I know people can
make a full-time living using affiliate marketing of certain art supply and
canvas and books and whatnot on Amazon Number 18 self-published your
photo album or art book using blurb Blurb is an American self-publishing platform
that enables you to share publish produce promote and whatever you want
with your content and publishing a book so it’s like the Printful for books it’s
very useful if you want to make like children’s books or photo albums you can
easily produce ebook using InDesign or the Blurbs it’s own online kind of
plug-in I have used the blurb to produce a photo album before for a private event
and it worked pretty well so I like them and I’ll say it’s a good idea. Number 19
freelance design work at Upwork Upwork is a trending market place for freelance
gigs. It takes 20% commission for the first $500 billed with the client, 10% for
the earnings between $500 and $10,000 and 5% for earnings
that exceed $10,000. I would say is pretty fair the more you
earn the less commission you pay you can dedicate some time over the year
and earn some money doing freelance design works: logo design illustration
jobs and make 10,000 and pay 5% commission it’s really good deal
Number 20 micro gigs on Fiverr I have used Fiverr personally
and I think it’s pretty cool you start with 5 dollar gig, micro gig
and then after once you complete you will unlock the
possibilities of charging more than 5 bucks, you can charge 50, 500
however you want Fiverr takes 20% commission
Number 21 offering other freelance works on freelancer.
is for freelance works, I mean it’s like no-brainer. It’s the world largest
freelancing and crowdsourcing platform in the number of users and projects
It has over 16 million users globally and I would say that’s a lot of people using Freelancer works with large corporations like Microsoft
SAP PWC so if you are a good team worker and you have experience
working in companies and also if you have some kind of certification saying
that you can work in a team like Prince2 I’m just saying like that, you can
become like art director and you can work with large corporations that is
also good for your CV and contacts Number 22 making art and craft
experiences on Airbnb experience Airbnb experienced is like another branch
apart from Airbnb main service for the rooms and apartments. You don’t need to
provide your room you can say you provide a museum tour experience
a street art hunt experience, photo experience those kind of experiences
that you don’t even need a physical place to host and you can charge $20 $50
$60 per session for the museum tours you can include some light beverages if it’s
like a sit-down workshop. Go and do a research on Airbnb Experience and see
what other people are doing in your local community so you can come up
with your own ideas Number 23 hosting art events are talks
and workshops on Meetup. Personally I pay $9.99 every month to use meetup
service as a host however if you don’t want to pay anything I tell you a trick
For every host (paying host) there is a 3 meetup group allowance that is to
say if I only have one meetup group I’m wasting two group opportunities if you
want you can get in touch with other people and say hey you’re not hosting
3 groups, aren’t you? So I can host with you and
I’ll give you like share for example or anything I’ll give you like you
know how much you wanna give and you negotiate you can charge people for art
workshops, children drawing, figure drawing life drawing kind of sessions
and you can charge anything from 5 bucks – 50 bucks or 150 bucks per person
per session and you can share the profits with the co-hosts who is paying
meetup, so you don’t have to pay anything upfront and in the future you can pay
$9.99 every month this is the probably the best app you can use so $9.99 is
really a good deal. And depending on different plans where you’re in the
world you will pay more or less but it’s not a lot of money considering how much
you can get from them last but not least Number 24 teaching art classes offline
using Heytutor. Heytutor is one of the many website help people find local
tutors so if you want to become an art tutor you want to draw with a young kids
adolescents or young adult you can become a tutor and then select your
student. If you are outside of the USA you can just search another equivalent
of heytutor in your local area. Go to the search engine and say ‘art tutor near
me’ or ‘find me an art tutor’ and you will see many websites in your local area the
best part is you can get to sit down with a young person and you can have a
major influence in their art career. That is really the perks of being a tutor I
personally enjoy teaching very much because of the influence the impact and
also I learned so much from teaching someone else so for those of you who
want to do more face-to-face things you can host Airbnb experience, Meetup
workshops and Heytutor or other kind of tutor sessions using those online
platforms. Now you have heard 24 different ways to make money using those
24 websites I will drop a link below and detailed information in the description
so you can go through each of them what are your favorite have you already used
some of the website, leave me a comment below I would love to hear your
experience. That’s all for today Thank you very much for watching
See you in the next video

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