Make BETTER Designs With POWERFUL Concepts

Make BETTER Designs With POWERFUL Concepts

so how do I go about making concepts
ideas and general workflows for my graphic design projects today is the
second part of my three part series where I plan construct and execute of
poster design using various different resources and techniques right here for
you guys on YouTube so for this poster design the first thing that I’m going to
be doing is actually making rough sketches of the layouts because when it
comes to poster designing you want to have the key aspects of the design the
information and so forth laid out in articulate and an efficient way layout
is the arrangement of elements on your design which in turn help to display
information to the viewer in a very specific and a certain way and this can
also lead a viewers eye in the most ideal manner around your graphic designs
if the layout is not suitable the message will not be conveyed effectively
and for my poster is going to be essential to get the layout properly so
I can get maximum results from the viewers so as I’ve said many different
times before I feel many designers neglect the importance of using pen and
paper and here I’m just simply sketching out to various different layout options
from my poster design and for me personally the pen and paper at this
stage really helps to get ideas from my mind down to a physical form but yeah I
do spend some time with pen and paper on most design projects and especially for
logo design projects so we’re back in Milla notes the digital
solution to streamline graphic design workflows and in my place a design
project file I’ve made a board dedicated to the layouts I’ve added three images
that are just here to remind me of neat and professional layout design in the
kind of style that I personally do like but what I did do was to snap some pics
of my sketches and then I can upload them to Milla node like so this is a
really useful way to work and it does help to have my initial ideas for the
layout transferred here digitally speaking I can then just study and
evaluate where I want to take this specific idea and a specific part of the
design I can also make notes of my ideas and my process within millon Oates which
I’m probably going to expand more on off camera the final layout is probably
going to look something like this with an a3 landscape poster and having the
focal point in the bottom right to the mid right and then the title and the
quotes up in upper left creating a kind of nice asymmetrical balance and you
know how much I love a symmetrical balance on posters especially we’re now going to dive right into Milla
nodes where I’m gonna make some various boards and mood boards and just show you
around middle nodes as a means to create concepts and ideas and then evolve those
ideas and these concepts right through to the final design artwork now I’d like
to keep myself super organized when it comes to the process of my graphic
design projects I’m one of the main and fundamental ways to do that is to keep a
checklist of steps or goals within the project
milah note has a great built in and a simple checklist that I like to utilize every project in my opinion needs a
checklist or goals to reach Pamela note has this checklist that you can drag out
and drop from to your project board you simply type out a goal or like something
you want to complete and then just hit enter and head down to the next part of
your list when you’ve completed a task you can click to check the box as it’s
crossed off and completed I like to have my checklist on the home page of the
current project that I’m working on so every time I come into that project I
can see it there and I know what I need to do so another handy feature of milla notes
that i do use is the mood board feature so by default you have some ultimately
content to which you can keep and edit or just choose to remove mood boards
really helped generate some ideas and some mental images of the direction you
want your project to be heading in you can incorporate hex color codes for
color swatches and even video content on your mood board which is pretty damn
needs so here I’m contemplating ideas for my poster and for the design there
might be an idea to have half of the canvas taken up by a focal point this is
something I’m debating at the moment but creating a note just like this keeps
that thought in place so I can review it later at a different stage in the
project leading on from the first video in this series on YouTube I still have
the hex color codes for the branding that it represents my poster but
expanding on these colors I’ve added some relevant imagery to my mood board
as you can see along with adding some relevant notes and thought processes I
really do like this way of working because it’s quick and everything is
right here on line for me to refer back to any points so another great feature
is that I can bring up actual font files from a computer and arrange or I’ll just
contemplate possible font choices for my projects now importantly for my poster I really
did like this blue background on the pineapple image and from there I’ve
established a background for my poster and I’ve done that by sourcing other
existing images that utilize a similar style I really like how these designs
have a strong focal point with a lot of negative space surrounding it
I feel the main focal point of my design being me in the bike can’t be displayed
in this kind of style maybe I’m not sure but I think it’s very effective in terms
of a poster that will help express how important safety is when riding a
motorcycle for my final poster design I actually
came across a quote that I’m gonna stem my entire concept completely based
around that quote I think it neatly ties into the main message of the poster that
I wanted to get across and convey and that is safety whilst driving a
motorbike so I’m going to base the concept of my design around a single
quote and that quotes that I’ve chosen is by Jeff Cooper and it reads safety is
something that happens between your ears and not something that you hold in your
hands now I feel this quotes can be translated
over to the action of riding a motorbike very very well in terms of a concept for
my poster so way back on the first video in this series in the brief section I
establish that I want to use a quotes to base my concept on now I’ve gone ahead
and made a board in milla notes for this concept like we just looked at I have
shown the inspiration of the blue background image but then also I’ve
started to formulate a concept based around thinking while riding a
motorcycle I feel that the human brain is a really striking image and a strong
concept because it utilizes shock tactics and it’s memorable as well and
I’m going to continue to venture into this concept idea within this board in
milla notes today’s video is sponsored by milla
notes but i’m a designer who’s been using millinery for quite a long time
now and i do think it’s really really important and handy to have access to
all of my ideas my concepts digitally speaking so there was the second video
in the three-part series where I’m making a poster targeting people who
drive mini bikes I am someone who drives a motorbike so I think it’s really
important to be safe and to be aware of the dangers when driving a motorcycle on
the roads and like I said if you did miss the first video go back and have a
look because we talked about the importance of research which is really
fundamental to the final outcome of your designs and I can’t emphasize enough how
important research is for the third and the final video in this series is coming
next week and that’s going to be the tutorial on the poster itself so make
sure to tune in if you want to see some techniques on poster designing in Adobe
Photoshop and also maybe a doobie this traitor too
I’m not sure yet but make sure you have a great and a wonderful day everyone and
thanks for tuning in to Satori graphics we have a great day and until next time
design your future today peace

30 thoughts on “Make BETTER Designs With POWERFUL Concepts

  1. video 3/3 will be the actual poster design, stay tuned next week for that. Also later this week I have a typography / poster related video, and then a business themed video on Friday 🙂

  2. Loving this series ❤️
    Btw I've switched to Affinity Designer. Just wanted to know your thoughts on Affinity products
    Have a nice day

  3. Tom could you do a video on billboard design, or store front design. What I wanted to know is since they are big in size, what size artwork should be used and what export settings should be used for it. How does one calculate the same. Also if there was a jpeg used in a billboard design what image quality and dimension it should generally be of.

  4. I can't wait to see the full outcome of the poster completed, getting to see the progress step by step being explained has been great help to witness

  5. Sir Tom, it's great to see how your brain works when it come to design. Can't wait to see the poster. As always, have a great day.

  6. Sketching is so important! I see more and more new designers that just go straight to digital without having any idea of where they're going with the design. I've just started using Milanote for my concepts, loving it so far! Another great video 👍

  7. Can you provide some feedback as to privacy or copyright issues regarding on sites designers will be uploading their thoughts to?

  8. Tom, this tutorial has opened my eyes to the whole process. I thought i was the only one that had to sketch my concepts before jumping on it in Adobe. Most designers here in Nigeria will rather go straight to adobe to see whatever they can come with.
    The whole process makes it easier and this has made me feel a little confident that i am progressing in the right direction. Thanks Man!

  9. damm! Look at you go mate, 210k Subs and hundreds and thousands of views. Many blessings ma man keep up the great work.

    PS You look like Dj Shadow

  10. Do you ever use a tablet for sketching? I use procreate and it records a timelapse of my sketching process which helps show the sketching/design process in a cool way for my videos. I dont know why but it's super satisfying seeing the page fill up with ideas haha

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