Make Cool Origami Mosaics with Origami Pixels – Easy Tutorial for the Modular Origami Pixel Unit

Make Cool Origami Mosaics with Origami Pixels – Easy Tutorial for the Modular Origami Pixel Unit

Hello friends! Welcome to this new fun and easy origami video! Can you tell that I really love origami? In the last weeks, I have been experimenting with a new style of origami. I call it origami pixels. This origami heart is made of 27 origami pixels. Each of those pixels is made from one square of paper. There is no glue, and no tape, to join the pixels together. It is just folding. Let me show you another one, here are some origami pixels flowers. It is very easy to make origami pixels and to create origami mosaics like this one. In this video, I’m going to show you how to fold pixels, and how to join them. And then I will show you a cool timelapse of folding this origami heart, as well as a big space invader that I made with origami pixels. A few people have created origami pixels before, but this new origami pixel that I designed is much simpler and quicker to make than the ones I have seen. To make each origami pixel, you need a square piece of paper. This one is 7 by 7 centimeters about 3 inches. We will start with the color on the bottom. Then fold the square vertically, Mark the fold, and unfold. Then fold the square horizontally Mark the fold, and unfold. Your pixel is almost done. Now bring all corners to the center. So it is a very easy origami pixel. And your pixel is done! On the front side, it has a nice diamond shape. Especially if you use shiny origami paper. You can make another variation by first folding the diagonals. Instead of folding vertically and horizontally, fold the diagonals. Unfold and fold the other diagonal. Unfold and bring all corners to the center. Mark the folds well. And on the front side, you have a different crease pattern, this one looks more like a lego brick. If you do not want any crease, you can just take the paper Fold it vertically. Instead of marking the fold, just make a very small pinch on top. Then fold horizontaly. And again, just make a small pinch. And now you can fold the corner using the two pinches as references. And fold the other corners. And on the front side, the resulting pixel does not have any crease. Once you have multiple pixels, you can join them together. On their back. So turn the pixels to the other side. To join two pixels, just put one next to another. Lift the two triangular flaps. Flatten the flaps on one side. Then fold the two flaps in two, starting from one end. Mark the fold well. Rotate the two flaps to the other side. Fold the flaps in two again, but staring from the other end. And rotate the flaps to the other side again. Your two pixels are now joined. Let’s join another one. Lift the triangular flaps. Put them together. Flatten on one side. Then fold. Rotate the flaps. Fold again. And rotate the flaps one last time. Lift the flaps. Flatten. Fold. Rotate. Fold again. And rotate. Now I can make the last one. And we are done. The four pixels are now joined. With more pixels, you can create cool origami mosaics. For this one, I folded and joined 130 origami pixels made from copy paper, to create a cool space invader mosaic. This invader is a pixel sprite from Space Invaders, one of the very first video games. There is a French artist called Invader who creates invaders mosaics in the streets of cities all around of the world. Have you seen some of them? It took me about 45 minutes to make this pixels heart. It’s made from 2 squares of kami paper. Each square is 15 by 15 centimeters. First I cut each big square into 16 smaller square. Then I fold all the squares into origami pixels. It is repetitive, but I find it very relaxing, as it is very simple and easy to do. Then the fun part begins: drawing with the pixels. Once you have arranged the pixels in place, you can join the pixels together. Start from one end, and gradually go to the other end. And after 45 minutes, the heart is complete! I hope you will like this new style of origami folding. One question you may have is how strong is the lock that joins the pixels together. It’s not a very strong lock, but as you can see, it’s a strong enough lock. I can easily lift my space invader mosaic, without breaking it. If you want to hang your origami pixels mosaics on a wall, you can do that. it’s better to have multiple points of support so not just the two top corners, but also put some support in the center as well. I hope you like those origami pixels and that you will try it and create cool origami mosaics! Please let me know what you think in the comments of the video. I’m launching a new site called to gather pictures of origami mosaics. Please send me pictures of your origami mosaics so that I can add them on the web site, and show them in a next video! My email is [email protected] And for more cool origami videos, please subscribe to the Origami Plus channel. It encourages me a lot to create new models and tutorials. Thank you very much and happy folding!

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  1. Hello Dear Origami Friends! What do you think of this new Origami Pixels? If you create an origami mosaic with them, please send me pictures to [email protected] so that I can add them on the new site. Thank you!

  2. Haha ! Someone loves origami pixels and this video so much that she or he missed the Like button 33 times! (with the views count at 40) Thank you for being so passionante about origami pixels. 🙂 (but please go see a doctor, missing so many clicks in so little time is alarming, you may be sick)

  3. Thanks for posting my picture at the end of your video. I would like to point out that unfortunately my account at Instagram @paul3065 was hacked and I have been unable to recover it. I have a new account @paperpee3065.

  4. Hi Everyone! Try my new 3D pyramid pixels! They are a lot of fun, just like the original square pixels. The pyramids are great to make wall art and hanging decorations:

  5. Thank you! It is exactly the kind of origami wallart that I need for a project in my job, I wanna tell you thank you many times, because I been looking for something like that since two weeks, now I can finally achieve the last part of the project

  6. You seem like such a happy person!! You're not the "too cheery" kind, you're the "infectious happy" kinda guy. I'm normally a really depressed person but this video really put a smile on my face!! I hope u have a wonderful day!! o(。^‿^。)o

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